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 PPV Awards: Breakthrough

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PPV Awards:  Breakthrough Empty
PostSubject: PPV Awards: Breakthrough   PPV Awards:  Breakthrough EmptyMon Jan 08, 2018 6:57 pm

>>Male Competitor of the PPV<<

PPV Awards:  Breakthrough VBHJszd

Winner: The Miz
Runner up : JBL, Sami Zayn

While The Miz ultimately wasn't the one to leave Breakthrough with The World Heavyweight Championship, his performance before Sami Zayn's cash-in was nothing short of a "AWESOME." Heading into the final show of 2017, as World Heavyweight Champion, he collided one last time with rivals AJ Styles & John Cena, in a Triple Threat 2/3 falls match, contested inside HIAC, the first time a Hell in a Cell match had been contested under those rules. But not only that, it wasn't your traditional 2/3 falls match, no to ensure there was no question of who the better man was, the winner had to pin BOTH of their opponents, and The Miz did just that, pinning AJ Styles first, defending Cena from being pinned by AJ for the better part of an hour, until he ultimately scored that last fall, never being pinned himself. The Miz put on the performance of his life, and when it comes to who truly shined at Breakthrough, it's without question, The Miz.  

>>Female Competitor of the PPV<<

PPV Awards:  Breakthrough 4Y2hdi4

Winner : Natalya
Runner Up : April

2017 was anything but Natalya's year, a crushing rivalry that nearly destroyed her, one failure after the next, combined with the betrayal by her best friend Sasha Banks. But as she says, she's unbreakable, so while Sasha challenged her to a Buried Alive Match to essentially end Natalya's career, and rid her from XWL once and for all...that isn't what happened, no, Natalya made history, surviving the war waged between former friends, and ultimately burying Sasha Banks alive. From losing at every PPV this year to winning her last 2 PPV matches, Natalya is on a roll, and with Sasha finally out of her hair, she's ready to set her sights back on The Women's Championship.

>>Promo of the PPV<<

PPV Awards:  Breakthrough WvXH11e

Winner : Dean Ambrose's Cincinnati Experience
Runner Up:  The XWL Graveyard 

Dean Ambrose has lived a hard knock life, and by hard-knock we mean life has hit Dean hard at every possible point, knocking him down before he ever even had a chance. And heading into his final match with Matt Sydal, he spat in the face of those that have always told him he couldn't do something, that he wasn't ever supposed to be anything, that says he can't beat Sydal tonight. Because doing the impossible is what Dean Ambrose does best. Seeing this side of Dean, especially given his status as a member of The Bullet Club, gave us a renewed appreciation for him, especially because it wasn't just talk, he DID beat Matt Sydal, so maybe we'll listen just a little bit more the next time he tells us he's going to do something.    

>>Shocker of the PPV<<

PPV Awards:  Breakthrough GJwLb84

Winner : Sami Zayn Cashes In
Runner Up: Natalya Buries Sasha Banks Alive 

Sami's night began in pursuit of a Championship, a title that just barely eluded him, so instead of saying oh well better luck next year, he grabbed his Money In The Bank Briefcase, waltzed down to that ring after The Miz's incredible defense, and suddenly The Miz's "Awesome" night, became "Awful" as Zayn quickly cashed in, and became for the first time in his XWL career, The World Heavyweight Champion!  

>>Match of the PPV<<

PPV Awards:  Breakthrough 3cCzXz8

Winner : Sasha Banks Vs Natalya: Buried Alive Match
Runner Up : John Cena Vs AJ Styles Vs The Miz:  2/3 Falls HIAC Match

For the first time ever Women fought in a match type that had never even been imagined before, it wasn't a "glass ceiling" shattering moment, it was flat-out horrifying. Even the Men had only ever fought under these rules ONCE, 6 years ago. Because it isn't your average match, it's anything but a match, it's a war that only ends when you literally have to bury your opponent ALIVE. With the stakes higher than ever before for both women, Sasha Banks & Natalya went out to that ring to beat the hell out of one another, and that's exactly what they did, evening the odds just when the odds had fallen out of their favor, fighting through the pain to inflict even more to their respective opponent, and literally risking life and limb to be the one that chucked the other into the grave. And in the end, Sasha's challenge came back to haunt her, forever...when Natalya N-Powerbombed her into the tombstone, and The "Bullet Boss" plummeted to her doom inside the grave, where she was BURIED ALIVE. These two Superstars had a lot to live up to after the historic Buried Alive Match between Ted DiBiase & The Undertaker 6 years ago, and it's safe to say the legend of their battle will live on alongside it.  

>>Feud of the PPV<<

PPV Awards:  Breakthrough 3cCzXz8

Winner :  Sasha Banks Vs Natalya
Runners Up:  The Cabinet Vs Team Barrett, Seth Rollins Vs Kenny Omega

From gushing over their friendship to salivating at their bloodlust, Natalya & Sasha Banks had a rivalry that captivated us all the way back to when they were just friendly competitors, to the bitter enemies they ended as. A heart crushing betrayal, a personal attack on Natalya's family, her home, her very name, we couldn't look away, no matter how hard it hurt to see such a beloved Superstar go through so much turmoil at the hands of the woman she once called her "best friend." Because we lived vicariously lived through Natalya, we wanted to see her succeed, to prove Sasha Banks made the worst mistake of her life when she turned against the woman that had been there for her for so long. And because they knew each other so well, their battles had us on the edge of our seats from start to finish. Just when you thought one had the edge, the other would shock you even more by what they miraculously pulled off. We hated to see such great friends go through such a hellacious breakup, but we'd be lying if we said we didn't love every second of it.  

I'm really proud of what everyone did this show, with The Holidays it's not the easiest time of year for things to get done but I think everyone knocked it out of the park! I speak for Austin when I say we appreciate all the love our match and the rivalry itself received, we really tried to put forth our best possible content for this show specifically, from the opening intro to the match which we spent 10 straight days typing, replying to after or before work, and it means a lot that it was so massively loved. I thought Lazy knocked it out of the park with that Dean promo, so I'm glad everyone else thought so too. Congratulations to The NEW Elite Champion JBL, that was an unexpected yet truly sick outcome in hindsight, and Zayn cashing in to avenge his loss in The Elite Title Match was perfect storytelling. Also honorable mentions goes out to The Triple Threat HIAC 2/3 Falls Match, I watched it live from start to finish and that was one hell of a match, if Austin and I weren't such try hards that easily would have won as well because they just produced an awesome watch so if you have time at any point I suggest going back and watching it. The Miz's evasion of AJ Styles was SO GOOD, Like when Styles went for a Pheneomenal Forearm, and Miz quickly covered Cena for a pin to avoid getting hit, god so many amazing moments so let's give them their due praise for their match!

Grats to everyone that got awards, and even if you didn't get any just know your stuff helped make Breakthrough a great first PPV in the WWE 2K18 era and I'm excited for what comes in 2 weeks as we head to Japan for International Incident!


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PPV Awards: Breakthrough
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