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Share | Exclusive: Layla Responds to AJ Styles!

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Upper Mid Card

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PostSubject: Exclusive: Layla Responds to AJ Styles!   Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:13 pm

This footage was taken live during the Anarchy show: 3/27/17, just moments after AJ Styles announced that he was quitting XWL for the better of his career. We caught up with Layla to try and attempted to get her thoughts on the situation.

We come to a backstage area where Layla El is seen walking. The General Manager seems to be in a better mood than she has been recently. She smiles, her eyes looking to the front of her, up until another person appears. Renee Young, mic in hand, catching Layla just in time before she disappears into the backstage area to continue her work.

[Renee Young]
Layla, Layla! Can I have a moment please to discuss what just happened?

Young holds out the mic to Layla who smiles in response.

[Layla El]
What we just saw was a grown man disgruntled with the way he is being treated. I personally feel AJ Styles has been a bit, outrageous with his remarks towards myself and others but that's just my opinion.

[Renee Young]
But Layla, the question on everyone's mind is what you are going to do about him quitting.

[Layla El]
That's his choice. It's a shame as there is a huge spot at the top of the card missing, but AJ made his choices and I can't stop him. He is free to rethink his decision until the end of April but I can't do anything past that for him.

[Renee Young]
Since you mentioned it, how will you fill out that spot on the card?

[Layla El]
Honestly, there isn't much I should do with it. We have new faces in the Main Event scene already. Between Matt Sydal, R-Truth, Matt Hardy. Who else could we need? The top of the card is stacked. But I'd be amiss if I didn't say that AJ left a big gap in star power. But I have a plan for that.

[Renee Young]
A plan? Can you let us in?

[Layla El]
I've been in talks with a certain superstar about a contracted career here in XWL for some time now. You just have to wait and see. Or maybe, you won't.

[Renee Young]
Wait, I don't understand!

[Layla El]
You will.

With that, Layla walks off back to her work while the show continues on beyond the curtain.

From what we have been informed a video package of said superstar will be appearing on Anarchy, tonight. Hyping his upcoming return. Stay tuned.


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