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Topics tagged under relatable on Xtreme Wrestling League I_folderTopic: XWL Anarchy: 4/2/2018 - 4/9/2018
P.R Son

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Search in: Anarchy Weekly Card   Topics tagged under relatable on Xtreme Wrestling League EmptySubject: XWL Anarchy: 4/2/2018 - 4/9/2018    Topics tagged under relatable on Xtreme Wrestling League EmptyFri Apr 06, 2018 2:07 pm

As the theme belonging to the NEW Women's Champion makes its way through our airway the audience immediately rise up in a show of respect and elation, bringing forth an incredibly loud "Pop!"

[Mauro Ranallo]
Do not touch your remote ladies and gentlemen, because we're about to be in the presence of a woman that embodies everything good in this industry.

[Corey Graves]
I'm still in complete shock over what happened at Emergence.

[Mauro Ranallo]
The entire world was abuzz when Emergence went off the air, because as they tuned in expecting perhaps to be watching Natalya's farewell match...she proved that she was VERY worthy contrary to what the previous Champion had to say when she defeated Ruby Riot to at long last become The Women's Champion.

The cheers get louder as Natalya steps out from the back, The Women's Title over her shoulder, and the brighest of smiles across her face as she steps out onto the stage for the first time as Women's Champion.

Topics tagged under relatable on Xtreme Wrestling League UDkysQ8

We soon get a closer image of our New Champion, and the pure joy oozing from every part of her is infectious. This is passion, this is the reward reaped from never giving up on her dream, of her goal to be Women's Champion. To prove that it could be done, that she, just as anyone could rise up the mountain of this business the RIGHT way. She didn't have to stab anyone in the back, she didn't need to be underhanded, she didn't have to rely on cheap tricks to get, all she had to do was want it bad enough that her god given ability overcame everything else.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome your NEW XWL WOMEN'S CHAMPION....NATALYA!!

[Mauro Ranallo]
This is why we are apart of Wrestling, for stories like this, for people like Natalya who aren't simply trying to get ahead for fifteen minutes of fame, she wants to make a difference now, and for the future.

[Corey Graves]
Up until now it's been all pipedreams and broken promises, but I am man enough to admit that while it certainly did take longer than say, pulling the rug out from one of your fellow competitors...she did get the job done, and I can't do anything but sing her praises as she proved me, especially...wrong.

[Mauro Ranallo]
It wasn't easy, it seemed as if it might truly be impossible, but Natalya's perseverence silenced every doubter she's ever had in this one moment. She risked it all, and it's safe to say the risk was indeed worth the incredible reward she now is in posession of.

Natalya starts to make her way down the ramp, but instead of going down the middle of it, she goes to the far left, interacting with fans that had their hands extended out, that had signs in support of her, and returns the love that she felt at Emergence after all was said and done, and love that she already feels right here tonight. Not neglecting the other side she rushes over to the right side of the ramp slapping their hands, hugging people sporting her various shirts from over the years, the true Natalya fans that backed her from the infamous screwjob to this very moment right now. This title win wasn't just for her, it was for them, for believing she could, and knowing deep down that she would.  After meeting with as many fans as she possibly can, she turns her attention to the ring and eyes it with a gleam in her eye.

[Mauro Ranallo]
What makes Natalya so different from most is her doesn't matter what type of match it is, on what night it may be, or what event it is...she always has that same sparkle in her eye when she stares at the ring.

[Corey Graves]
She has Wrestling flowing through her veins, she was literally bred to do this, to be the best there is, was, or ever will be. Emergence was certainly a great reminder of what she truly is capable of.

[Mauro Ranallo]
The entire landscape of The Women's Division changed in one night, Charlotte Flair emerged back into the fray, Alexa Bliss made her mark, literally on Asuka, Nia Jax with the assist from The Wicked Witch claimed Money in The Bank, Nikki Cross absolutely lost it...and Natalya, overthrew The Gatekeeper winning her first title in 8 years.

[Corey Graves]
I must admit I was kind of surprised Nia Jax didn't attempt cash in.

[Mauro Ranallo]
With Alexa in her ear, there's no telling what The "Irre-Blisstible Force" has in store for this division, let alone Natalya.

[Corey Graves]
Indeed there is no telling, they are the trifecta of the division. Brains, Brawn, and Beauty. They'll stun you with their looks, they'll outsmart you, and if you're not careful...Alexa will beat you with her Bliss Stick, and Nia...well, she'll just run straight through you.

The Anvilette makes her way up the steel steps as she rounded the barricade, and looks out into the audience, a sea of nothing but love and adoration that's almost endless. She's been the story that so many have hoped would have a happy ending, and for them to see that it in fact's just reason enough to cheer at the top of their lungs. She takes a deep breath, looks at her Women's Title, walks along the apron then sets one foot in the ring, pausing. As she turns back to her title, she lifts it off her shoulder, and plants a big kiss on it.

Topics tagged under relatable on Xtreme Wrestling League AYACghz

The love and respect she's had for this title over the years as it was introduced was always apparent, and now for it to be hers...for her name to be on's a feeling that words no doubt could not do justice to. Pulling her lips away from the belt, she fully sets foot into the ring then grabs a hold of The Women's Championship with both hands, hoisting it into the air to another loud reaction.

Topics tagged under relatable on Xtreme Wrestling League 5dqfRol

As she stands there proudly displaying The Women's Championship, the cheers die down and all the effort  put into giving that loud reception is now put into a chant. As Natalya's smile grows brighter with each second the title is above her head, it grows even more as a "You Deserve It!" chant breaks out. Humbled by the kind words from The XWL Universe she starts to hang her head, no doubt getting emotional. It's still so surreal to her, we're not even sure if it's sunk in. She fought for so long, and now all of that hard work has paid off.  

[Mauro Ranallo]
You DO deserve it, Natalya.

[Corey Graves]
I can't argue with that, she was willing to give up her spot on this roster, likely ending her entire career, just for one last shot at claiming that title, and she did it. She didn't fail, she didn't come "close" she DID it!

Soon she lowers the title, but the chant continues on, all while she walks over to the ropes to retrieve a microphone. Taking her spot back in the center of the squard circle, she looks at her title, microphone raised, still appreciative of the chant that's echoing through the building.

Topics tagged under relatable on Xtreme Wrestling League 1nYFcwD

There she stands, smiling from ear to ear, the chant going in both ears and forever etching itself in her head just as we're sure the one from Emergence did as well. This wasn't just a title win, this was a fight to the finish for 8 years, a journey that tested her more than anything ever has before. Through that journey careers both began, and ended in XWL, Women rose up through the ranks, claiming the title she wanted so badly to be hers. But she didn't try to sabotage their success, she celebrated it. She supported this division no matter who was on top, even on days, weeks, or months when she was simply a bystander, not even apart of the weekly shows and special events...she was there supporting the division. She's gone down to XWL's developmental system on her off days to groom the future talent, talent like Liv Morgan that recently claimed a Main Roster spot. Now after all these years, the spotlight is fully on her, and it's her time to shine, it's her time to represent the division as it's Champion.  

Topics tagged under relatable on Xtreme Wrestling League HdDGIuE

For 2,945 days...I dreamed of this moment, of this reality that at times felt so far out of my stand here, your NEW WOMEN'S CHAMPION!

Loud cheers echo throughout the building as Natalya raises the title up for a moment before bringing it back down over her shoulder.  

I can't tell you how good it feels to say that, to say that and know that here right now, MINE. I worked hard for this, I overcame obstacle after obstacle for this, I stayed true to myself for THIS. When everyone would call me a failure when they would claim I was tarnishing The Hart Family name...THIS is what kept me going!

Topics tagged under relatable on Xtreme Wrestling League OGplGyP

For 8 years I fought endlessly, with everything I had, whoever I had to. They say it's not the success that makes everything worthwhile, it's the journey to that success. All the moments you cried backstage after hugging The New Champion that came through the curtain, wishing just for one day the roles could be reversed it could be you stepping into Gorilla having just won the title. Every time you sat on the sidelines being happy for everyone else, only for that happiness to feel like a double-edged sword piercing straight into your heart.

Topics tagged under relatable on Xtreme Wrestling League NoGOeBa

Lying awake in bed at night, wishing when you wake up this would all just be a nightmare that you finally would wake up from...only to wake up that next morning, and be reminded that no, it's not a dream. Hearing your fellow Superstars tell you to just give up, and sometimes asking yourself if maybe they're right...maybe it will never happen, maybe I'm not good enough, maybe...all I'll ever be is just a failure. I've tried to be strong these last 8 years, but we all have those moments where all hope seems lost, and no matter what you try to tell yourself, or what you try to do to get your mind away from those're not strong enough. I've had days where I showed up to a number one contender's match, and in the back of my mind, from the moment I stepped into the building, I already had told myself a million times to not get my hopes up, that it's just not your time, your time will come one day...only for that day to add up into weeks, then months...and years.

Her voice cracks as her emotions are impossible for her to hide at this point. This victory, becoming Champion...was the hardest thing she's ever had to do in her entire life. The pain she felt every time she fell short, the sadness she tried her best to hide with a smile when she'd say something like "It just wasn't my time." we knew deep down that anyone no matter how pure would have those weak moments where they would try to be strong for everyone else, but deep down they were hurting. Hearing Natalya speaks, it's almost difficult for us to imagine what it's felt like for her to continue to show up week after week, knowing that so many had lost faith in her, and had told her to give up a long time ago.

Topics tagged under relatable on Xtreme Wrestling League PklmpBc

But my time DID come, it HAS come! I didn't give up, I didn't admit defeat, I didn't let anyone tell me that my dreams just that, dreams. No, THIS right here is proof that you can BE and DO ANYTHING! You can simply just work hard and one day get ahead. You can take the high road and eventually reach your desired destination. You don't have to take every shortcut or be the person you told yourself you'd never be, just to be somebody. I was broken, but now I am WHOLE..and like this great city's a phoenix, I rose from the ashes of my failures!

Topics tagged under relatable on Xtreme Wrestling League SHnYmEk

I DID IT! I will shout it to the rooftops, I DID IT! WE DID IT! Those of you that stood by me through everything, I am eternally grateful to have had your support, and I wouldn't be standing here tonight if it wasn't for all of you. Thank you for believing in me, for believing I could, for believing that one day I would. This moment is ours, and nothing can ever take that away. I will cherish this feeling for the rest of my career, for the rest of my life when the time comes for me to hang up my boots. But it's going to be a LONG time before that day ever comes. I mean Emergence could have been the end, and in a way it was...the end of falling short, the end of failing, the end of broken promises...this is my new beginning, this is the start of something incredible and I owe it all to you to give this title everything I have, every match I compete in, whether it's on the line or not, I will fight like hell to uphold everything it stands for!

The audience lets out a roar of cheers, mixed with the beginnings of a "Natalya!" chant which only makes her smile with laughter as she humbly stands there appreciative of everything in an entirely new way.

Topics tagged under relatable on Xtreme Wrestling League 0vzOdaG

Now, as much as I could stand out here forever expressing how much all of this means to me...I have waited 2,945 days to represent this division again, to make THIS matter to everyone as much as it matters to me! Ruby thought of herself as The Gatekeeper, but now that gate's wide open and there's no keeper to keep everyone, this division deserves the best, the best there is...there best there was, and the best there EVER will be!

Topics tagged under relatable on Xtreme Wrestling League Eii5Ei5

And you have my word, that I will do everything I can to be that. But that all starts with fulfilling my obligation, and honor as Women's Champion...defending this against anyone that feels they are worthy enough to take this from me. I may have had to jump through hoops to prove myself to the previous holder of this...but I plan on running things a little bit differently. It's simple want this? Come take it from me.

Cheers follow Natalya's bold "challenge" as she turns her head to the stage, wasting no time in calling out whoever wants to be her first challenger.

[Corey Graves]
This is certainly unexpected, Natalya just won it, does she want to risk losing it her very first official night as Champion?

[Mauro Ranallo]
She admired April's tenacious spirit when it came to defending her title, it's only natural she hopes to emulate that very idea. I mean Ruby completely shunned the entire division for the 2 months she was champion, surely there's a lot of hungry challengers just waiting for this opportunity.

Cheers follow Natalya's bold "challenge" as she turns her head to the stage, wasting no time in calling out whoever wants to be her first challenger.

[Corey Graves]
And it was in this moment, Natalya regretted EVERYTHING!

Natalya flashes a competitive smile as Nia's theme fills the arena, bringing the once cheerful audience to nothing but boos. Soon the cameras cut over to the stage where sure enough there walks out Nia Jax, her Money in The Bank contract in her hand, and a look of determination in her hypnotic gaze. There's usually only one reason why The Miss Money in The Bank would interrupt The Champion...and our thoughts are racing a mile a minute as we ask Nia about to cash in? But as Nia steps further onto the stage, we spot something else, or someone else trailing behind her, it's none other than the woman responsible for Nia having this opportunity, Alexa Bliss.

[Mauro Ranallo]
Of course Bliss would be with her...

[Corey Graves]
She's her friend, she's obviously out here to support her, why do you have to say it as if it's a bad thing?

[Mauro Ranallo]
Forgive me for thinking ill of this but this woman is solely responsible for Liv Morgan not having that Money in The Bank contract, and for Nia Jax having it.

Alexa's armed with a microphone, and a somewhat genuine looking smile on her face as she looks down the ramp at The New Women's Champion standing in the ring.

Topics tagged under relatable on Xtreme Wrestling League 0P2X2JL

[Alexa Bliss]
Aw, look you guys...SHE DID IT!

Her eyes light up as she flashes an endearing smile and starts to clap her hand against the base of the microphone.

[Alexa Bliss]
You Deserve It!

She shouts into the microphone in a cheery tone, that we suspect is mocking the audience's own chant they've directed at Natalya both tonight and at Emergence.

[Alexa Bliss]
You Deserve It!

Continuing to clap her hands, and echo in a sickeningly sweet tone, it's becoming apparent she is indeed being insincere, shocker...

Topics tagged under relatable on Xtreme Wrestling League RlgQYgZ

[Alexa Bliss]
But wait, what exactly did you DO to deserve "it?" Fail to be anything other than a loser for 2,945 days? That's what we're celebrating? Really? A woman that won the title, FINALLY after 2,945 days? After how many attempts? After how many opportunities wasted? How sad.

Alexa takes the lead, Nia's not much of a talker as we've come to learn, but the look on her face says she's not in disagreement with anything Alexa's said so far. While Natalya stands there with the same smile on her face, I mean she just became Champion, it doesn't matter if Alexa wants to mock how long it took her, nothing will dispel her elation to be standing there with the title on her shoulder. The audience, however, is an entirely different story, booing viciously at Alexa. She seems rather annoyed by their venomous roars, looking into the crowd to address them directly.

Topics tagged under relatable on Xtreme Wrestling League HmFEF7A

[Alexa Bliss]
I'm sorry, did I ask for the peanut gallery to give their meaningless opinion? No, I'm pretty sure I didn' how about you sit down, shut up, and listen for once in your miserable lives when someone of importance is speaking.

They do not like her tone or the things she is saying, but they especially didn't like getting told to shut up, so it has the exact opposite effect, only bringing on more and more boos prompting her to roll her eyes.

Topics tagged under relatable on Xtreme Wrestling League KPJooP7

[Alexa Bliss]
Now now, Nattie...I know what you're thinking, is she really out here to belittle my incredible accomplishment and spoil a moment I fought valiantly for 2,945 days to have? I mean really, it ONLY took you 2,945 days, how rude of me...or how rude of you to waltz out here as if this erases everytime you fell flat on your face over the last 2,945 days. See, it didn't even take Nia 45 days to win Money in The Bank...and I can promise you this, and unlike yours, my promises actually mean something.

Once again, throwing disrespect to Natalya brings on the audience's wrath all to Alexa who just pauses to scoff at their revolting "love" for Natalya. .

Topics tagged under relatable on Xtreme Wrestling League CH5k1SM

[Alexa Bliss]
As I was saying...I can promise you this, it's not going to take her 2900 more days to become Champion! Matter of fact, it's not even going to take her 9 MORE MINUTES! Because throughout ALL 2,945 never encountered a woman like The Irresistible Force, NIA JAX! But don't're about to. See, contrary to what these people may think we're not horrible people. When you actually won at Emergence, our jaws may have been on the floor as we collectively said "OH MY GOD SHE FINALLY DIDN'T FAIL FOR ONCE!" but that's not why we didn't come out and ruin your heartwarming, we know how hard you've fought, for you know...2,945 days...

Topics tagged under relatable on Xtreme Wrestling League 1FgGu1f

[Alexa Bliss]
You earned that moment, you DESERVED that moment...just like Nia deserves to come down to that ring, and cash in her Money in The Bank contract, and crush this little "empowerment" era and bury it in the grave you put Sasha in. But unlike your failed attempt at ridding XWL of her, shocker there...this "feel good" moment will be dead and gone. Isn't that right, bestie?

Alexa's once bitchy smile softens into a puddle of innocence as she turns to Nia and extends the microphone toward her. Nia hesitates, but Alexa shakes the mic a little bit, causing Nia to nod and take it. She looks to the ring and raises the mic but pauses, looking around at the jeering crowd. She appears to grow more aggitated but Alexa reaches out, touching her shoulder. This causes Nia to look down to her little friend before nodding and beginning to speak.

[Nia Jax]
Natalya, there is no such thing as a happy ending. Your uncle could of told you that considering his history when it comes to wrestling. You're living in a fantasy and not in one that ends with the Queen of Harts coming out with her head. No, in this story, your end comes a lot sooner than you ever expected.

Nia takes a step forward as Bliss appears to be so beyond proud at this point. It's almost like she has taken Nia under her wing, which by size and stature, is hilarious.

[Nia Jax]
Do you want to know why this moment matter so much to you Natalya? Because before those eight long years, you were handed everything. With your lineage alone people were willing to give you the break to get ahead of the curb. Even with that, even with all the backing you could possibly ask for, you still failed. For eight long years you failed. You got it easy.

Nia is even more confident as she takes another step towards the ring, a snarl almost stretching across her face as she speaks.

[Nia Jax]
I don't like you Natalya. I don't like you because you're spoiled. Just like all those little twigs in the back and just like those three barbies I broke at Emergence, which you also failed to do. It's not hard to succeed after getting that many chances. You want to know how many chances I've had in XWL? One.

Nia's index finger pops up as the fire in her eyes burn brighter than ever. Though Alexa is by her side keeping her new friend monster at bay, Nia is chomping at the bits to get at Natalya.

[Nia Jax]
It has taken me one run in XWL. One explosive debut. One match on one Special Event, to gain my shot at a title match, whenever, and wherever, I please.

Nia lowers her finger, looking to Alexa who nods, edging her onward. In this moment, Nia has said more than she has said in her entire time in XWL. Nia, with her new friend cheering her on, continues after a deep breath.

[Nia Jax]
I've been spat on my entire life and given zero chances. People, shamed, me. But now, I've been given all I've needed with one oppurtunity. And with this chance, I'm going to crush you. I'm going to crush you and your dreams Natalya and it's not going to take me eight years. It's not going to take me eight minutes. I'm going to treat you like I treated Liv Morgan, like I treated Dana Brooke, like I've treated Carmella and Sasha Banks. I'm going to break you in half in under five minutes and then, I'm going to end your little fantasy, once and for all.

Nia Jax grabs the briefcase from Alexa Bliss who is grinning ear to ear at this point. She can see what's coming next as does most of the crowd. Nia raises the briefcase above her head, looking right at the title. Then, she says the infamous line.

[Nia Jax]
I'm cashing in Money in the Bank.

As Nia announces she's officially cashing in, right here, right now...Natalya's smile remains, as she lifts The Women's Title up and mouths "Well then let's give these people a show, huh?" Prideful as we expected she'd be, Natalya isn't backing down after Nia's threat, she's welcoming it.

[Corey Graves]
Well, it's like the expression says, all good things must come to an end...and sorry Natalya but your reign is about to come to an untimely demise courtesy of Nia Jax.

[Mauro Ranallo]
An impromptu Championship Match is quite the obstacle for a Champion to overcome, but Natalya is not someone you want to write off so easily. She's waited for this moment for 8 years, and she's not going to give it up without one hell of a fight. Nia may be destructive, but Natalya is unbreakable.

Alexa appears quite proud of Nia, giving her some final words of encouragement as she starts to accompany her down the ramp, but before they get far...

Some confusion spreads throughout the entire ringside area, from Nia & Alexa to Natalya, to our commentary team, and the audience as well. This isn't typically a matter what involves The General Manager, the contract within Nia's case states that it's her decision whenever she chooses in the calendar year. But still, Layla soon steps out from the back to explain her intrusion on this situation.

I'm sorry to come out and intrude ladies but I'm afraid this isn't happening.

Alexa and Nia both look rather annoyed, who is she to tell them when they can and can't cash in?

Now under normal circumstances, this would be outside of my control, The Money in The Bank holder from both The Men and Women's side is entitled to a Women's Championship Match at their discretion. However, this isn't a normal circumstance. Now I didn't expect you two to come out here and try to cash in already otherwise I would have addressed this at the start of the show but at Emergence, there were to be FOUR Women competing for that case, where anything goes, but one simple rule must be followed. The winner would be declared after she climbed the ladder, and pulled down that contract. But, this year something rather unprecedented took place, and that wasn't the case, was it, Alexa?

The camera pans in on Alexa's expression who looks at Layla like "Why are you singling me out?" even though all of us know exactly why.

Sasha, Carmella, Liv, nor even Nia...were the one to climb that ladder and unhook that was you, Alexa. I'm all about seizing opportunities and using every tool you might have to get ahead. While costing Liv the match with your interference wasn't ideal, it wasn't illegal, it's happened before, it happened earlier in the night with JBL when Matt Sydal interfered unexpectedly...but there was one key difference in you as opposed to Sydal. He didn't pull that case down and toss it to someone else. So had you simply cleared the fray and Nia climbed the ladder, we wouldn't be having this conversation. But you didn't, even if you tried, you ultimately took matters into your own hards, and that's simply unacceptable. The bell never rang because none of the 4 women in that match, fulfilled their obligation to WIN that match. Therefore, Nia Jax is not Miss Money in The Bank.

Alexa starts to freak out, losing her cool as Layla has the audacity to declare Nia isn't the winner when clearly they thought they were. Nia seems just as livid, her friend helped her win the match, and sure maybe she didn't climb the ladder and retrieve that case for herself...but, that shouldn't matter.

I'm sorry, I know how much it means to you to have that case, and I'd have loved to give all of these people here tonight an incredible match between yourself and Natalya...but I have no choice. However, while these people may not see a title match tonight...they will see something just as exciting. As I said, your Money in The Bank Ladder Match never officially came to an end, so tonight...we're going to have ourselves a REMATCH! Nia, you along with Liv, Sasha, and Carmella will once again compete for that contract as its suspended above the ring...and whoever climbs the ladder and pulls it down? Will have a Women's Championship Match anytime within the next year. And as for you Alexa? If you interfere in this match, in ANY way, there will be severe consequences. So, Nia, good luck to you and the others tonight, may the best woman win.

[Corey Graves]
I don't believe it! Nia's been stripped of her contract and we're going to see another Money in The Bank Ladder Match later tonight!

[Mauro Ranallo]
It was a tough call to make but it was the right call. Nia didn't climb that ladder, Alexa did.

[Corey Graves]
Natalya got off easy tonight, she may have survived for now...but when Nia officially wins that contract tonight, Natalya's days will be numbered.

[Mauro Ranallo]
Natalya said she is ready to face anyone, tonight may not have resulted in the announcement of her first challenger but I'm sure a lot of the Women back there are ready to step up to the plate next time.

[Corey Graves]
Let's just see if they're still "ready" when Nia wins that contract back tonight, because no matter who is Champion when she decides to cash in...they won't be able to withstand the might of The Irresistible Force Nia Jax.

Excitement fills the arena as a Money in The Bank Rematch is announced to take place tonight, their match at Emergence showed a whole new side of all 4 women and tonight is certainly set to be a repeat of that incredible fight. Nia storms past Layla handing her the case in a huff as Alexa runs quickly behind her, giving a dirty look to Layla as she passes her. While the final focus shifts to The Women's Champion Natalya who simply hoists her title into the air to end things. Sasha Banks, Liv Morgan, Carmella, and Nia Jax compete tonight for the opportunity at that title whenever they want, and judging by the demeanor of The Current Champion, she's ready for whoever comes out of this match the winner.

The moment when you interrupt yourself, and then you also get interrupted by yourself.

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