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 XWL Power Rankings: 9/19/2014 - 9/26/2014 Edition

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PostSubject: XWL Power Rankings: 9/19/2014 - 9/26/2014 Edition   Sun Sep 28, 2014 1:27 pm

Hello everyone and welcome to the fourth edition of the XWL Power Rankings. What is this you may ask? Each week the Admin’s are going to get together and come up with, what we believe in our views, to be the top superstars for that week. We’ll be each suggesting our own choices and then compile them together in a file list.

This will be done for both superstars and Divas. Due to the fact that there’s not many Diva’s it’ll be top three vs. the superstars top five. Think of this similar to the WWE power rankings and remember this is just for fun gang. With that said check below for this weeks XWL Power Rankings.

XWL’s Top Five Superstars


He's went on record saying that he is the best in the world at what he does and at Eye For An Eye he proved that yet again. Jericho, has all the talent in the world, and it was on display for us that night. If the past few weeks are any indication he's going to be at the top for a long while and that's just where he likes things to be.


Taking the second spot, Alex Shelley had what many would call, a really interesting and intense night at E4AE. If everything that went down was to foreshadow this coming week what's in store for him ahead. So many questions.


Not far behind at number three, Karl Anderson, had a lot go gain going into E4AE. The Bullet Club said they'd be taking over and this is just the start of things to come. If there's one thing to say about Anderson it's that when he's determined to do something, the last thing you should do, is stand in his way. Accomplishing this is only the beginning for him. Be advised to keep your eyes on this oen as you'll never know what he'll do next.


Next at four The Celtic Warrior Sheamus looked to topple a friend in Tomko. The history between these two is rich and far beyond words. Only one man could come out on top and sadly, for Tomko, he fell at the feet of an Irish Warrior.


Lastly we've got Seth Rollins who is out to prove, that out of the two of his former friends, he is the one going places. Making some bold statements at E4AE, Seth's always been viewed as one who, will do whatever it takes to get to the top. With that in mind just what is next for the former Shield member looking to prove he's the true "One". Only time will tell.

XWL’s Top Three Divas


She swore up and down for weeks, for others to not take her lightly. That she can be just as great as all those Diva’s of the past. At Eye For An Eye, she did just that, as she has now become the new Diva’s Champion. Having two wins over the former Diva’s Champion, Madison, with this win Bayley cements herself as more than just a pretty face but someone to not bat an eyelash at. With the newly won championship what’s on the horizon for Bayley? Will she be all smiles or is this the first we’ve seen of a new, more focused Bayley and more importantly just who will she face next? Whoever that may be one things for sure don‘t underestimate Bayley or it could cost you more than you hoped.


Taking two, Layla's seen her fair share of success, and looked for nothing more than that the night of E4AE. Falling a bit short shouldn't matter too much as if Layla's shown anything over the last few weekss it's that when she wants something she'll fight hard to get it. As a former Diva's champion in her own right she's definitely worth keeping an eye on as you'll never know what she'll do next.  


Taking the final spot, Madison Eagles had the most to lose going in but, chances are, she'll have the most to gain as if there's one thing for certain we haven't seen the last of her yet. She's held her own in the last few weeks and if that's anything to go by she'll be back on the up and up before we know it. Bayley better hold that title close as Madison will stop at nothing to regain what was once hers.

That concludes the third edition of XWL’s Power Rankings. Be sure to check back next week for the next installment. We hope you’ve enjoyed this and we thank you for your time and look forward to bringing these and other exciting things to you.


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XWL Power Rankings: 9/19/2014 - 9/26/2014 Edition

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