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 Custom Overalls, Points, & Perks F.A.Q

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P.R Son

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PostSubject: Custom Overalls, Points, & Perks F.A.Q   Sun Nov 13, 2016 3:12 pm

What earns me points?

Attempt to get a match done -  2 Points
Do a One on One Match  -  5 points
Participate in the Monthly Prediction Contest  -  5 points
Fill out the official Signatures/Finishers List  - 5 Points
Successfully complete a one on one title/contenders match -  7 Points
Do a Multiperson match  -  10  Points
Promo  - 10  Points
Promo Consistency:  Promo 4 weeks in a row -  10 Points
Match Consistency:  Get  your matches done 4 weeks in a row -  10 points
Take part in the XWL PPV Awards -  10 points
Do a Multiman title/contenders match  -  12  Points
Fully Review An Episode of Anarchy  -  15 Points
Co-op Promo   -  20  Points
Fully Review An XWL Special Event  - 25   Points
Win The Monthly Prediction Contest  -  25  points

What are the Tiers?

Tier I   80/75  

Custom Signature -  42  Points  
Advance to Tier II as an 85/80 overall  -  85 points

Tier  II   85/80

12 Hour Interest Period Pass  -  100 Points
Custom Finisher -    127  Points
Unlock the ability to use leverage pin in 1 non-title match  -  200 Points
Advance to Tier III as a 90/85 Overall  -  255 Points

Tier III  90/85

No Interest Period Pass  -  275  Points
Reach MAX  overall of 95/90  -   510 Points

IF you keep your CURRENT IN GAME OVERALL THIS TIER LAYOUT APPLIES TO YOU ONLY. Your points will be at a 1.5 X multiplyer for perks, and a 2.5X multiplyer for overall boost.

Tier I   80/75

Custom Signature -  63  Points  
Advance to Tier II as an 85/80 overall  -  212  points

Tier  II   85/80

12 Hour Interest Period Pass  -  150 Points
Custom Finisher -    190  Points
Unlock the ability to use leverage pin in 1 non-title match  -  300 Points
Advance to Tier III as a 90/85 Overall  -  637  Points

Tier III  90/85

No Interest Period Pass  -  412  Points
Reach MAX  overall of 95/90  -   1,275 Points

Q: Can I forgo redeeming my points for one tier, until I have enough to also ascend the next?

A: No, once you earn enough points you must redeem them before you earn any additional points.

Q: If I redeem for the Custom Signature or Custom Finisher, am I allowed to freely change it again and again or do I need to spend the points required every time?

A:   Unless you are reverting back to your previous signature/finisher you must spend the points every time.

Q:   Can I get an overall boost before I reach the top of my current tier?

A:   No, the only way to boost your overall is to earn the required points and then redeem them to go up to your current tier's overall.

Q:  I was (Insert Superstar Here)  before, and I reached the top of tier (Insert Tier Number Here) can I pick up where I left off?

A:   No, once a character is dropped everything is reset, if you wish to pick up that character again you'll start from the very beginning like everyone else.

Q: Can I earn posts for multiple promos in 1 show?

A: Nope, only 1 promo per character will be awarded points per week.

Q:  what's the point of the new overalls?

A: XWL is it's own entity. Certain members build their superstars completely different than they are in real life, therefore, we felt we should reward them. It seemed to be the best way to go about it was putting everyone on the same level and making them earn their way to a higher overall

Q:  How can I earn points?

A:  How do you earn points? Well, it's up to you! You can earn points by doing a variety of things. Posting promos and completing matches will be your main source of points. But you can also earn points for special tasks, such as fully reviewing a Special Event or maybe even winning a monthly contest.

Q:  If I opt to purchase the custom finisher or signature option, am I allowed to put ANY move I desire onto the character, for example, shooting star press on Big Show, or must the move I select be admin approved as well?

A: For Custom Signatures they may be whatever move you want them to be, the admin team has to be notified you're spending your points on the perk and what move you'll now have. Custom Finishers, however, must be approved by the team and be realistically possible for your character to do. It is possible to upgrade your freely attained Custom Signature to a Finisher after a period of 2 months, and no less than 6 matches completed, you'll be allowed to buy the Custom Finisher Perk and name your current Signature as your new Finisher. This will however result in said signature being changed to either a real life signature done by your current Superstar, or buying a Custom Signature Perk again.

Q:  Do my points expire

A: Points do not expire, however Tiers I & II have their respective point caps.

Q:  Where will I find out how many points I currently have?

A:  On The Roster Section of the site found [linkhere] everyone's current overall, points, and purchased perks will be listed for easy viewing.

Q: What is the benefit to reverting to 80 as a Male Superstar, if I were say an 85, as opposed to just keeping my current overall?

A:  The benefit depends on your intended longevity as that character. While you may start higher, in the long run...someone that chooses to accept the grind will ultimately surpass you. For the MAX overall they will be able to attain is a 95, and yours will only be able to improve 5 Points, so you will MAX out at a 90. In addition to that it will probably take you just as long, if not longer to do that because your costs will be almost doubled for perks, and almost tripled for the overall boost.

Q: Can I give points I've earned to another member to help them along the way? Or transfer points between different charcaters

A: Under no circumstance are you allowed to give points to another member. While it may seem noble to try and lend a helping hand the point of this system is for you yourself to build your character up. It is unfair if one member has to grind to bring up their overall or buy a new perk while another member is just given points for doing nothing. So no, under no circumstance are points allowed to be exchanged between members.

You also cannot collect a lot of points as say, your male superstar, and then give them all to your female superstar. Once again, this is about the growth of your character. It doesn't make sense of one character is doing all these matches, promos, and feuds and never grows while your other character that isn't nearly as active makes leaps and bounds with their overalls. So once again, no points can be transferred between different members OR different characters


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Custom Overalls, Points, & Perks F.A.Q

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