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    Tue Feb 11, 2014 11:39 pm
    Message by T-Roll - John Cena Promo.
    As Breakdown carries on, coming off of that great match bewteen two of the best superstars on the roster. The crowd is cheering, not able to wait until the next segment begins and to their pleasure, it starts right away.

    The crowd practically erupts within the arena as John Cena signs hit the air. The stage turns to a purple tint, illuminating what would be guessed to be the color of Cena's attire. As the intro to his theme song comes to an end, John Cena comes walking out onto stage, showing no signs of playing tonight.

    John skips his usual talking to the camera bit and goes straight into a military like, "attention" stance. He slowly brings up his right hand, brisking the brim of his hat and the saluting to the ring.

    Cena then takes off into a sprint, heading to the ring, the camera following him as he goes.

    John Cena slides under the ropes as his fans and theme song rage on behind him. John Cena stands in the middle of the ring, straightens out his shirt then throws up his new found signature taunt to the fans during the signal of his song. He holds the pose for a few moments before heading over to the side of the ring where the announcer's table is, calling for a mic. A ring hand rushes one to his, handing it to John and returning to his post at ring-side. John Cena then heads to the center of the ring and slowly brings up the mic, searching for the words to say.

    {{John Cena}}
    It has been a long time since I've came out here and I've been speechless. For years, when I entered a ring, I've always had something I've wanted to say. But this time, this time is different. Just one week ago, I was sat down and told that my right to earn a title shot at the grandest stage XWL presents is no longer mine. Instead, I was not allowed to compete at all. I sat, and bit my tongue, and refused to speak out at that moment on how wrong I felt. I sat back as Stephanie told me off about going out and getting hurt at a house show just days away from a pay-per-view.

    Cena pauses, letting the crowd suck in the things he's already said before continuing on.

    {{John Cena}}
    At that very moment I decided two things. One, that I wasn't going to be out of the title scene just yet. My time in it is no where near up and I don't plan on ignoring it just yet. I have two months before I can earn my shot at another title but I promise you that I will re-enter that scene soon enough. And two. Two is that I plan on kicking anyone's ass who wants to try and prove me wrong.

    The crowd goes crazy for the emotion John Cena is showing as he remains serious.

    {{John Cena}}
    From here on out, there is nothing holding me back. The reason I'm out here tonight, is because an injury is not going to keep me down. I've had my neck broke, but I am still here today. I prove it every single week that I stand by the words I have printed on my shirt here tonight.

    Cena holds out his shirt so the people can see.

    {{John Cena}}
    These words I have printed on my chest today is not a joke. I have said it since day one, I do not give up. I will never give up. As long as I am breathing I plan on heading to the top, and that does not exclude XWL. My chance for a title shot being ripped away from me is just a hurdle and I plan on leaping it. The games? They're over. The jokes? They're over. I have sat in the back and waited and waited and waited but the waiting is over! This is a new day for John Cena! This is a new day for Cenation! But if you don't believe me,

    {{John Cena}}
    Then I'm right here to prove you wrong.

    With that, John Cena drops the mic and exits the ring, throwing up his signature taunt as he walks up the ramp, his music playing. The screen then dies out to a commercial break.
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