An Xbox One online league for the WWE 2K19 video game.
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P.R Son
P.R Son

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PostSubject: RE: CYBERSLAM   RE:  CYBERSLAM EmptyTue Aug 28, 2018 7:27 pm

As all of you know our next Pay-Per-View Event will be Cyberslam. This is unlike any other event of it's type that we usually host because it is the time where once a year the power is shifted over to the members who will be able to cast their votes in some form or fashion for EVERY match.

There are 4 episodes of Anarchy (which includes the one that began yesterday) to build your rivalries/matches for the event. With that said, every match that will happen at Cyberslam needs to be announced by the end of the 3rd episode of Anarchy.

Which date wise will be September 17th

In addition to the match's official announcement, you'll need to discuss with your rivals/opponents and decide AT LEAST 3 voting options for your match. These can range from match types, to conditions for the winners/losers  or the number of opponents in a match, or even who faces someone in a match. Get creative it's encouraged, but ultimately there needs to be AT LEAST 3 options for the members to choose from when they vote for every match.

You ARE allowed to vote in your own matches, but if you are for instance in a match where you're one of the options for someone else's opponent you either must vote for someone else instead of you or not vote for that match at all. If it's deciding what type of match you and your opponent will have obviously you're fine to vote in that etc.

Once a match is officially announced we'll make an "announcement" post laying out each option for the specified match and voting officially will be open from then until September 24th at 4:30PM EST

If you have any questions as always feel free to contact one of the admins. This is my personal favorite event in XWL because it is so community involved so here's to an awesome month ahead!


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