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    Sun Sep 14, 2014 10:16 pm
    Message by Sinister - Ambrose Test Promo
    *After an intense night of high impact wrestling here on XWL Breakdown. We are taken to a video package for a certain superstar.*


    "Hes the unpredictable one". Jim Ross said that once. Gabe Sapolsky once was quoted as "He is a building block for Dragon Gate USA and Evolve". All this praise and respect for a man that has done things to his body that would make Terry Funk and Mick Foley roll over in there graves. O wait? there not dead? Well it doesn't matter they pretty much are. Or should be. Maybe soon? Maybe i will be too? If i keep going at the rate i am. Michael Cole said "Unstable. Lunatic Fringe"? Fringe? Fringe? There is no fringe to me? I'm a full Lunatic. Or maybe I'm just a tad bit misunderstood and need someone to hold me and tell me nice things and AHHH!

    Where am I? Sorry about that. I just kinda lose it when i start to think about all the things that i could have been! Should have been? All these things that people have said about me are true. Well sort of. I wasn't really a building block for DGUSA. no no I was more the wrecking ball that took that place down a few pegs and burned it into the ground. But that is another story for another meaningless promo that I'm going to cut on another meaningless superstar who is going to probably beat me. The guys where i am now are not "thrilled with who i am". Or "happy" with my tactics in matches. Something about "Too much blood" and "Showing up ten minutes before a match is unacceptable". I honestly have no clue why I'm even talking to this random camera guy in the middle of fucking nowhere in the middle of the night! O yeah! Because I'm Jon Moxley and I'm Kind of a bad guy. I do a lot of bad guy type of things. Like hurting people. hurting myself. hurting myself while hurting other people and last but certainly not least. I would like to say that I'm The best damn wrestler in this company today..I'd Like to say that. However we all know its not true. I cant dance like Travolta from grease like Fandango. I cant come out here and have a big group of douche bags who call themselves..uhh..what do they call themselves?? O RIGHT! THE PISTOL PUSSIES..sadly I am not them. I'm just a guy who hurts people and himself in the process.

    *After the camera moves in just enough to see that it is Jon Moxley who is making this long winded and obscure promo. He continues spouting off. Substance abuse is probably at hand here.*

    Jon Moxley
    Since I am obviously the "Ultimate Company man" and have this undeniable respect for competition and friendship all that other shit that makes the world of professional wrestling go round. I'm going to issue a challenge to a one Seth Rollins. Seth, buddy, friend, amigo, we have had a long history in many different companies that no longer exist. But now this is where the big boys play Seth? We are not that big you and I. But we have a few tricks up our sleeves. I hate you. I hate me. Lets get together and Kill each other. With a great big hug and foot up your ass from me to you. Wont you say I love you too? You and me Seth. One more time. XWLs next big event. the name escapes me because I'm about to black out. But before i do. I'm letting you know. I'm gonna..I'm gonna...get you..

    *The obviously intoxicated Ambrose passes out on the sidewalk in front of the gate. We cut back to the announcers reactions.*

    Michael Cole
    That guy has got some serious issues. He really shouldn't be allowed to compete in XWL. These are sanctioned matches with the greatest athletes in the world! Not Drunken bar fights that have no structure or rules!
    Jim Ross
    Be that as it may Cole. He still is a great young competitor but I'm with you. Though I  do wish someone would get the young man some help."

    I know its a different take. But i wanted to take another side to him. I know I'm against the stiff competition. SO my chances are not great. But i figured I'd try. Hope you enjoyed it!
  2. Thu Sep 19, 2013 1:44 pm
    Message by Adam - DB Test Promo

    *BreakDown returns from a commercial break as we are met by the theme song of Daniel Bryan, the fans break out into "Yes!" chants almost immediately. The camera pans along the sea of fans as nearly everybody is throwing their hands in the air shouting Yes over and over. But the Yes chants quieten down once Daniel Bryan walks through the curtain and.. he's wearing a suit?*

    *Daniel walks onto the stage with his arms open, his hair combed and tied in a neat pony tail. You can see him mouthing "What's the matter?" as the Yes chants end. He slowly walks down the ramp shaking hands with fans and waving at them before standing on the end of the ramp looking at the crowd.*

    *He adjusts his tie and walks up the steel steps and wipes his feet on the ring apron before getting into the ring, he is handed a microphone as the fans still look on in almost confusion at this new persona of Daniel Bryan. He patiently waits in the ring with his microphone in his hands.*

    *The fans quieten down more now as he nods his head with a smile and brings the microphone to his mouth.*

    [Daniel Bryan] Wh-what's the matter guys? Do you not like this? *Daniel holds up the microphone in the air as the fans boo loudly.* Really? I mean who doesn't love a good cleaned up guy in a suit with neat hair, that's what professional wrestling is all about right?! It's not about five star matches, it's not about blood sweat and tears at all. It's about the company! It's about earning as much money as possible and getting out as soon as possible, that's what all of the so called greats did! We're not here to entertain you by putting our bodies on the line, no no, we're here to sell T-Shirts, sell out shows and plug our Pay Per Views so we all get a nice hefty paycheck at the end of the week! Well, that's what some people do anyway, see that's not the professional wrestling I know and love.

    *Daniel pauses for a moment trying to think of the right things to say from the heart.*

    [Daniel Bryan] The man you saw walk down the aisle just now was not a professional wrestler, that is my depiction of a stooge. I've seen far too many people like that walk into this company and think they can suck up to anyone they can to get a spot on this roster. I shouldn't have to go to extremes such as trying to find a new "gimmick" like I have in recent weeks, just so I can actually get more than three minutes on television a week. That was practically a cry for help! I needed somebody to see that there's something horribly wrong when a man who wrestled ten years in high school gyms to pay his dues has to pretty much act just short of back flipping through a flaming hoop to get management's attention. So hopefully this can help get the message across that I have had ENOUGH!

    *A small section of the crowd cheers at Daniel's last statement as he looks out and nods his head in approval.*

    [Daniel Bryan] I've had to sit back for the past couple of months and watch "pretty boys" like Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes battle it out in Main Event matches while I have to face people like Heath Slater?! I mean, come on. And no, I'm not trying to come off as cocky or confident saying I can beat anyone and everyone who is put in front of me. All I'm asking for is the chance to really prove myself in matches, put me to the test and I'm telling you, you'll see what you've been missing out on. I have been in this company for years and I've yet to experience that feeling of having championship gold wrapped around my waist. I'm hungry, I'm hungry for competition and I'm hungry for the opportunity to better myself and prove myself in front of you people week in and week out. I've gone on far too long, I've heard it all before! "Oh Daniel, you're not booked this week." "Sorry Daniel, there's no room for you on this card, you'll be on the live events this weekend we promise!" Tonight I take a stand and say no more.

    [Daniel Bryan] I did NOT wrestle all around the world, Japan, England, Mexico, every place imaginable whether there was 3,000, 300 or 30 people in the crowd. I didn't wrestle with a detached retina, I didn't suffer through concussions, broken bones, torn muscles to "make it" only to be told "Sorry Daniel, not tonight." I'm not going to stand back and let some guy behind a desk tell me I'm not good enough to wrestle tonight or any other night! And believe me, if the higher ups don't like what I'm saying now and choose to "wish me the best of luck in my future endeavours" then they're the ones missing out because if they decided to fire me tonight I would get in my car and I would find the nearest small time wrestling show and I would work my ass off for them because I love professional wrestling. And I know every one of you in this arena does too. I don't care how many T-Shirts I sell, I know I'm not like The Rock or Chris Jericho on the mic, but what I am good at is wrestling. I'm not going to go around claiming I'm "dropping a pipebomb" or anything like that, you're just looking at a man who has reached his breaking point and was forced to come onto worldwide television to show the truths behind all of this. I know I'm going to face some hell once I get back there. But no matter what they say, they're going to be forced to listen. I'm not taking no for an answer, so what I am going to say is...

    *Daniel drops his microphone and takes off his suit jacket and stomps on it, he looks out to the crowd and with a determined look he raises both arms in the air and shouts "YES!" at the top of his lungs. The fans now cheer Daniel after his speech and now chant "YES!" along with him, he rolls out of the ring and runs up the ramp shouting it over and over as the crowd continue to join in.*

    *Daniel reaches the top of the ramp as he turns back, he looks out at the crowd of people still chanting yes and he has a huge smirk on his face. He now loosens up his tie and takes it off before throwing it off the stage and then rips open his shirt and throws it down.*

    *He motions his arms up in the air again making the chants continue as he watches on stroking his beard in almost amazement at the support.*

    *He looks around for a microphone and manages to find one as the crowd quietens down to hear what he has to say.*

    [Daniel Bryan] Before I head backstage to probably be shouted at by the suits and stooges if they dare talk to me like a man. I want to hear those yes chants as loud as possible, I want to walk through that curtain knowing I have 20,000 people right here by my side. I want the whole god damn arena to shake so let's hear it, SCREAM!




    *Daniel drops the microphone and begins to walk to the back, but before he goes through the curtain he turns back and watches the crowd. The yes chants are deafening now as he has a huge smile on his face, he takes a deep breath taking one last look at the crowd and walks through the curtain not knowing what will be awaiting him. The camera just pans around the crowd now as they all continue to chant, we fade away from this exciting scene to a commercial break.*
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    Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:16 pm
    Message by MicksterG951 - Jericho Test Promo
    *Breakdown returns from a commercial break and we are taken to the arena where Jerry Lawler and JR are talking*

    {Jerry Lawler}
    What a great show we have witnessed here tonight. We've had an IC title match, and a new #1 contender for the Divas title has been named!

    Yes it has been Jerry, and we have a lot more interesting things in store for tonight. Such as, we have our World Heav.........................

    *All of a sudden the lights in the arena go out, and the crowd is thrown into a frenzy*

    {Jerry Lawler}
    What's going on JR?

    How would I know King? I'm just as baffled as you.

    *As JR finishes what he's saying, a video starts to play on the titantron*

    *The fans are going absolutely crazy as they have realized that the man coming is........*

    Oh My God! It's him! It's CHRIS JERICHO!!

    {Jerry Lawler}
    Yeah it is! But calm down JR, don't want you having a heart attack out here. Especially with Chris Jericho coming out to the XWL for the first time in MONTHS!

    *Chris Jericho is excited as ever, and runs down into the ring and stands there soaking in the admiration*

    *The fans are just insane right now, as they chant "Y2J! Y2J! Y2J!" while Jericho puts his hand up in a motion to tell the fans to be quiet, which they do immediately*

    *As the fans continue to settle down, Jericho slowly starts to speak*

    Ladies and gentleman, assclowns of all ages, welcome to a new era in XWL. The era of ME.That's right, this is the era of Chris Jericho. Not Y2J, not the "Ayatollah of Rock-and-Rolla", not of BREAKDOWN IS JERICHO, but the era of Jericho.

    *The fans start to chant louder and louder, "JERICHO! JERICHO!"*

    At the end of every show, every online broadcast, and every PPV, all anyone will be able to talk, or tweet, about will be ME. The end of the world as you know it is here, and it's only the beginning of the age of Jericho.

    I didn't have to come back to this company. In fact, I could have lived the rest of my life without ever stepping foot back in this business. But, for all you nonsensical parasites in the building tonight to understand my point, let me put it like this. I didn't come back for you assclowns, I came back so I could prove to MYSELF that I am STILL the best in the world at EVERYTHING I do.

    *The crowd almost immediately flips on Jericho, and turns him into the most hated man in this city*

    There we go. Now you hypocrites seem to understand. I, in no way, need your admiration. You should save your breath for someone who gives a damn. I will get what I want, and you people can't stop me. I will be IC champion, then I will win the World title, and will prove to myself that I AM the best in the world, and there will be nothing any of you can do about it. So get prepared, because the Age of Jericho is upon you all, whether you like it or not.

    *Jericho drops his mic and laughs at all the fans booing him out of the building as Breakdown fades to black*

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    Mon Nov 07, 2011 2:19 pm
    Message by P.R Son - DiBiase Posse
    Joey Styles: Welcome back to Redemption everybody, we've got a whole lot more in store for you tonight.

    Michael Cole: That's right Joey, the Divas Champion Kaitlyn and her friend, the former Divas Champion, AJ Lee will be here tonight taking on two of Redemption's top divas, Eve Torres and Michelle McCool in singles action.

    Joey Styles: And after a controversial victory for R-Some Truth in the main-event last week, R-Truth will face a man with a new out look, Justin Gabriel.

    Michael Cole: How exactly was it controversial? They won, end of story, but yes Justin Gabriel seems to be a different man, he's even building quite the fanbase in such a short time.

    Joey Styles: Speaking of fan bases, have we got a treat for all of you at home. Ted DiBiase, the leader of the DiBiase Posse, appeared at a DiBiase Posse Party earlier today, and our cameras crashed the party to see exactly what a DiBiase Posse Party is.

    Michael Cole: Oh brother, this is getting air time? I don't care what goes on, it's just stupid...

    Joey Styles: You flip flop more than flip flops...You were just talking about Justin Gabriel gaining a fan following, yet Ted's is stupid?

    Michael Cole: Whatever, just roll the footage...Let's get this over with so we can watch something entertaining.

    The titantron suddenly starts playing a video footage of the DiBiase Posse Party, the first thing we see is the view of a cake made by the fans all while we hear Ted and the fans in the background.

    Ted DiBiase: Would you look at that cake! I can't believe it, wow now if that's not the most appetizing thing these eyes ever did see!

    You can tell he grabs hold of the camera positioning it to where he's now seen with some of the fans in the background.

    Ted DiBiase: How are y'all doing XWL? We're live outside the arena here in Colorado Springs for a DiBiase Posse Party, and man let me tell you guys if you've never been to one you need to get your ass down to one as soon as possible. We've got great food here, Janet over there

    He points to a giddy fans near a table of food and the cameras then switch back to a view of him.

    Ted DiBiase: made some of the greatest hot dogs I've ever tasted. She racked up some points with me for providing ketchup and mustard too. I know I'm this larger than life superstar on television every week, but if there's anything that that satisfies me more than anything in the world... It's gotta be a good hot dog with some good K & M! Sounds so simple but you can't beat a good hot dog or hamburger before a show.

    Ted grabs hold of the camera then moves it over to right showing off a banner on the side of a truck that says "DiBiase Posse 4 Life " with a well drawn portrait of him holding a set of dice in his hands. Ted smiles at that then turns his attention back towards the camera held by a cameraman

    Ted DiBiase: I heard some people wanted to know what a DiBiase Posse Party was, and well look no further! Good food, good people, and amazing artwork just like that beautiful banner you see before you.

    He then walks away from the camera grabbing a slice of cake that was handed to him, he takes a bite then a huge smiles come upon his face.

    Ted DiBiase: Mmmm!! Now that's a good slice of cake, you guys don't know what you're missing, we've had a lot of great parties since I started these, but you guys are definitely in the top five!

    DiBiase takes another bite while the video shows numerous fans taking shots of him eating, and he stops puts the plate down and smiles posing for a second

    Ted DiBiase: Alright guys, it's been a lot of fun, but I've gotta go get in a good work out before my match later tonight on Redemption.

    A mild "Awwww" follows from the people.

    Ted DiBiase: I know I know, I don't wanna leave either but hey look on the bright side, tonight you'll all get to watch me whoop McGillicutty's ass! But before I go I think it's picture time. So everybody gather around, come on now get in there good so we all fit.

    As they bunch up close together, Ted grabs his camera off the table, sets it's timer.

    He backs up places his arms around those closest to him and yells "say cheese!" The ticker to the flash begins to count down, they hold position waiting for the photo to be taken but just as the flash goes off fans quickly leave Ted's side as Michael McGillicutty attacks him from behind! The women frantically scream running away as Ted lies on the concrete while Michael stand overs him smirking at the shocked crowd of people. He pulls Ted off the ground, tightly pulls his head up by his hair, then says "Hope you don't mind me crashing the party, Teddy!" and in that next instant he grabs Ted by his waist band, and hurls him hard into the van's tailgate! The people yell for him to stop it and some even consider stepping in, but their friends and or loved ones advise them against it. Ted groans in pain as he lays in the fetal position against the back of the vehicle. But Michael doesn't stop there, he looks over at the table which had hot dogs, hamburgers, condiments, and the cake they made for Ted. Then pulls Ted up slowly, walks him over towards it, then with great force throws him into the table! He collapses onto the floor as everything on the now tipped table falls on him, staining him with soda, busted up bottles of ketchup and mustard, and also the cake landing right on his face.

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