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 PPV Awards: Emergence 2018

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PostSubject: PPV Awards: Emergence 2018   Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:39 pm

Before anything I just wanted to thank everyone for an awesome PPV! Seriously so many storylines really popped for PPV and I think it was the most participation we've had in a little while. It was fun to read and I hope Downpour is just at eventful. Now, for the awards

>>>>>Male Competitor of The PPV<<<<<

Runner Up: Sami Zayn

Aiden walked into Emergence on a mission to destroy DX. While that didn't happen due to a controversial ending to their match, walking out with the Money in the Bank briefcase when you weren't even a player in that match originally isn't a bad outcome to the night. As all the John Cena, Shawn, and JBL waited for Barret, the last member of the match was brutalized by none other than the Pope. Aiden English was a last minute substitute but he proved to be the man of the night after bouncing Cena's head off a ring post and claiming his prize. Most Likely to Succeed is starting to live up to his name. While Matt Sydal might be back to give the Cabinet all they can handle, Aiden English's future is looking bright

>>>>>Female Competitor of The PPV<<<<<

It has been a LONG time coming for Natalya. Eight years to be exact since the light of the Women's division has held the gold. Natalya has always been an inspiration for not just fans but toher wrestler like the former Champion April. She is one of if not the best technical wrestler in XWL with more fight than just about anyone. Still, Natalya has had a habit of choking when it's crunch time. This Natalya though, was a whole different beast. After burying her former best friend Sasha alive and finally defeating former rival turned ally April, Natalya set her sights on the Women's Championship. Weeks of insults and demeaning words led to a final confrontation Between Natalya and Ruby with Natalya's job on the line. Many were expecting this to be Natalya's final match. But with enough Hart she dug down deep and put Ruby away with her dangerous Hart Attack 2.0. She finally done it and climbed the mountain. But every championship knows, winning the title is one thing. Defending a different story

>>>>>Promo of the PPV<<<<<
The Rise of Kyohi!
Runner Up: Styles/Jericho

Nakamura shocked fans when he returned by attacking John Cena brutally. The King of Strong Style reprimanded America for "dumbing down" wrestling and not appreciating what true talent is. The very next week it would be Omega shocking the XWL universe by knocking Broken Matt Hardy off the roof of the building they were wrestling in. While both men proved to be dangerous separately no one expected that by the end of Nakamura's match with Cena we'd see them standing side by side. And they weren't alone. With them were the Charismatic Naito and the intimidating man known as Evil!. Every man had gripes with American wrestling and more importantly XWL and they let them be heard! XWL was put on notice that these four men were coming to change wrestling as everyone knows it. By the time they left Nakamura and Kenny had laid waste to Cena who tried to fight back. We've only begun to see how far these men will it things to prove their superiority

>>>>>Shocker of the PPV<<<<<

Runner up: Sydal's Return

Shocker of the PPV is a tie between Aiden English winning Money in the Bank and Chris Saben returning. Aiden English was voted Most Likely to Succeed at the last Slammy's. But no one picture that he would end up Mr Money in the Bank. No matter what match or who is in it regarding the World Heavyweight Championship, Aiden has an almost 100% gurantee that he can walk out champion whenever he wants. And now that power resides in the Cabinet. It's a scary sight

Meanwhile after Chad Gable won his title back from the sadistic Sami Calilihan, he was interrupted by none other than Chris Saben. It had been four years since Saben had stepped in an XWL ring but the crowd loved him. At least until he started to trash the title win of Chad Gable. He took offense to the way the Intercontinental Championship was being treated and he blamed many, including Chad Gable. He said it plain and clear, he wants a shot at the title. And I don't think Chris is gonna stop until he gets exactly what he wants

>>>>>Match of the PPV<<<<<

Runner Up: Natalya vs Ruby; Women's MitB

When Sami Zayn suggested he wanted to defend his title against Dean Ambrose in an extreme rules match, everyone thought he was crazy. Dean and Sami for weeks admitted to respecting each other but that they also were not afraid of each other. Weeks of working together and against each other brought them to Emergence. Dean and Sami threw each other through barricades and tables. They jumped off ladders and anything else they could climb. Chair were bent, kendo sticks were broken and half as well as their bodies. But the last man standing through the carnage was the World Heavyweight Champion, Sami Zayn! Sami Zayn did what he does best and proved that just because he might be the Underdog, doesn't mean he can't and won't fight. He brought the fight to Dean like nothing we'd seen from him before and as such, was crowned the winner! After the impressive win against Zayn, all we can ask is...what's next?

>>>>>Feud of the PPV<<<<<

Runner Up: Cody v Dunne

Proving just how insane the PPV was there was a three way tie for Feud of the PPV! Natalya and Ruby's whole feud was based off respect and the changing of time. Natalya demanded that she be respected after all the hard work, and recent wins, that she had earned. While Ruby wanted to prove that not only had time passed Natalya, she had surpassed her, April, and any other woman in the back. Both women staked their beliefs on the match. It sems that Natalya's belief was true because at the end of the night she was the one with her hand and head held high! Is this the last we've seen of Ruby?

Nakamura and Cena was unexpected but never the less become something built on anger. Nakamura made it his mission to destroy John Cena because to him, Cena represented everything wrong with American wrestling. It didn't help that he still held a grudge against him for their match at International Incident in 2014. Meanwhile Cena had become used to people trying to make a career off of his name. But just because he was used to it, didn't mean he'd just lie down and take it. The two exchanged words, and fist leading up to Emergence. Nakamura was standing tall that night, but not without a little help from Kyohi. I wonder if this is the last chapter of Cena V Nakamura?

Both Johnny and the Miz made their returns around the same time of each other. Given the hard working take no shortcuts attitude of Johnny vs the will do whatever it takes to win attitude of The Miz, it should come to no surprise that these two don't exactly get along. Still, The Miz sunk to a new low when he not only made the stipulation that if Gargano lost, he'd have to work for him. He also replaced himself with The Miztourage. Even though Gargano fought with all his heart, a distraction from Maryse followed up by a sneak Skull Crushing Finale sealed his fate. Gargano lost and is now the newest member of The Miztourage. Hard times are ahead for Johhny Wrestling

Like I said great PPV guys, sorry this is so late. We'll try to be fast in the future. Feel free to discuss anything you found particularly great about the show below! And congrats to all the winners
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Mid Card
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PostSubject: Re: PPV Awards: Emergence 2018   Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:54 pm

Ayeeeee, Runner up for Feud of the ppv, that's what im talking about!!!
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PostSubject: Re: PPV Awards: Emergence 2018   Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:14 pm

HUGE thanks to everyone who voted me for male competitor of the PPV, wow. (Also to anyone who congratulated me on winning MITB who I haven't responded to yet) All in all everyone did awesome this show so huge congrats all around!
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Upper Mid Card

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PostSubject: Re: PPV Awards: Emergence 2018   Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:25 am

@MangoTango wrote:
Ayeeeee, Runner up for Feud of the ppv, that's what im talking about!!!
That is something special, I enjoyed the feud my man! We earned Runner Up.
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PostSubject: Re: PPV Awards: Emergence 2018   

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PPV Awards: Emergence 2018
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