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 In with the old

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PostSubject: In with the old   Mon Jan 09, 2012 9:10 am

First topic message reminder :

Hey guys, I was looking back at some old shows and there was a ton of amazing promos and write ups in this last year, thought we could post or talk about our favorites? One of my personal favorites was from Shuggz at last years Unforgiven....

[Punk]: If I could have your attention for a short period of time, I have something that I would like to get something off of my chest. I can see you all scanning the area searching for me, but you will not find me... Well not down there anyway. PLease, all of you, look toward the heavens and I will deliver a mseeage to you all.

*The crowd look upwards and begins cheering. The camera quickly shoots skywards to see what the commotion is about. There they see CM Punk standing atop of the XWL Titantron*

[Punk]: Later on Tonight you will no doubt see another scene just like this, but instead of CM Punk, you will be seeing Jeff Hardy playing the lead role. You see I am merely mimicking what Jeffrey will attempt to do later on Tonight. As you can see, I am standing on top of the Titantron. I'm say what, 50ft from the floor right now? And you people, instead of fearing for my safety. You people are eating it up, cheering this ridiculous stunt. "Whoo life and death situations". You see it's you people that drive Wrestlers to perform these ridiculous spots.

[Punk]: There is no doubt in my mind that Jeff Hardy will attempt another one. The evidence is there, Jeff can't help himself, he can't help but give you people what you want. That is why just like I am doing right now, Jeff will find himself on top of a Ladder, the Stage, anything that gets you people cheering. There he will find himself looking down, willing to take a leap of faith so you can all get your moneys worth. In that very moment, his life will be left to fate. Jeff could either miraculously survive... Or he will wind up in A&E or a Graveyard.

[Punk]: I can see it in all of your faces, you can't wait for that moment. You can't wait for the oppertunity to jump out of your seats and chant "Holy Shit". Even now, none of you could care less if I dived off of this stage at this very second, as long as you're provided with your little "markout moment"... Just like Jeff I am literally standing on top of the World, staring into the abyss... Just like Jeff, I can hear you all screaming and cheering... Just like Jeff I am literally milimetres from falling to my death... But that folks is where the similarities end.

[Punk]: What I am going to do next, will symbolise Jeff Hardy's fall from grace. All of you will be witness to this, as I plumet 50ft and crash into the floor. Breaking every bone, rupturing every organ... After this there will be no CM Punk... And in my death, I can only hope that you fans realise you should stop pushing for these spots. As what you're about to see, is what will happen if they go wrong.

*CM Punk places the microphone on the ledge, then raises his foot and hangs it over the edge. The crowd start becoming nervous, sickened by the thought of what Punk was about to do next. Punk wipes his face using his hand, he then places his foot back on the ledge and takes a huge breath. The crowd seem to become a bit more comfortable, but before they can shed a sigh of relief Punk leaps off of the ledge. Like a rocket the camera shoots away from Punk and focuses on the crowd. Members of the audience turn away and hide their faces in their loved ones.

A few seconds pass before the cameraman feels brave enough to turn the camera back towards the Titantron. Once it finally reveals the area, it is there where you see CM Punk hanging from a yellow cable, hysterically laughing to himself. The fans realise that they have been tricked and thunderous boos fill the arena as CM Punk is slowly dragged back up towards the ledge. Once he reaches the top, he climbs back on top of the Titantron and gets to his feet. He continues laughing as he picks up the microphone. He takes a few deep breaths, composes himself and puts the microphone towards his mouth.*

[Punk]: Every single one of you here Tonight and everybody watching around the world, just got Punk'd... Like I said, there were no more similarities between us. You see unlike Jeff, I have brain power and common sense. Did you really think I would stand up here without some safety measure? I'm wearing a harness you morons, what kind of idiot do you take me for? I am not Jeff Hardy, I will not put my life on the line for your sick and twisted pleasure. Every single one of you get off to these situations. It's like you're all addicts, but unlike Jeff Hardy, I refuse to give you your fix. But more importantly, I will NOT leave my life in the hands of fate. I have complete control of my life and I refuse to let anyone or anything make any decisions for me.

[Punk]: If I had left my life to fate who knows what would've happened. Maybe I wouldn't be a Wrestler, maybe a wouldn't be Straight Edge, maybe I would be able to take you all seriously... But I prefer to know exactly what lies in store for me. I like to consider every option before I make a decision. Just like last week, Jeff I could've stayed and helped you win the Tag match last week. I was speaking the truth, that win would've been huge for the both of us.

[Punk]: But beating you in your trademark match would be huge for me, for MY career. All it took for me to get inside your head was a slight mention of the World Championship and you ate my words up, you once again proved that you have tunnel vision when it comes to that Championship and you ignore all the facts if you think you can get closer to it. I mean look at our history together, why on Earth did you think I was willing to help you? How did you actually think I could stand you long enough, to even pretend to like you for one night?

[Punk]: That Jeff, was your biggest misktake. You put your trust in somebody who thinks this World would've been better off without a Jeff Hardy. Look what came of it, you were essentially stuck in a 45 Minute long Handicap match. Let's face it, you're coming into this match hurt Jeffrey. Making the ever so slight advantage you had going into this match, null and void. It's now an even playing field Jeff and I intend to capatilise on every advantage I have. Unlike you I am fresh, while you were getting the beating you deserved last week, I was sitting in the back, enjoying the show and drinking an ice cold Pepsi.

[Punk]: I am rested, I am not battered and bruised. Now I will run rings around you Tonight, I will make you look like nothing more than a jobber in something you helped create. Then when it is all said and done, when that pig that you call a Wife starts singing... They will announce the winner of the match... Non other than your guiding light and your saviour... C... M... PUNK!!

*Punk continues to stand on top of the Titantron as the crowd look on. A few moments later the cameras turn away from CM Punk and begin serveying the area and a few seconds later cuts away to a promo package hyping the Unforgiven Main Event*
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PostSubject: Re: In with the old   Fri Jul 05, 2013 3:27 pm

*Redemption comes back from commercial and cuts to the parking lot signalling the arrival of someone.....after a few moments of suspense a limo pulls up as the crowd settles down to a silent hush, a couple of seconds pass and the door cranks open, the roof is almost blown off the arena when the camera pans up to see The World Heavyweight Champion The Rock coming out of the car, he doesn't look his usual happy self and after last week, who can blame him. He grabs his back, slings it over his shoulder and heads towards his dressing room*

*He stops in his tracks when he hears his name being called and a young lady wearing a headset appears in shot approaching him*

XWL Employee: DWAYNE! Dwayne wait up!.......Hey sir, my name is Nikki Jacobs and I have been told by Mick Foley to greet you at the entrance to tell you the plans for tonights sho.....

The Rock: WOWOWOWOWOWOWOAH! Nikki, honey, slow down, five things, yeah you heard The Great One correctly five things, so stop staring down at the peoples strudel and listen closely sugar. First off, the names The Rock, not Dwayne, ok? You got that? Only The Rocks momma gets to call him Dwayne. Second thing, that's how you approach The Rock? We are live, here in Maryland for Redemption and you approach The Rock like that? Nah.....not in this lifetime sweet cheeks.....what you should have said was....... FINALLY! THE ROCK! HAS COME BACK! TO BALTIMORE!

XWL Employee: I'm sorry...Rock....I....I

The Rock: Didn't you hear The Rock? He said he has five things to say and as far as he can see he's only said two so know your role and shut your pretty little mouth because here comes number three, You come up to The Rock and you tell him, you say, Rock, Mick Foley wanted me to tell you the plans for the show Well let The Rock make something crystal clear, you can wipe Vickie Guerrero ninety eight inch ass with Mick Foleys plans for the show!

*The Rock takes the show schedule from the girl and motions wiping his ass with them before laughing back to the stunned worker*

The Rock: Number four! Here are The Rocks plans for tonights show! The Rock isn't gonna go out there and face Justin Gabriel in a match no, no. That would be the easy thing to do, after last week when that two bit baby back bitch interrupted The Rock while he was addressing the people with his fruity little haircut and told The Rock that he was sick of being over looked and under appreciated, so you know what The Rock told him to do? Plain and simple The Rock told him to Bring It! Now did the sixth Backstreet boy bring it? You're damn right he brought it, but not the way The Rock meant, not like a man, no, he brought it like MVP to Batista on a cold winters morning, FROM BEHIND! But congratulations little boy your wish has been granted, everyone has caught some Beiber fever, so you got exactly what you wanted, noticed. You're the talk on everyones lips but here, here is what you don't want that you are gonna get, The Rock isn't gonna go out there and have a wrestling match with you tonight no, no The Rock is gonna go out there and WHOOP YOUR CANDY ASS!

The Rock: Number five! The grand finale, two hundred and thirty five, that's the number of The Rocks room just down the road at the Baltimore Hotel, you take the rest of the night off, you look a little stressed, take a shower, slip into something more comfortable, eat a couple of strawberries, watch the damn Simpsons for all The Rock cares and later on when The Great one is finished slapping the gloss covered lips from Justin Gabriels face The Rock will come back to the hotel and celebrate like only The Peoples Champion knows how!

XWL Employee: I.....Uh.......EH......I'LL......

The Rock: EASY BIG FELLA! SETTLE DOWN! NOT NOW! Sorry Nikki, The Brahma Bull has a mind of its own sometimes! So you scoot your little ass out of here before the bull decides to charge, go on...The Rock will see you later!

*The Rock smirks and throws the room key at her before continuing his walk down the parking lot, he stops in his tracks and looks rather bemused, he does a double take and finds that there is in fact someone crawling under a car to his right, he notices the person has stopped moving completely so he decides to check on them*

The Rock: What in the blue hell are you doing down there Jabroni?!

*The man gets a shock from The Rocks voice and tries to bounce to his feet but cracks his head on the underside of the car, The Rock winces at the mans pain who begins to shout...*


The Rock: You were laying prone under a damn truck! Busy doing what exactly?

*The man emerges from under the car to a harsh sea of boo's from the XWL universe as he is shown to be none other than R-Truth*

R-Truth: I was busy laying traps! I got into my car last week after the show and there was three baby spiders in my car! I can't have that happen again because if there's one thing on this planet I hate more than Futurama being canceled, It's spiders! You see it all started back when I was a little goooood R-Truth, Grandma Truth had just bought me........

The Rock: The Rock asked why you were laying traps, he didn't ask for your damn life story! Now if you'll excuse The Rock then he's gonna go get ready for his match tonight........

R-Truth: WAIT! You're The Rock? That's why you looked so familiar! I've seen you on the posters! I've heard about you from everyone in the back, about how you're a great guy, I've seen all the little Jimmy's in your shirts! I gotta tell you Rock, I don't know you, but I don't like you! In fact, I hate you! You're whats wrong with this company! People like you who get whatever they want from a simple smile, from an appearance on a talk show! You are the cancer at the center of this conspiracy! It starts with you, but trust me, it will end with The Truth!

The Rock: You don't know The Rock but you hate him? everyone knows The Rock, Nikki, from the front entrance, she knows The Rock! Bret Hart and Chavo Guerrero, they know The Rock, Jimmy from Jimmy's carpets knows The Rock! Hell everybody to have ever graced this earth knows The Rock but you see here's the thing, The Rock doesn't know you! So you go on and you tell him, what is your name?

R-Truth: You don't know me!? Little Jimmy from Jimmy's carpets is about to get got! What you mean you don't know me! I am the bringer of light, the shining hope in this dark abyss of a company, I am R-Truth!

The Rock: R-Truth? R-Truth? Are you kidding The Rock right now? You sound like Batman on Ecstasy, bringer of light, shining hope, let The Rock say this, you be the bringer of ass and The Rock will be the bringer of whooping! How's that sound?  

R-Truth: I don't understand a damn word you just said! You must be insane or something.

The Rock: Ok, ok, ok, R-Truth, we got off on the wrong foot, lets start again, you tell The Rock, you tell him, what does the R stand for in R-Truth? Real?

R-Truth: Real? Hell no!

Crowd: WHAT?!


The Rock: Ricky?

Crowd: WHAT?!

R-Truth: Ricky? You're kidding right?

The Rock: Raymond?

Crowd: WHAT?!

The Rock: Raul?

Crowd: WHAT?!

The Rock: Ronald?

Crowd: WHAT?!

The Rock: McDonald?

Crowd: WHAT?!

The Rock: TAKE ALL THE HAPPY MEALS IN THE WORLD AND SHOVE THEM STRAIGHT UP, YOUR CANDY ASS! You see The Rock doesn't give a damn what the R in your name stands for and he sure as hell doesn't give a damn whether or not you like him, if you wanna settle this one on one like men then The Rock would be more than happy to drag your sorry ass down know your role boulevard, take a right at Jabroni drive and check you straight into the Breakdown hotel! If not, you can stay out here in the parking lot like a crazy homeless person alone with your thoughts and conspiracies because at the end of the day The Rock could wipe a spiders ass with what you think!

*The Rock walks out of shot away from R-Truth who is standing with a plain face and there is a long pause while the crowd cheer for The Rock, soon enough the crowd settle down...*

R-Truth: Did he.....Did he just say spiders ass?!

*R-Truth dives back under his car and can be heard screaming profanities while Redemption cuts to the next segment*

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PostSubject: Re: In with the old   Sun Jul 07, 2013 4:11 am

The Bad old days except for Krzy's parts, he saved this from being the worst promo in XWL History.

-The theme of Austin Aries is blasted throughout the arena, and the boos begin almost immediately as the unfitting music fills the eardrums of those in attendance-

-We now see Aries make his way down to the ring with a casual and confident stroll, but he has a scrap with a fan at ringside that was holding up a sign that had some pretty nasty remarks about Aries.-

-Aries finally enters the ring and is handed a mic by a tech at ringside-

-The crowd is raining in boos on Aries, but he just smiles and holds up his mic to speak-

{Austin Aries}
Keep it coming, I love to hear the boos. But you know what else I love to hear? The sound of the referee's hand slapping the mat for the 3 count. And that is exactly what I heard last week on Redemption. And that is what I will hear this week, when I run right over Chavo and move on to Monster Bash and beat Styles again. But, enough about my future. Let's talk about AJ Styles, the man from Gainesville, Georgia. I remember back in TNA when you became triple crown champ, and then you got turned on. I remember when you were scared out of your mind, and stopped going to iMPACT! and stayed home at your mom and dad's house. But, I mean, let's face it. You may be coming up in the rankings, but the old saying goes "the higher you are, the harder you fall". And that is exactly what is starting to happen to you AJ, and you are just too scared to face it. Hell, by next week, fucking Maryse could probably beat you.

-The crowd scoffs at the idea of Maryse beating anyone-

{Austin Aries}
So, while you’re still backstage, I want you to take a good look in that mirror in the men's room, and ask yourself, "Am I ready to be the next champion?" Actually, scratch that, ask yourself, "Am I even ready to beat Austin Aries?" Because we all know the true answer; aren't ready for me. And I know you may have beaten me like 4 weeks ago, but that was before I had a revelation in my life. I now have full confidence in myself, and I know that I am ready to be the next XWL World Heavyweight Champion. But the real question is, are you ready AJ?

-As soon as Aries finishes that sentence, AJ Styles’ music is blasted throughout the arena-

[The crowd pops as Style’s music interrupts Aries, and the look on his face says that he’s annoyed with being cut off. They’re both happy to see a fan favorite, and relieved that someone is finally going to shut Aries up. Not to mention with the two scheduled to face off at the PPV, a quick preview of their encounter is always welcome. However, as the theme plays on and Styles is nowhere to be found the crowd’s hype and anticipation slowly begins to fizzle. Their cheers aren’t as loud, and some of them have already sat back down after leaping up in excitement. Suddenly something they completely didn’t expect happens:]

[Chavo steps onto the stage and the positive reaction that the crowd had for Styles is now heavily laced with boos, though oddly enough there are some cheers scattered in there. Chavo appears to take notice of the mixed reaction and he takes his eyes off Aries to look at all the people in the stands. While some can’t look past Chavo’s arrogance and confidence even in defeat, others seem to empathize with his struggle and are giving him the benefit of the doubt… for now. Chavo focuses his attention back on Aries and raises the mic to his lips.]

I don’t like being treated as an afterthought, Aries. Which means you and me? We have a problem. You have… you just have this weird idea that this match will be nothing more than a warm up… a cakewalk before you and Styles clash this Sunday.  When in reality I’m the biggest threat you face at this very moment, because not only is your ego and your momentum on the line tonight, but everything you do in the future will be effected by your performance against me. Styles should be in the back of your mind because as far as you’re concerned, if you don’t make it through this match, you may not make it to the pay per view. I’m a man with nothing to lose, everything to gain, a weight to get off my shoulders, a monkey to get off my back and demons to get out of my head. And I’m sorry, but if you’re not careful you may find yourself in real danger. What I’m really trying to say, Aries, is that I have no problems risking your career to advance my own.

[Chavo pauses for a moment and lowers the mic to let those last few words and their meaning sink in. The crowd is buzzing as Chavo has essentially resorted to threatening Aries to get his point across. Chavo brings the mic to his mouth to speak again after the crowd’s noise level dies down a bit.]

You seemed to have misunderstood what I said earlier Aries, about not guaranteeing a win. That didn’t mean I was going to lie down so you’d feel better about yourself; that meant that I’m heading into this match thinking anything is possible. Flukes happen and anybody can get lucky on any given night, it’s a part of the business: you can’t win all the time, but I won’t let losing become a habit. I know you’re the underdog hoping for the upset, but lightening already stuck once for you, and if I have to redirect the bolt myself I will, because I refuse to allow it to strike a second time. Bret Hart isn’t here to screw me, your hat isn’t around to confuse me, and your entrance theme won’t be playing to distract me, which means that I’m 100% focused on this match, and my intentions are to defeat you, let there be no doubt in your mind about that.

*The crowd is confused wondering who this could be, and once AJ Styles finally steps on the stage sporting his own version of Aries’ turd hat, there a few cheers, albeit confused ones.  Styles does his signature pose on the stage and he and Chavo trade glances and then goes to the ring. He’s handed a mic and has a brief stare down with Aries before he finally speaks.*

I’m sorry, but you two are the worst excuses for professional wrestlers I have ever seen. I mean do you guys honestly think that you'll one day be United States Champion? If you do, then you have another thing coming. I mean Austin, other than getting a fluke win over me last week you haven't been that impressive and Chavo, you can talk a big talk but I’m still wondering if you can back it up. You see Aries last week you were mad about me bragging in the locker room, but let's be honest, we all are a little overconfident. But here's the thing I can back it up unlike you two, so if you think they you're better than me prove it. Let's go right now and who knows, maybe after I whoop up on both of you I might still be able to have enough time to beat Kane, go jump in my nice new car, take my awesome new brown hat and get ready to whoop some Austin Aries ass at The Monster Bash!

*The crowd gives AJ a huge pop but Chavo speaks again effectively killing their hype*

AJ, you need to learn your place and not address me again unless you want you and me to have problems. Especially since I’m actually doing you a favor by softening Aries up so you can pick up the scraps… my scraps, at the pay per view. Don’t let the distance between us fool you, AJ; I can verbally assault you from up here, or I can get into the ring and do it physically and the results would be the same. Either way I go about it, you’d leave a broken man, with no direction in life. So save yourself the embarrassment by keeping your mouth shut. And as much as a warm up fight would do me well before I wrestle Aries, I’d rather not have to waste my time with someone who is only phenomenal in title but not in ability.

[Styles was clearly upset with that last barb, and it almost looks like he wants to take a swing at Chavo as he turns to exit the ring. But then Aries grabs him by the shoulder and spins him around so they can be face to face when he makes his next stamen.]

-Aries begins to speak again-

Chavo, you think I think of you as a cakewalk? No, I think of you as a stepping stone on my road to being the next United States Champion. No matter who or what it takes to get there, I'm willing to destroy everything in my path...starting with you.....and then Styles on this Sunday. AJ's not ready for me, but I'm starting to think that you aren't either. So I'll make you a deal. If you can beat me tonight in this very ring, I'll have the most respect Austin fucking Aries can give for you. But as for AJ, this doesn't end after Monster doesn't matter who walks out of Monster Bash with the win....for I will never get over your cocky ass. And now, AJ, since me and Chavo are about to start our match, I'll leave you with this.

-Aries catches Styles off guard with a poke to the eye, then he grabs AJ and power-bombs him to the ground. AJ looks a bit beat up, but Aries doesn't stop there. He rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair and whacks AJ over the head with it. AJ begins to bleed like a stuck pig before the medics come out and help him to the back. Chavo steps to the side on the stage so the medics can get by, then he puts down his mic and causally walks down the ramp. He gets into the ring and soon a Ref comes down and calls for the bell.-

Normal Match

Chavo Guerrero Vs Austin Aries


SPOILE… As if you’re really gonna stop. plain mischief:

[Chavo’s theme hits and Chavo gets up and takes a bow clearly pleased with his performance.]

[The boos outweigh the cheers by a large degree, but Chavo is paying the people no mind as he leans out of the ring and is handed a mic. Chavo looks at the fallen Aries on the floor, and then at the people in the crowd, who continue to boo. He then raises the mic to his lips to begin his celebration promo.]


[Chavo takes a deep breath but says nothing. He looks back down on Aries and smirks as evil thoughts no doubted begin to fill his head.  Dropping the mic to the ground, he walks over to Aries still lying on the mat and circles the body like a vulture, as he decides where to begin. He slowly starts to bring the wobbly legged Aries to his feet, when suddenly AJ Styles flies down the ramp pushes Chavo aside. Chavo rolls out of the ring, leaving Styles to prey on the already beaten down Aries. Styles gets Aries into position and hits The Styles Clash! The crowd pops as Styles gets his revenge on Aries, but then there’s a hastened silence, as he turns and locks eyes with Chavo still standing on the outside of the ring. At first it seems as though Chavo may actually get back in the ring, but he never gets the chance as security rushes into the ring to drag Styles away from Aries. The screen fades to black and XWL heads to commercial while Chavo watches Styles get hauled away with that grin on his face.]

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PostSubject: Re: In with the old   Thu Jul 11, 2013 9:58 am

*As the screen remains black for a few seconds as music begins to play*

*As theme plays for about 7-8seconds the cameras begin rolling in black and white focusing on a chalk outline of a body in an alleyway as foot steps can be heard when a mysterious walk walks up to the outline*

???: Well what do we have here? Looks like the first victim of this brand warfare thing, Breakdown, Redemption what is this all about? Trying to determine who the best brand is? Is that what's really important here? Brands? And who's commanding this war? Mick Foley and Vickie Guerrero. This poor soul was nothing more then a foot solider probably didn't care whether or not his brand won tonight, and yet here he lied as nothing more then a pawn is a large game of chess. I bet they didn't even know this kids name, such a waste. In my day we knew everything about our opponents, now they're just brought in, chewed up and spat back out. It's a broken system and a damn shame too. Breakdown or Redemption they said, pick a brand and stick to it, and only now I know they're both the same, neither cares about the wrestlers just their own personal gain, it's like we're robots just doing what we're told in one giant theatre of puppets while they tug on our strings making us dance like well trained monkeys, and some other analogies thrown in there as well.

*The man then kneels down next to the chalk outline*

???: This poor kid, didn't get to tell his story. He didn't even see it coming did he? He was just used for someone else's pride, someone else's profit. This is what's wrong with professional wrestling, all of the higher ups are in these kids heads telling them what's not important is important and what really matters is irrelevant for the sake of the all mighty dollar. That's not what's important, championships that's what's important, winning matches and torturing your opponents, those were the days. Not this brand warfare business, it's a joke. And he's not going to be the only one either,  all week man after man will fall all in the name of Supremacy and for what? So somebody else can take the glory? I won't stand for it and I'll be damned if one of my men fall for somebody else's cause. I go in tonight knowing that my men will be relying on a true leader to see them through thick and thin, like it or not the lines have been drawn and I have a responsibility to my men to see them through this pointless war.

*The man raises his head to the camera revealing himself to be none other than the inventor of wrestling Matt Classic*

Matt Classic: My men won't end up like this one did. I don't like it one bit but we're in this together and as team captain it's my duty to make sure Ken Anderson and The Undertaker don't fall to the side. When the bell rings we're a well oiled machine, a force to be reckoned with and the red team won't know what hit them. I have Ken Anderson, from Green Bay, Wisconsin. A former Intercontinental and United States champion here, but still burdened with knowing he didn't get the job done four years ago. A late addition to Team Classic, the kids back after taking a few months off,  but I'll make sure to get young Kenny in fighting shape in no time. And then...

*He reaches down and sifts powdered chalk from the ground through his fingers while he continues talking*

Matt Classic: Then there's the man who much like myself has withstood the sands of time, and come back stronger and more powerful then before, the Demon of Death valley, the man with a set of the most deadly fists in the business, cast in the vision of the devil himself, inflicting pain and suffering on each and every man who stands in his way, mentally and physically. Some say he has his opponents defeated before he even steps foot into the ring as the mere sight of him reduces his foes right there and then. They say that, but it's far from the truth nowadays. Sure years ago that might of been so but it's not anymore but I know just like everybody else does that soon he will rise up and be that man once again and that night will be tonight when he delivers a message to Team Breakdown. But then, there's the final piece of the puzzle, the team captain all the way from Parts Unknown, Matt Classic, and that's all that needs to be said about me, because they all know that when they step between the ropes with me I will snap them with human twigs.

*Classic stands back up keeping his hands in his pockets looking out of camera shot*

Matt Classic: Then you take a look at Breakdown's Goon squad who are already trying to plant seeds of doubt as to my qualities as a leader. I'm a fraud they say, ME, a fraud they say my stories are all lies. You want some proof just ask my father Stan Classic just how real I am and ask my fathers missing eye just how real Rape-a-bear is, a beat eating your eyeball out of its socket isn't something to be taken lightly son. Now I'm going to share some wisdom Stan Classic departed onto me when I was still just a little Classic, he looked at me out of his one eye and he told me "Son, never, NEVER trust a man who wears a dressing coat to the ring", and that's something I've lived by for my entire life and something I will continue to do until the day I die. That Damien Sandow thinks you looks so smart in his Dressing Coat of lies thinking he looks like a walking dictionary, you know what you look like son? You look like a damn homeless person begging for an ass kicking, well congratulations boy because that's just what you're in store for tonight.

*Classic shakes his head in disgust of Damien Sandow*

Matt Classic: And then, well then there's Zack Ryder, just don't even get my started on Zack Ryder, the stupid little mark. And as for Alberto Del Rio when I'm done with him he'll be running off to his uncle Mil begging for one of his stupid 1000 masks, you're welcome for them by the way you filthy ingrate! Tonight you three will learn why the hard way why I've stood the tests of time. When you step into the ring with me it won't be a match and it won't be a fight. It's going to be a shoot, and son you don't even know what a shoot is!

*As he finishes talking Matt Classic poses for the camera*

Chris Spradlin: And that's a wrap!

*As Chris finishes speaking Matt Classic relaxes his pose and begins to berate the cameraman*

Matt Classic: Good, that was stupid. I thought you said Phil was going to be here this week!

Chris Spradlin: I thought he was going to be here, I don't know what to say.

Matt Classic: God damn it son, I miss Phil.

*Classic storms off the set shouting*

Matt Classic: Someone get Phil on the damn phone!

*With the camera still shooting the vacant set it slowly fades out to black ending the segment*
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PostSubject: Re: In with the old   Mon Oct 28, 2013 8:01 pm

*We return from a commercial break to be met by the highlights of Alex Shelley vs Daniel Bryan from last week, ending with Shelley putting Daniel away. Then is shows the sign of respect post match. The video fades out to show Daniel Bryan alongside Matt Striker backstage.*

Matt Striker- Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back to BreakDown, I'm Matt Striker alongside “The American Dragon” Daniel Bryan. Now Daniel, last week you lost in a hard fought match against our X-Treme Champion Alex Shelley. A move that a lot of people liked was you and Alex showing signs of respect post match, what are your thoughts on the match last week?

Daniel Bryan- Alex Shelley and I did exactly what we wanted to, and that was put on a match that the fans would rememeber. As he said last week we're both very technical people in the ring so it was definitely interesting. I know I came up short but I'm not a bitter person, I respect Alex Shelley and he respects me. He was the better man last week and I'm not afraid to admit that, I'm not one of those people who whines about the past. What I'm gonna' do right now is tip my hat to Alex Shelley, it was a hell of a match. But I move on to tonight. When I go up against a very long time rival, but this isn't like last week when I was looking forward to a respect filled match. This one is different.

Daniel Bryan- You see, Desmond Wolfe is that person who just won't go away. Let me backtrack you to 2006, a pretty long time ago in the world of professional wrestling. Desmond and I had our very first match in Ring of Honor, he beat me in that match. And over the course of years after that we had an ongoing rivalry that just never seemed to end, spanning over roughly three years where we fought all over the world. America, England, Japan. I got the better of him and he got the better of me, Desmond and I were definitely staples in the companies history but we moved on. We put our differences aside as we left the company, fast forward to now. XWL, the future of wrestling. All the best in the business are here, wrestlers from all over the world. Including myself, who are here to prove their worth.

Daniel Bryan- But I knew that sooner or later, our paths would cross here in XWL. Because with a long history between two guys like us, it's just bound to happen. And I have no problem proving I'm the better wrestler then him, even though he might beg to differ. But we'll just have to wait and see who is the better man tonight, but looking back at our past bouts I'm feeling pretty damn good going into it. But I've been like that recently because I'm just happy that Mick Foley has given me the chance to prove myself in XWL. God knows what would've happened if I was stuck on Redemption, Vickie Guerrero AND Michael Cole? That would end with me going nuts and choking Cole with his own tie or something to shut him up..

Matt Striker- Now let's talk about your own personal career here in XWL. Everybody sets goals for themselves in life, but now that you're a more frequent superstar on BreakDown what are your long term goals here?

Daniel Bryan- Erm, just for the record. I'm not a BreakDown Superstar, I prefer the term “BreakDown Wrestler” But back on topic, when I was first signed here my first goal was to get on television. Then after that it was to finally speak infront of the fans as a big step for me, which seems to be working out alright. But as of this moment we all have the dream of someday becoming the World Heavyweight Champion, if you're not here to become “The man” then you should just pack your bags and leave. But looking at things more realistically, right now I'm not a big name like The Rock, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, Carlito.. You get what I mean. My goal for now is to work my way up the rankings and eventually earn a shot at the Intercontinental Champion, but as I work my way up I just want to show I'm worthy of being here. That whole “big fish in a little pond” is no more, it's time for me to sink or swim. It's time for me to show to everybody that I am capable of taking on anybody that XWL has to offer. I'm not here for my fifteen minutes of fame, I'm here to stay! And Desmond Wolfe, don't you think for a second that you're going to stop me in my tracks. This isn't the same guy you've faced before, and that's a promise. You better bring your A-Game tonight because if you don't you're going to get your head kicked in!!

*Matt Striker extends his hand, Daniel shakes his hand and takes a deep breath.*

Matt Striker- I must say I'm a fan of your determination, best of luck tonight and thank you for your time.

*We then head back to ringside.*

*Daniel Bryan is shown entering the arena, pulling along his suitcase. He is greeted for a few people and puts on a smile and greets them back, Matt Striker walks up to Bryan and stops him.*

[Matt Striker] Daniel Bryan! Please, could I have a word. What are your thoughts on your loss to Desmond Wolfe last week?

[Daniel Bryan] Nah Matt, not right now.

*Daniel sighs and continues to walk as Matt is left standing there, he turns into a locker room and puts his bag down. He sits down and puts his hands on his head, but he looks up as a hand is seen extended infront of him. He shakes the hand and smiles as the camera shows Mick Foley, who then sits down beside him.*

[Mick Foley] What's the matter? You look as if someone died, nothing has died here recently other than Booker T's XWL Career.. Hi-Oh!

*There's an awkward silence.*

[Mick Foley] Look man, I can tell you're down in the dumps. I'm not just your boss, you can talk to me about anything. What's up?

*Mick sits there and listens intently as Daniel speaks.*

[Daniel Bryan] Ever since I came back to XWL the week before Digital Decision, I've had a strong urge to prove myself to this new fanbase. But most of all I wanted to prove myself to you, because you're the general manager that gave me a shot. Who took me on board for BreakDown and wanted to give me the exposure I thought I deserved. But what have I done? I mean, what the hell is wrong with me? I came out of BreakDown the week before Digital Decision feeling so confident in myself, I wasn't voted in but I continued on. Then I beat BROCK LESNAR which was huge for me and my career. But for some reason in the past two weeks I haven't even came close to winning and something's just not right. Even since I first signed on the dotted line to an XWL Contract, I haven't made the impact that I've thrived to. Because this is all I've got, Mick. I've sacrificed a lot of things to get here and you're one man who will agree with me. And when I get to a point in my career when I can't perform as good as I can I let myself down, I let everyone I know down and I let my fans down.

[Daniel Bryan] And then last week, last week I lost to Desmond Wolfe. A man who I have beaten many times before, and you know how well I did? I did flat out terrible, and like a sucker I stood there after the match and extended my hand for a hand shake. Wolfe then laughed at me and left me hanging, but the thing is, I smiled. And do you wanna know why I smiled? Because I finally realised what was wrong, I'm just the small guy with a cheap haircut. Who WAS a big fish in the small pond that is the independant leagues in wrestling, and I came to the cold hard realisation that I'm not that guy anymore. That guy seems to be long gone and I  just don't know what to do. I feel like I'm getting lost in the shuffle of the BreakDown roster, I don't exactly stand out. I'm not the most charismatic guy out there, and especially-

*Foley then stops Daniel mid sentence.*

[Mick Foley] Wait wait wait, let me stop you right there Daniel. You know why I was the one who signed you to a BreakDown contract, and not Vickie Guerrero? Because I saw something in you that I rarely see, and that's me. And no, that isn't an insult, I'm not saying that you're going to look like a homeless nut in a few years time. It's because you have the heart and dedication to belong here, we're a lot more alike than you may think. There was many times early in my career where I was pushed around, people told me that I didn't belong. And do you wanna know WHY they told me? Because I let them, there was a time in my life when I just said “NO MORE!” I didn't let people bully me anymore, I took the ball and I ran with it. And I know you're down on yourself right now but look at me in the eyes as I tell you this, you carry yourself like none of the other “superstars” here, you're a wrestler through and through. That's why I like you, that's why you have my respect. You carry yourself with honour and dignity and respect towards this business. You need to believe in yourself.

[Mick Foley] I've seen you before you signed to XWL, you had a fire lit under you and it made you stand out in the independants. You say you've gotten lost in the shuffle in the XWL roster, that happens to many people and it always does. But you have the ability to get to that next level and break through the glass ceiling.. Now tonight you have a match with D'Angelo Dinero, I know he's talented but you know what I want you to do? You need to do this for me, go out there and do what you do best.. Wrestle. You need to stop worrying about being the best BreakDown Superstar, you need to focus on being the best BreakDown Wrestler. Because I know that's what you're capable of! You need to go out there with your chin up and be proud of yourself and look forward to your bright career in XWL, now let me ask you one question my friend. Can you do that?

*Daniel Bryan looks up to Mick Foley with a huge smile on his face.*

[Daniel Bryan] Yes Mick.. Yes I can.

*Daniel gets up and leaves, Mick Foley is still sitting down.*

[Mick Foley] That was such a Hallmark moment.. Right here in Springfield, Illinois!!

*Foley gives a thumbs up in classic fashion as the fans cheer loudly, he laughs then gets up out of his seat and leaves. We head to a “Dashing” Cody Rhodes Grooming Tip.*

Just thought I'd share these two Daniel Bryan promos from when I was last him in 2011.
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PostSubject: Re: In with the old   Fri May 16, 2014 10:40 pm

"Wake up"

[[Wyatt]]:: Come with me.


[[Wyatt]]:: My children, you have been lied to by society, your mind has been poisoned by everything you hold close and dear to your hearts and the World has become so naïve and ignorant that they have become blind to this and they have been misguided through life. These people that hold all of the power and you look up to with dreams in your eyes and hold in highest respect have been holding you face down in the dirt, climbing down onto one knee and been whispering lies into your ears and they tell you things, they tell you everything that you want to hear because you are too weak to accept the truth because the World is not strong enough to accept life for what it truly is and you would all turn a blind eye to everything you see around you and pretend it never happened and continue to leave in your little World of make believe.
"Wake up"

[[Wyatt]]:: And that is where people like me come in, people like me who will take you all and force you to open your eyes and make you realise that these people are force feeding you lies, poisoning everything you know and I will make you realise that these people cannot make your dreams come true, that cannot keep the promises they make and your dreams as you know them will come crashing down around you until you are not sure what is real anymore but hear me now World, I can make your dreams come true, I can bring your hopes and desires to life and I can give you everything you ever wanted because I am not like other men and all I ask of you is one thing…


[[Wyatt]]:: I ask that you open your eyes and stop wasting your lives by sitting in front of the old television and using your new fangled gadgets because that is what they want you to do. They want you to waste your very soul and being away in front of your modern day technology so they can brainwash you and turn you into just another sheep in the herd. I am here to save you from yourselves, I will crawl down, hands and knees in the dirt and I will wash your minds clean of all the filth that has been decaying your mind every since you were first plonked down in front of your old friend television by your “Loving” parents because they were too stupid to know any different and they were too lazy to be real parents. I will do that for you, no one else will get their hands dirty for like I will because I am the angel in the dirt, Redemption is at hand for the World and I am here to show you the error of your ways because I love my children with every bit of my heart and know this, misguided you may be but you are all my children and I will show you love.
"Wake up"

[[Wyatt]]:: They say I am coming but I have been here all along, I have been the seed of doubt in the back of your mind, I have been the fowl taste in your mouth every time you watch the news and I have been the unsettling in the pit of your stomach every time you watch the horrors of this World. They want to hold you back, they want to keep your eyes closed and head in the sand but more importantly they want you to be scared. They want you to fear your neighbour, they want you to fear the outside because they themselves are afraid, they are afraid that you will all realise that the sheep outnumber the wolves but you shouldn’t be afraid of what they tell you… You should be afraid of me, you should be afraid of Bray Wyatt…
"The time has come for me to walk the abyss and reclaim my own…"

[[Wyatt]]:: Everything they have ever told you has been a lie to keep you in your place, all except one thing, man. I am the exception because I am everything they have ever told you about, I am everything you have ever feared, I am the monster hiding under your bed, I am the dark and I am an eater of Worlds. Nothing can stop me, man. How can you stop this? How can you stop a monster like this who will stop at nothing until everything in his path has come shattering down until there is nothing more but rubble beneath his feet and I will stop at nothing, if you refuse to open your eyes and remain blind to what is happening around you then I will bring the World to its knees and I will rip apart anybody who steps in my way because you people, this World need to be cleansed, you all need to be wiped clean of everything that you have ever done and we need to start fresh under my guidance but the only way to save this World, to rid it all for the decay that has been amounting over the years is to burn it to the ground but I will save my people but if anybody steps out into my path then you’re going to get burnt, man. 

"Wake up"

[[Wyatt]]:: Hahahaha… Look at me now, Daddy! I’m the King of the World! And I have my hand extended out for my people and I will guide you all to the promise land but if some refuse to take my hand, if any of you continue to waver from the path then that hand will crush you all like the pathetic ants that you continue to be. I will crush you under an iron fist and that fist’s actions shall be righteous, that fist’s word shall be gospel and that fist shall see an end to the cowardice of this World. Keep listening to the lies, keep dreaming about brighter and better things because ask yourselves, all of you, what power would hell have if those imprisoned here couldn’t dream of heaven? It’s time for you people to open your eyes and stop dreaming….

"One, two, he’s coming for you…"

[[Wyatt]]:: WAKE UP!

Tiiiiiiime is on my side"

[[Wyatt]]::: Welcome to the family…


[[Wyatt]]::: When I was just a little boy we didn’t have your new fangled gadgets that today’s generation takes so much pride in, you all flock around your best friend television to try and block out and distract yourself from what is happening outside in the real World. I am the hard hitting dose of reality that you all need, I didn’t have no television, I didn’t have a computer and I turned out just fine, didn’t I? Haha… But I did have one thing, man. My Mom would read me all kinds of stories, stories that you would expect a child with a twinkle in his eye who is still naïve to the horrors of this World to believe but just like you will, I learned. I discovered what the reality of this World is, I found out that this World will cast you out in a heartbeat if it had a chance and not a single person on this Earth would help you, because society dictates that it isn’t the popular choice to help those in need, it isn’t deemed as socially acceptable to give aid to those outcasts who haven’t been given a damn thing in their life because this World, you people are all too concerned with your level on the ladder in this hierarchy that we live in.

“Stop living in the imaginary and start living in the reality”

[[Wyatt]]::: There was a story that my Mother once told me that stuck with me and I like to share it with all of my children. The old English tale of Robin Hood and the concept stuck with me, a man who steals from the rich and gives to the poor and ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you have caught me red handed because I am the modern day telling of Robin Hood. I will take from those who do not need and give to those who do but I will not be bringing you money because it has no use and brings nothing in this World. Think to yourselves, all of you. You all toe the line, breaking your backs every day trying to bring in some money and when you finally do does it make you happier? Does it make your problems disappear? Does it put an end to the cruelty of man? The only thing it serves is the greed of man but I can help you, what I can give you is the insight to this life, I can give you the secrets they don’t want you to know and when you learn the truth, when you realise that everything that was bright and colourful is really just black and white then you will be free. That’s what I can give you, I can break you free! I can bring all your hopes and dreams back to life but all of you would rather sit in the darkness, shackled by your own fears, wasting your lives away but I can set you free, I can make you realise your potential and I can give you the helping hand that the World refuses to give you.

“The million Lords of Hell stand arrayed about you. Tell me, why should they let you leave?”

[[Wyatt]]::: No more, no longer will the faces of those who society have branded as unworthy of help get shoved in the dirt because I will help those who cannot help themselves, I will take you under my wing and open your eyes. Just like the little boy who grows up, the twinkle has vanished from the eye and the hopes and dreams have shattered on the floor when he realises that everything he has been told is a lie, that these heroes who will go to the end of Earth to succeed are not real and that there are no such thing has heroes… Only monsters and when you realise that fact, you too will turn into a monster. But only deemed that in society’s eyes because they don’t want you to be able to stand on your own two feet, they don’t want you to stand up right, they want it so the World stays blind and can’t see the wood from the trees but no more! If need be I will force each and every one of you to wake and stop dreaming of this perfect World of make believe and I will do that the only way how, by being a monster and I will dig my fingers in and I will pry your eyes open wide so you can see everything for yourself.


[[Wyatt]]::: Watch, watch and learn. Watch how I will rip the hearts of men out and squash it under my foot while it still beats and with every last beat you will come closer and closer to the realisation that everything you know is a lie, that the people who serve to protect you are the people that will bring you harm and that every single one of them will throw you all in harms way to try and protect their own skin. But still you defend these people, you all walk the line and fight wars for these people and while it is the working class that die you still remain blind, while your friends and family risk their lives they sit cosy on their pedalstool. I would never ask that of you, I would never ask you to risk your lives in my name while I hide away. I will be your human shield, I will protect you and I will cut down anyone that plans to bring you harm. You are my children but if you refuse to open your eyes and remain to be sheep then I shall be your Sheppard, if you people crave to be led and I will be the one to lead you… I will lead you to the end of everything that you know and I will lead you to the end of time. Armageddon is at hand! Repent your sins and pray that you will be raptured and be saved from the wickedness of this World, from the wickedness of men and the wickedness of yourselves.

“When the first living thing existed, I was there… Waiting.”

[[Wyatt]]::: The path is not as easy as you would like to think, you have all done you your share of wicked deeds and to gain access to the promise land you all need to be absolved. And behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death and Hell followed with him. The rider is among you, come with me. Come with me and I can absolve you of your sins, I can take you to the promise land and I can save you from this World and as we sit high above this Earth you can watch, you can watch in safety as I cleanse this World and I burn it to the ground and when there is nothing left I will walk without a mark on me and I will take all of my children and we will start anew, we will rebuild this World as we see fit. I am the Angel of Light and Dark and I will lead you all, every single one of you through these dark days and I will see it that you withstand the evils of this World and I will make it so that you are all guided into a new World, a World of light where there is no more evil in this World. I can do that for you, I can do that for this World, all I ask is that you endure because the time has almost come…

“Tiiiiiiiiiime is on my side….”

[[Wyatt]]:: Run….


[[Wyatt]]:: The time is near, the time has almost arrived where the veil shall be lifted from this mystery that is life and the truth will all be revealed to you. The time that they fear, the time that it is long overdue, the time where this World can decide what is right and decide that the time has finally come where they can stand upright, where they can walk on their own two feet and realise that the sheep no longer need to fear the army of wolves. Then you can all come on home, come on home where you belong, into open arms that will love you for all time, man. Run, run on home. Flee what you know little lamb because what you know will be the death of you, the lies you have been told are all to keep you blind and the very person that tucks you in at night and makes you feel safe is the biggest evil of all, man. They have brainwashed you, they have mislead you into believing that the open arms that welcome you every day is acceptance and love, when those very arms are the ones that are crushing your very soul but I can save you, my arms are always open and my arms are safety, my arms will show you love and my arms will protect you and give you shelter from all the evil in this World and I will welcome every soul into my family.

”Tick tock goes the clock…”

[[Wyatt]]:: The hour is almost come and I need you to wake up, wake up and realise the truth. Don’t listen to what they tell you, don’t follow in their footsteps or believe what they want you to believe because it is all a lie. They point their fingers of blame and they brand everyone that you know and love and they tell you that they are evil, that their actions are sins and they need to be punished while live their life of pride, greed, wrath and gluttony. They want you to believe that there is no alternative, that their word is gospel and that there is no hope for the working man. They want you to spend your whole life tilling the dirt only to die face down in it and that is what they expect of you and if their expectations are not met they lash out in anger making an example of any man, woman or child who steps out of line. Well no more, what if I tell you there is hope, what if I tell you that the shackles which chain you down are all imaginary and it is the truth that keeps you chained. It’s not the wolves you fear little lamb, it is the truth because you fear that there is no safety net for when you fall but all you need to little lamb is wake up, wake up and I will forever be there to protect you, I will be there for when you fall and I will take you to safety.

”Sometimes the fall will kill you. And sometimes when you fall, you fly”

[[Wyatt]]:: Men like me we crave fear but unlike those who tell you the lies I don’t use fear to keep you subdued, fear is my friend, fear is my ally and I will use fear to set you free. These people that rule your World, they make their idle threats and they brand people like me but where are they? I ask you, where are they? They are not here, they are not putting an end to my so called tyranny, if I am such a cause of distress then I ask you, I beg you come and find me. I’m standing right here, come take a step into my World but if you do come then I hope for your sakes that your cause is noble and your actions are swift because there will be no safe passage for those who stand against me, man. Take a step into my World, but no that you stand alone, prayers will not save you because not even your God dares walk in my World. Where are they? Where are the men who dare label me a false prophet, where are the men who dare harm you, your friends and your family? They will not come; the army of wolves prefer to turn the sheep against themselves, so they can keep you blind and make you think that your neighbour will kill you. Wake up, wake up and we will use their own fear against them because they do not fear war, they fear the average man, they fear the army of sheep led by the wolf.

”I will hurt you, and I am not sorry. But I do it not to punish you. I do it to redeem you”

[[Wyatt]]:: They should be afraid, man because we all know exactly what you are all capable of. The only people who don’t are yourselves and all of those you see around you. When you dream, sometimes you remember what you are truly capable of and you remember the true reality of everything that surrounds you. But when you wake up, you always forget and fall back inside your little bubble that blocks out the World and you listen to those voices, those voices that tell you that everything is alright and you don’t have to be afraid anymore. Well you do have to be afraid! You have to be afraid of me, you have to fear Bray Wyatt because if you don’t wake up, if you don’t realise what is around you then I will force you. I am Bray Wyatt, who is fire, wit and hate. And I will be under obligation of no one and I will bring light to your eyes so you can see things for how truly awful they are and when you realise, when you see that everything is just truly black and white then I will bring colour into your World and I will make you see who it is that has kept you in the dark all you life.

”Omnia mutantur, nihil interit…
Omnia mutantur, nihil interit …
Omnia mutantur, nihil interit”

[[Wyatt]]:: You all belong to yourselves; you just hate to own up to it. You need to be led, you need to be guided through your dreams but it is time for you to wake up and judge for yourself what is right or wrong. Where will you be? Where will you be when the bell rings and the time comes? Where will you be when your dreams stops and I walk in and bring your little World to its knees? They will tell stories of the day, Bray Wyatt will forever be eternal and people will learn about Bray Wyatt in schools about everything that he done for your World but the choice is yours. Who will you be in the stories? Will you be standing beside me as another brother and sister in the name of cause? Or will you be just another misguided lost soul who was too blind to realise, that I was there to save him but he was just too blind to be saved. This story isn’t a fairy tale, this story is reality and people will be hurt along the way, it is your job to wake up and decide whether you’re going to be one of those who are saved or one of those who gets hurt…

Tiiiime is on my side…”

Normal Match









The referee’s hand slams down to the canvas for a third time, Cactus Jack’s theme begins to blast through the arena speakers as he is declared the winner. A tired Cactus struggles to get to his feet after a hard fought match, he uses the ropes to his advantage and lifts himself onto his feet but is a little wobbly on his feet. He stumbles backwards into the ref, who grabs him by the arm and raises his arm high in the air declaring Cactus the victor. The ref releases Cactus’ arm leaving to stand on his own, standing in the middle of the ring Cactus then shouts “BANG BANG” and drops to a knee before…

The lights turn out and the entire arena is submerged in a sea of darkness.

An eerie presence fills the arena, the fans don’t know what is going on but their attention is drawn to the stage where there is the tiniest beam of light which is slowly growing larger and larger. The light isn’t in one solitary position, it is slowly moving back and forth, growing with every little movement. Every person in the arena squints their eyes and tries to figure out what is the source of the light but it is too dark to make anything out, it is too dark to even see your hand in front of your face but suddenly the movement stops dead but the light continues to grow. As the light grows it slowly reveals a lantern and the lantern is lifted ever so slightly higher.

The light shines on a figure and as the lantern is lifted higher and higher you can just make out the figure to be Bray Wyatt and when this realisation happens a mixed reaction is received from the crowd with many not knowing to make of this bizarre man. Wyatt begins to chuckle to himself and again begins to rock back and forth with the lantern in his hand, still raising it making his face more and more clear to the public. Wyatt still grinning, opens the latch on the lantern with his other hand and blows out the light and within a heartbeat the entire arena returns to darkness. Again nobody can see a thing, again nobody knows what is going on but the arena lights quickly turn back on. The majority of people cover their eyes, trying to quickly adjust to the new found light but as they vision becomes a bit more clearer with every second, they try and piece together and realise that something isn’t right with the picture they see before them. Bray Wyatt is no longer on the stage, all that is left is a rocking chair still rocking back and forth but that isn’t all. Cactus Jack has vanished from sight, all that remains is Dean Ambrose now coming too from his match and making an escape to the crowd barriers. The crowd scan the arena, they scan around ringside, they even look around amongst themselves but there is no sign of Cactus Jack or where he could’ve disappeared to. XWL fades out into black and into a commercial break as the fans continue to try and figure out what has happened.


[[Wyatt]]:: Was this true or was this false?

Am I real or am I just some creation of your imagination?

Are you truly awake or are you still dreaming?

[[Wyatt]]:: What are you afraid of little lamb? Why do you fear opening your eyes and gazing into this World? Why do you resist the urge to wake up despite your body telling you that something isn’t quite right? Why do you hold your eyes tight and fear the monsters that lurk in the shadows when all we want to do is help. Hahaha… Do you know what I am afraid of? Do you want to know what keeps Bray Wyatt up at night, man? I do… I am afraid of the monster that is deep inside of Bray Wyatt, I am afraid of what I will do to the people who continue to live their life of lies because I don’t know what I am going to do to those people, I don’t know how their story ends but I do know one thing, I do know that it is going to be bloody I can assure you that. How do you know what you see before you is real? How do you know that anything that has ever happened in your lives is real if you refuse to wake up and stop dreaming.

[[Wyatt]]:: They say love is fictional, it is not real it is just an illusion of the mind then why does it hurt so badly? Why does it hurt to see all of my brothers and sisters blinded by the false prophets and spend their days in fear, hiding in the dark. Come out, come out wherever you are! Children, I am here to save you, I am not here to hurt you, I am here with my arms wide open with love and I am here to guide you to a new World and I can give you everything that you have ever wanted, I can give you everything that you have always desired and I will keep you safe from the lies and the wolves that have ever tried to lay a finger on you and bring you harm. I can do that for you, I WILL do that for you but there is a price to pay, you will all remain blind if you are not redeemed, if you are not absolved for all your sins.

[[Wyatt]]:: I am the white rider, I am Death incarnate and I bring Hell with me to your World and I will see it, that together we punish the wicked and take you all to the promise land but you all have to endure. You all have to endure the wickedness of this World for a little while longer, endure the evil that you see all around you and fight the urge to fall in line with all of those who you see before you. Those men that tell you what to think, those men who tell you what to do and those men who make you hide all alone and live a life of lies, hiding in fear of the dark, of your neighbour and of the outside war. These men gave you war, these men steal your money and make you die in the dirt and still people fall in line, still the blind tow the line because they don’t know what else to do because they are weak and cannot think for themselves. But if you resist the urge then that shall be payment enough, that will be your payment to the Ferryman and we will not judge you, we will take you to safe passage but for that to happen you need to wake up. Wake up and see everything for what it is, wake up and be able to think for yourselves, wake up and welcome yourself to the Family. Everything that you have seen before you hasn’t scratched the surface. This is only the beginning, man. Hahaha…

[[Wyatt]]:: This is the beginning of Bray Wyatt…
This is the beginning of a new World!...
This is the beginning…
…Of the end…

*Taryn's hand hits the car hood a third time, signaling the end of this brutal contest. The Shield's theme plays as Ambrose makes his way off the hood and back onto the floor, but ends up falling to his knees as the move took more out of him than he had originally thought. Bryan remains motionless on the hood of the car as Bryan runs his right hand through his hair, looking back at the damage he's caused Bryan. Ambrose slowly makes it back to his feet, not taking his eyes off of Bryan. He raises an arm into the air in the shape of a gun, symbolically “shooting” Bryan, almost as if he's accomplished on what he set out to do: Slaying the Dragon.*

*Ambrose feels his left arm being raised into the air, causing him to turn and seeing Taryn holding his arm high in the air as the victor of this match. She releases her grip and begins to lightly clap her hands as a smile appears on her face, almost congratulating the unhinged member of The Shield. Ambrose walks away from the scene and through the set of double doors that led him to this area. Taryn looks at Bryan for a moment before doing the same. AJ stops skipping around the car and stands a few inches from an unconscious Daniel Bryan.*

*AJ looks at him with an expressionless face before a smile forms. She places her hand behind Bryan's head, raising it a few inches up off the hood before blowing a kiss to him and releasing his head, causing it to land hard on the hood. AJ skips around the car for a few more moments before skipping out of view of the camera. The sounds of her skips are heard for a few more moments before their sound disappears.*

*The camera cuts back to the arena, where Ambrose had just retrieved a microphone from the timekeeper and made his way back into the ring. A wave of boos rain down into the ring as Ambrose is on his knees near the turnbuckle with a mic in hand. He uses the ropes to his advantage, lifting himself up to his feet before walking to the center of the ring and beginning to speak.*[/b][/i][/color]

{Dean Ambrose}
I told you so. I told each and every single one of you that I would slay the Dragon tonight, and I did just that. All the people that said it couldn't be done have obviously never seen Dean Ambrose do what he does best: Hurting people. For many months now, people doubted me, they said that I couldn't break Daniel Bryan, but incase you missed it, I took everything from him! Everything he's accomplished in this sport now belongs to me.

{Dean Ambrose}
I am now the American Dragon, I am now the Submission Specialist, I am now the Dastardly Villain. I told you to believe in The Shield, Bryan, but did you listen? No! I told you to mind your own business, but did you do that? No! I told you that if our paths were to cross again, I would end you, but did you heed my warning? No! Everything I say is the truth, Bryan, so when I told you that I was going to slay the Dragon, it was only a matter of time before it happened.

{Dean Ambrose}
Now, there is no one standing in my way, there's no one standing in The Shield's way. All your hero's have fallen before The Shield, now Justice, will begin getting restored to this company full of sin. Tonight begins the start on Dean Ambrose and The Shield's conquest to take over the world... and if you're smart, stay out of our-

*Before Ambrose can finish speaking, a feminine voice is heard, causing him to turn around in an attempt to spot where the voice came from.*

[Taryn Terrell]
Here is your winner, and new World Heavyweight Champion, Dean Ambrose! ... Oh, wait. You're not the World Heavyweight Champion, because you're too busy letting the "American Dragon" and his batshit girlfriend get into your head. And you say I'm sticking my nose where it doesn't belong? You should be thanking me, Dean, because I'm the most exciting thing that's happened to your career in awhile.

{Dean Ambrose}
You? Really now? Did you not see when I threw myself and Dolph Ziggler off the stage at Final Stand? Did you not see when I threw myself and Daniel Bryan off the top of the cage at Digital Decision? Did you not see what I did to Daniel Bryan just moments ago? If anything, you should be thanking me, because since your return, you've done nothing but seek relevancy by sticking your nose in my business.

[Taryn Terrell]
That's a bold statement coming from somebody who made his claim to fame by riding on the coat tails of a stable that just can't seem to make any relevancy for itself. Week after week of these typical, predictable attacks you pride yourselves in. See Dean, if I wanted to make myself more relevant, I'd attach myself to the likes of Cody Rhodes, John Morrision, Alex Shelley, or even MsChif would give me more relevancy than you.

{Dean Ambrose}
Just because someone holds a material possession such as a championship, it doesn't make them relevant. Ask Chris Jericho, ask Dolph Ziggler, ask Cody Rhodes, holding a championship doesn't mean a damn thing in this sport. It's nothing more than an accessory, a prop, to make the holder feel some sort of accomplishment. Riding the coattails of those I surround myself with? I'm not sure if you're talking about Men of Honor or The Shield, either way, AJ Styles and Corey Graves tried to ride MY coattails and look where it got them. The Shield isn't like Men of Honor, no, far from it. The Shield doesn't rely on one man carrying the group, we are a unit, we aren't three individuals, we are a machine who won't stop until we get what we want: Justice. A thing you wouldn't know anything about since you've had the wool pulled over your eyes since you've joined this company.

[Taryn Terrell]
Justice? Tell me Dean, what kind of "justice" do you see in a three on one attack? It's sad that you have to constantly be part of a group just to make yourself relevant, yet you still pick on superstars who go in alone, and somehow manage to achieve more than you. I don't think justice is the term I would use to describe your motive, Dean Ambrose. I think jealousy is more fitting.

{Dean Ambrose}
Jealousy doesn't describe me as much as it would describe someone like you. Dean Ambrose doesn't show jealousy because it doesn't exist in my body. I wear my thoughts and my emotions pretty much on my sleeve, and jealousy doesn't inhabit my emotions. Justice isn't free and everybody has a price to pay. The Shield, we've already paid our price, now it's time for everybody else to do the same. You tried to spread your lies, you tried to spread your fallacies about The Shield and you failed, just like Bryan failed to finish what he started.

[Taryn Terrell]
The only one spreading lies around is you, Dean. You think I don't notice the way you look at me Dean? If you have something to say, why don't you grow a pair and say it, instead of staring at me from the corner like the first boy to hit puberty on the playground.

{Dean Ambrose}
You really think that I-

[Taryn Terrell]
Why don't you just admit it already instead of beating around the bush like a little bitch.

{Dean Ambrose}
Why don't you make me?

[Taryn Terrell]
Well, if you insist...

*Almost instantly and without warning, Taryn swings her arm forward, smacking Ambrose across the face with a slap that echos throughout the arena and causes the crowd to emit a surprised reaction. The force of the slap causes Ambrose to look away from Taryn and into the crowd. He slowly turns back to the culprit, now wearing a sick smile on his face, before he raises his mic up to speak.*

{Dean Ambrose}
You know, that's the second time you've slapped me in the past few weeks-

”I was five and he was six…”

[[Wyatt]]:: You will never believe what has happened, Daddy. I am whole again! Look, I got my wings back! The message is spread and people are finally starting to realise, people are finally starting to wake up and seeing the World for what it really is and that is making them come home, all my brothers and sisters are starting to make their way home and now I feel like I can fly again, Daddy. Hahaha… But the message hasn’t fully sunk in to the World, some of you still remain blind to what you see around you but I know what to do with you, like a baby ready to take their first steps all you require is just a little push and I will be the man to give you that push, I have watched you crawl for long enough and now it is time for you to stand on your own two feet and walk! Pull your head out of the sand and walk, walk on home to your family but I know you’re afraid, I know you afraid to fall but I will be there beside you, ready to catch you in my arms if you fall but I will not carry you little lamb, you have to walk and make on home yourself. The wolves have their eyes set on you, man. What are you going to do? Are you going to just like there in the dirt and breathe your final breath or are you going to walk? Are you going to run on home to those who love you and for the first time in your existence feel true happiness?

[[Wyatt]]:: I hope that the World is ready because time is almost up, the sand is running thin and the hour is almost at hand. If you are still blinded by everything you see around you then prepare for the awakening, prepare for the reckoning because our arrival will wake you up, it will send a jolt of life force into your body and it will force you to open your eyes, it will force you to make the hard decisions that you have hidden in fear from all of your lives. Do you continue on wasting your lives in this World that we live in or will you wake up and make a difference, will you wake up and make a change? Will you stand with us, little lamb? The ones you fear are the ones who are trying to protect you, the monster that scares you so, is the monster that will do anything to see you free from harm. Fear not the wolf, little lamb. Fear the sheep, fear those that you follow, fear those that you gather with because they are the ones, man. They are the ones that want to keep you in the dark but I would never do that to you, nah man. I don’t want to keep you in the dark; I want to set you free! I want to see it so you are blinded by the light because that means you are truly awake!

[[Wyatt]]:: We all live in an imperfect World that craves, demands perfection and it casts out everybody that it does not deem worthy, it throws out those who they brand as imperfect whether it be for race, wealth or sexuality and you all carry on as though nothing is wrong. Well something is wrong, what you call “Justice” is a lie and as one by one another soul is cast aside you sit in horror as the hounds take their prize. But nobody does anything about it, not one of you lifts a finger, you play these scenario’s over and over in your head where you stand up for what is right and you play the hero but none of you actually do anything about it. Well I’m going to do something about it, I’m going to help those who cannot help themselves and while the hound may have that evil look in his eye, circling around trying to pick the bones of everything around it, it is too close to biting the hand that feeds and it’s going to have to go the way of Old Yeller because I know what you fear most, I know that you walk on tip toes to not draw the attention of the hound but your fears are misplaced, man. You shouldn’t feed the hound, you should fear the hand that feeds, you should fear the Bray Wyatt: The Eater of Worlds!  

[[Wyatt]]:: That’s what you should fear, that’s what should keep you up at night. Me and all my brothers and sisters are growing restless, tired and bored so we are coming to play with all my friends. Hahaha… When we are all reunited you will realise that all of your faith is misplaced, all of your beliefs are misled because you shouldn’t believe what they tell you, man. You should believe in what they fear, you should believe in Bray Wyatt, you should believe in my mission because only I can free you from this World, only I can take you to a better place and keep you safe from the hounds that you think haunt you. I am what haunts you, I am what lurks in the shadows and I am every one of your fears incarnate but I do not lurk to bring you harm or make you live your life in fear. I am there by your side to keep you safe, wherever you turn wherever you go I am always by your side keeping you safe but I cannot wake you up, I cannot bring sight to the blind if they refuse my help and it hurts me so but no longer. No longer will I be refused; no longer will I be denied by the sheep. It’s time to come on home, little lamb.

”Tiiiiiiime is on my side….”

[[Wyatt]]:: We’re here…


*The lights in the arena go out and the arena is filled with darkness as the sound of Bray Wyatt’s theme begins to play through the speakers. A mixed reaction comes from the capacity crowd as Bray Wyatt walks out onto the stage holding a lantern in his hand, illuminating his face and arm allowing you to see him, the preverbal light in a sea of darkness. Bray slowly and mythodically walks down the entrance ramp, bit by bit making his way closer and closer to the ring. Through the flashes of light from cameras you can barely make out that Ambrose is still inside the ring, cautious about what is going on because the last time he was in a situation like this it involved two men disappearing into thin air. Bray makes it to the bottom of the ramp and takes a seat on a rocking chair and begins to rock back and forth with a huge smile on his face. Bray lifts the lantern to his face, making it easier for the whole World to see the smile like a Cheshire cat before once again being surrounded by darkness as Wyatt blows out the lantern. The music stops as the arena submerges in darkness, everyone tries to get a good look to try and see what is happening but to no avail until suddenly the lights turn back on forcing people to cover their eyes from the burning light.*

*The crowd turn back to see Bray Wyatt standing in the ring across from Dean Ambrose with his arms outstretched beside him, Ambrose is a little taken back but still very cautious of what is going on around him. He turns his head trying to figure out what stands before him, taking glances around him every so often but always bringing his full attention back to Wyatt who begins to scream “What are you waiting for, little lamb?” towards Ambrose. Ambrose then begins to talk smack back to Wyatt, but with every word uttered it just brings a bigger smile to Wyatt’s face and with every vulgar word mentioned just brings forth a bigger chuckle from Wyatt. Bray then removes his hat and puts his arms down beside his body still with a grin on his face, then raising both arms and forms his hands into the form of guns and begins symbolically shooting Ambrose perhaps to mock his actions earlier. Ambrose begins to get annoyed, he cracks his neck and begins shaking his arms as though he’s getting loosened up preparing for a fight but when he looks back at Wyatt and the smile is gone, no more laughs but the hands remain as guns.*

[[Wyatt]]:: Bang, Bang he shot me down…

*Suddenly Ambrose is hurled forward face first onto the canvas at the feet of Wyatt and the returned Cactus Jack dives on top of the grounded man and begins to throw heavy punches to the back of Ambrose’s skull who tries to cover up as best as possible but the majority of strikes are hitting their target. Cactus drags Ambrose up to his feet and ragdolls him into the corner, where he throws several punches one after another all landing above Ambrose’s brow. Bray Wyatt chuckles at what he see’s before walking over to the corner where the terrified and attempting to hide Taryn Terrell is located. Wyatt lifts her to her feet and begins to stroke her cheek with the outside of his fingers, before pulling her close and dancing around the ring. Cactus forces Ambrose into a sitting position in the corner, Cactus stumbles out of the corner shouting “Bang Bang”, he looks at Wyatt for approval before charging in and thrusting his knee towards Ambrose’s skull but he ducks out of the way causing Cactus to slam his knee into the turnbuckle. Ambrose with his last bit of energy charges towards Wyatt and begins throwing heavy haymakers which knock him back and forces him to release Terrell who uses this as her opportunity to escape and slides under the bottom rope and runs as fast as she can up the ramp. With every punch Ambrose knocks Wyatt further back until he is forced back into the corner where he begins to throw a flurry of strikes but ironically the number game catches up to him and his momentum is put to an immediate stop as Cactus grabs a hand full of Ambrose’s hair and drags him away from Wyatt. Ambrose quickly punches Cactus in the gut but Cactus refuses to release his hair so Ambrose charges Cactus into the corner with his shoulder and the impact of being slammed into the turnbuckle forces Cactus to release. Ambrose stands straight and tries to throw another heavy haymaker but Cactus grabs hold of his arms and locks them in position so Ambrose is unable to move. Ambrose struggles to break free but is unable to and out of nowhere Bray Wyatt comes crashing into the corner with a huge splashing squashing Ambrose between both men but inflicting damage to Cactus Jack in the process.*

*Ambrose falls into a heap onto the floor and Cactus drops to a knee but he begins to laugh hysterically at the pain as though he enjoys it. Ambrose crawls into the centre of the ring and uses what is left of his energy just trying to get himself up to his knees. Ambrose struggles to his feet, unbalanced he wobbles and stumbles onto his feet unknowing to him that Cactus is lurking just behind him. He uses the ropes to try and compose himself but as soon as he releases the rope he stumbles backwards and turns into Cactus who shoves his fingers into Ambrose’s mouth and under his tongue, applying the Mandible Claw causing excruciating pain for Ambrose. Cactus forces Ambrose down onto the canvas, applying more and more pressure to the hold with every second while Bray Wyatt stands and watches with a smile on his face. Bray walks forward, extends his arms and tells Cactus to get Ambrose to his feet and Cactus continuing the Mandible Claw drags Ambrose to his feet by his lower jaw. Continuing to apply pressure Cactus rests Ambrose’s spine on Wyatt’s knee, who starts brushing the hair off of Ambrose’s face. Wyatt kisses Ambrose on the forehead and the second Cactus releases the Mandible Claw Wyatt sends Ambrose’s skull crashing face first into the canvas with the Sister Abigail.*

*Ambrose lies motionless in the centre of the ring as Wyatt and Cactus gather around him like Vultures at a carcass. Wyatt drops to his knees by Ambrose’s body, extends his arms and looks up towards the heavens and begins to laugh hysterically. Cactus Jack drops down beside him and sits, before starting to slowly rock back and forth with a sinister grin on his face. The camera pans down to show Ambrose, lying face down on the canvas with the sound of laughter being overheard before fading into black.*

The original lead up to the debut of my run is Wyatt, it was all going so well and then I had to get a job. </3
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I know that feel hug Last year had shit set as Fandango, cool mysterious factor played up to a ten, but one lost promo, and a work schedule ended it all </3


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Ahh back when doug had ambrose looking like a bitch with tiffany all the time


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*We return to see Dolph Ziggler on the titantron but instead of talking to the crowd he's on his iPhone..*

[Dolph Ziggler] No, Katy Perry. I don't care how many messages you send me BEGGING me, I don't want to go out with you and that's-

*A voice by the side can be heard speaking.*

[???] Uhh, Dolph.. We're live..

*Dolph slowly turns over.*

[Dolph Ziggler] So, uhh.. I've been Live on Pay Per View this.. whole time?

[???] Yup..

*Dolph passes his phone to the side and turns to the camera.*

[Dolph Ziggler] Well! We're finally here, Unforgiven.. now let me start off by saying one man who I will never forgive is Hulk Hogan. That's right Thunderlips, I'm callin' you out! What the hell kind of management is that huh? I am the #1 Contender for Chris Jericho's World Title, NOT Dean Ambrose. I was screwed, this is clear favouritism on your part and believe me when I say I'm not going to let this go. You're nothing more than an old, out of touch, bald, hip replacing sham of  GM. When I think of the great Hulk Hogan as General Manager, I think fairness, I think opportunities, what happened to the Hulk Hogan who told everyone to say their prayers and take their vitamins right? Now we're stuck with a man who is biased towards a thug, it makes me sick.

[Dolph Ziggler] Hulk, Chris Jericho and I had our names signed on the dotted line to face eachother. And at the last second you just changed all of that? I should have you sued! You've been advertising Chris Jericho vs Dolph Ziggler for weeks now, this is false advertisement! People don't want to see Dean Ambrose main event a Pay Per View, nobody does. How would you feel if Macho Man Randy Savage was added to your blockbuster match against Andre The Giant at WrestleMania 3 at the very last minute, huh?! Now before I-

*Suddenly Dolph looks to the right and says "What are you doing here?!" and of all people, The Brooklyn Brawler comes into the scene to a lukewarm pop! He seems out of breath like he's been running.*

[Brooklyn Brawler] Dolph! I came as fast as I could!

[Dolph Ziggler] Probably should've changed your pants first..

*Brawler searches in his pocket and takes out a note and hands it to Dolph.*

[Brookyln Brawler] I was asked to give this to you to read before your match!

[Dolph Ziggler] Who's this from?

[Brookyln Brawler] Just read it! And oh... is this live?

[Dolph Ziggler] Uhh.. yeah?

*Brawler starts to adjust his hair and shirt as he stands beside Dolph smiling at the camera, Dolph looks confused and pushes him out of view saying "Get out of here!" He opens the note as it reads..*

Hey buddy,

Hopefully you got all of that choking out of your system,
Don't melt in the spotlight!
Your pal,

*Dolph scrunches up the paper and throws it down saying "Damnit Alex!" Before turning back to the camera.*

[Dolph Ziggler] Alright! So we all hate Hulk Hogan for what he did, yada yada yada. So now I have to deal with Dean Ambrose once again, the man who's been a thorn in my side since last November. He managed to weasel his way into my match and boy is he going to be sorry for doing it. Him sneaking into my match just shows he sleazy and sneaky he really is, he runs around with his buddies screaming Believe in the Shield talking about justice. I'm the one who needs justice because the real injustice in XWL occured on last weeks show in the signing for Chris Jericho vs Dolph Ziggler. Not Chris Jericho vs Dolph Ziggler vs Dean Ambrose. But man, that's got to be a lot of presure right? I mean, all of this big scene caused by you and Hulk Hogan. Everybody's going to be watching Dean Ambrose to see if he can pull off the win at the last minute..

[Dolph Ziggler] I don't know, Dean. That's a lot of pressure for one man to handle, are you sure you can do it? I guess we'll just have to see.. we'll just have to see how badly you fail, that is. Speaking of failures, for the past couple weeks Chris Jericho has pretty much been calling me out on that. Week in and week out we bickered back and forth about what makes me so different than everyone else. The time for talking is just about over, Chris, but that doesn't mean I can't tell you one last time why I'm different than everyone else and why exactly I'm going to beat not just you but Dean Ambrose tonight.

[Dolph Ziggler] When you walk to the ring as the World Champion for the last time tonight. When you step in between those ropes. When the bell rings and you look dead into my eyes you will see first hand what makes me different than every other scrub who has challenged you before, including Dean Ambrose. The hours of work I've put in for this match far surpasses the amount of work you've put in and I've definitely done more work than Dean Ambrose for this match. Because he has his goons do everything for him but that won't be the case tonight. Dean likes to hide behind others because he can't get the job done himself.. getting the job done.. that's what I'm going to do tonight, Chris.

[Dolph Ziggler] My whole career builds to tonight, this is what I've worked for my whole life and I'm not going to stop now. I'm not going to let some over confident veteran like Jericho or a psycho like Dean Ambrose ruin my dream. Whether you people in the arena love me or hate me, you know that I'm the standout of this match. I know deep down that I'm going to be walking out with my hand raised and when I do.. that's when I can safely say that I've proved myself. When I win tonight I prove that hard work means everything, I know I'm no saint, I've said and done things in this company that won't be forgiven. But at the end of the day it comes down to what happens in that ring. So Chris Jericho, I know you're watching and I want you to know this. If you don't think I can grab the brass ring tonight..

*Dolph adjusts his jacket and takes a deep breath after his very long winded rant, he slicks his hair back confidently staring into the camera and utters the words.*

Just watch me.

*And right as he finishes, a confident Dolph walks off the scene to prepare for what is definitely the biggest match of his career. We fade away to a video package for Christian!*

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In with the old

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