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 In with the old

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PostSubject: In with the old   Mon Jan 09, 2012 9:10 am

Hey guys, I was looking back at some old shows and there was a ton of amazing promos and write ups in this last year, thought we could post or talk about our favorites? One of my personal favorites was from Shuggz at last years Unforgiven....

[Punk]: If I could have your attention for a short period of time, I have something that I would like to get something off of my chest. I can see you all scanning the area searching for me, but you will not find me... Well not down there anyway. PLease, all of you, look toward the heavens and I will deliver a mseeage to you all.

*The crowd look upwards and begins cheering. The camera quickly shoots skywards to see what the commotion is about. There they see CM Punk standing atop of the XWL Titantron*

[Punk]: Later on Tonight you will no doubt see another scene just like this, but instead of CM Punk, you will be seeing Jeff Hardy playing the lead role. You see I am merely mimicking what Jeffrey will attempt to do later on Tonight. As you can see, I am standing on top of the Titantron. I'm say what, 50ft from the floor right now? And you people, instead of fearing for my safety. You people are eating it up, cheering this ridiculous stunt. "Whoo life and death situations". You see it's you people that drive Wrestlers to perform these ridiculous spots.

[Punk]: There is no doubt in my mind that Jeff Hardy will attempt another one. The evidence is there, Jeff can't help himself, he can't help but give you people what you want. That is why just like I am doing right now, Jeff will find himself on top of a Ladder, the Stage, anything that gets you people cheering. There he will find himself looking down, willing to take a leap of faith so you can all get your moneys worth. In that very moment, his life will be left to fate. Jeff could either miraculously survive... Or he will wind up in A&E or a Graveyard.

[Punk]: I can see it in all of your faces, you can't wait for that moment. You can't wait for the oppertunity to jump out of your seats and chant "Holy Shit". Even now, none of you could care less if I dived off of this stage at this very second, as long as you're provided with your little "markout moment"... Just like Jeff I am literally standing on top of the World, staring into the abyss... Just like Jeff, I can hear you all screaming and cheering... Just like Jeff I am literally milimetres from falling to my death... But that folks is where the similarities end.

[Punk]: What I am going to do next, will symbolise Jeff Hardy's fall from grace. All of you will be witness to this, as I plumet 50ft and crash into the floor. Breaking every bone, rupturing every organ... After this there will be no CM Punk... And in my death, I can only hope that you fans realise you should stop pushing for these spots. As what you're about to see, is what will happen if they go wrong.

*CM Punk places the microphone on the ledge, then raises his foot and hangs it over the edge. The crowd start becoming nervous, sickened by the thought of what Punk was about to do next. Punk wipes his face using his hand, he then places his foot back on the ledge and takes a huge breath. The crowd seem to become a bit more comfortable, but before they can shed a sigh of relief Punk leaps off of the ledge. Like a rocket the camera shoots away from Punk and focuses on the crowd. Members of the audience turn away and hide their faces in their loved ones.

A few seconds pass before the cameraman feels brave enough to turn the camera back towards the Titantron. Once it finally reveals the area, it is there where you see CM Punk hanging from a yellow cable, hysterically laughing to himself. The fans realise that they have been tricked and thunderous boos fill the arena as CM Punk is slowly dragged back up towards the ledge. Once he reaches the top, he climbs back on top of the Titantron and gets to his feet. He continues laughing as he picks up the microphone. He takes a few deep breaths, composes himself and puts the microphone towards his mouth.*

[Punk]: Every single one of you here Tonight and everybody watching around the world, just got Punk'd... Like I said, there were no more similarities between us. You see unlike Jeff, I have brain power and common sense. Did you really think I would stand up here without some safety measure? I'm wearing a harness you morons, what kind of idiot do you take me for? I am not Jeff Hardy, I will not put my life on the line for your sick and twisted pleasure. Every single one of you get off to these situations. It's like you're all addicts, but unlike Jeff Hardy, I refuse to give you your fix. But more importantly, I will NOT leave my life in the hands of fate. I have complete control of my life and I refuse to let anyone or anything make any decisions for me.

[Punk]: If I had left my life to fate who knows what would've happened. Maybe I wouldn't be a Wrestler, maybe a wouldn't be Straight Edge, maybe I would be able to take you all seriously... But I prefer to know exactly what lies in store for me. I like to consider every option before I make a decision. Just like last week, Jeff I could've stayed and helped you win the Tag match last week. I was speaking the truth, that win would've been huge for the both of us.

[Punk]: But beating you in your trademark match would be huge for me, for MY career. All it took for me to get inside your head was a slight mention of the World Championship and you ate my words up, you once again proved that you have tunnel vision when it comes to that Championship and you ignore all the facts if you think you can get closer to it. I mean look at our history together, why on Earth did you think I was willing to help you? How did you actually think I could stand you long enough, to even pretend to like you for one night?

[Punk]: That Jeff, was your biggest misktake. You put your trust in somebody who thinks this World would've been better off without a Jeff Hardy. Look what came of it, you were essentially stuck in a 45 Minute long Handicap match. Let's face it, you're coming into this match hurt Jeffrey. Making the ever so slight advantage you had going into this match, null and void. It's now an even playing field Jeff and I intend to capatilise on every advantage I have. Unlike you I am fresh, while you were getting the beating you deserved last week, I was sitting in the back, enjoying the show and drinking an ice cold Pepsi.

[Punk]: I am rested, I am not battered and bruised. Now I will run rings around you Tonight, I will make you look like nothing more than a jobber in something you helped create. Then when it is all said and done, when that pig that you call a Wife starts singing... They will announce the winner of the match... Non other than your guiding light and your saviour... C... M... PUNK!!

*Punk continues to stand on top of the Titantron as the crowd look on. A few moments later the cameras turn away from CM Punk and begin serveying the area and a few seconds later cuts away to a promo package hyping the Unforgiven Main Event*
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Upper Mid Card

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PostSubject: Re: In with the old   Tue Jan 10, 2012 3:03 pm

I had so much fun writing that promo.

This thread should be getting a lot more attention tbh.

Last edited by Shuggz on Tue Jan 10, 2012 3:04 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: In with the old   Tue Jan 10, 2012 3:04 pm

@Shuggz wrote:
I had so much fun writing that promo.

Whoever gave you the idea of it is pretty kwl
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Main Eventer
Main Eventer

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PostSubject: Re: In with the old   Wed Jan 11, 2012 3:17 am

As Shuggz said, more attention guys, doesn't take long to find a good promo, especially with the quality of them in the last year.
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PostSubject: Re: In with the old   Wed Jan 11, 2012 6:29 am

cba going through the IGN thread though </3
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PostSubject: Re: In with the old   Wed Jan 11, 2012 8:58 am

I've tried this thread a couple of times before but they haven't worked out, let's hope this one does.

(Jim Ross) Welcome back to Redemption folks it has been a great night so far!

(Joey Styles) i would have to agree with you their JR!



*Mark Henry walks into the ring and grabs a mic to speak*


* everybody in the crowd sits back down and stares quietly*





* He then drops the mic and calms down for a bit*

Anyway i wanted to let you know that if anyone has that hot diva named maryse they gonna get they ass kicked also!!!!!

* He then drops the mic and leaves the ring*

(JR) Well that was certainly an emotional promo from mark henry if i was cm punk or the miz i would be running

)Joey( I agree JR i would be terrified!!!

* Redemption then flips to a commercial*

Just as quick as his theme is over the crowd begin to boo, R-Truth walks out onto the stage with a rather surprised look...

R-Truth: I mean i'm not one for stealing other peoples intellectual property but.....REALLY?!

Crowd: WHAT!


Crowd: WHAT!

R-Truth: DON'T WHAT ME!!

Crowd: WHAT!

R-Truth: I SEE WHAT YOU'RE TRYNA DO! AND IT AINT GONNA WORK ON ME! I came out here tonight expecting a one on one match up with the United States Champion, The Miz! But nooooo the one night I get a chance to prove myself, also happens to be the same night that crazy son of a bitch Kevin Steen chases Miz away! Coincidence? NO! Conspiracy!

R-Truth: Wanna know what I think?! Wanna know The Truth! I think Miz paid Kevin Steen to chase him away so he wouldn't have to come out here tonight and lose! If I am booked in a match then I expect to have a match! I called grandma Truth earlier and a told her, a says, grandma Truth you're gonna see your little boy all grown up and beating a champion! Now what has grandma Truth got to watch?! DIDDLYSQUAT!

R-Truth: She gotta watch a bunch of lil' Jimmys jumping up and down chanting, lets go Cena or a bunch of lil' Jimmys boo'ing me?! What world do we live in where a circus clown gets more followers than The Truth!? It just aint right dammit! Now I was gonna come out here and demand a match from management and I wasn't gonna leave the ring until I got exactly that, but I come out there and there's already this crazy match up taking place! Look at it! Those guys are nuts!!!

Truth begins pointing at a completely empty ring, the crowd are one hundred percent confused but Truth is adamant that there is a match taking place in the ring...

R-Truth: WOW! What a four fifty splash by Little Jimmy, I had no idea he was so talented, will he get the win? one.....two....NO! Big Jimmy kicks out! Man this is exciting, imma go take a ringside seat for this one!

Truth begins to walk down the ramp, pointing at the ring and jumping back as if high impact moves are taking place while back in reality absolutely no one is in the ring, Truth stops half way down the ramp to ask a fan some questions...

R-Truth: SO, Who do you take to win this classic match up?

Zack: I......I don't know what you're talking about....

R-Truth: Dude, c'mon, stop playing, you trying to tell me you haven't been watching this blockbuster match taking place between Big Jimmy and Little Jimmy?! That's just straight up ignorant man.

Zack: There's.....there isn't.....any match taking place?

R-Truth:.......What's your name?

Zack:.....Zack....Zack Semeraro

R-Truth: Zack.....You're crazy!

R-Truth walks all the way around the ring towards the commentary booth, before he gets there Michael Cole gets up and runs over to the timekeeper, he doesn't want to be a part of this, not even a little bit.

Styles: WAIT! Cole where are you going?

Before Joey can question it any more R-Truth is standing right behind him...

R-Truth: Hey Joey! Do you mind if I call this match with you? It's always been a dream of mine to be part of a commentary team, wadda say we form the best damn talking team this company has ever seen!

Joey groans but before he can even answer R-Truth has taken a cowboy hat from a fan at ringside and shoved it on his head before joining Joey behind the table...

R-Truth: Look, Joey, I feel kinda embarrassed for asking this but...I didn't know I was gonna be commentating today and....and I haven't got a tie! Could I please have your tie?

Styles: What? You don't need a tie to be a comme...Truth begins to look at Joey with those evil crazy eyes of his...You know what, on second thoughts, here, have it.

Joey takes of his tie and hands it to a now very happy R-Truth who puts it around his neck without tying it..

R-Truth: Umm Joey? I never got told how to fasten a tie....could you help me out here buddy

Joey groans, muttering something about not being paid enough before finally helping Truth with his tie, once it's all tight and ready to go, Truth picks up Michael Coles glasses from the table, pokes the lenses out with his fingers and puts them on before speaking..

R-Truth: OK, Ok now we're ready to do this thing! Joey who do you favor to win this high impact match up?

Styles: Umm.....I don't know?....

R-Truth: You don't know!? Are you even watching this spectacle! This is a five star classic right here! I never knew the Jimmys were so amazing in the ring!


R-Truth:......Don't shout at me Joey, your little jokes won't work on me, I can see perfectly fine and what I see is two warriors going at it in this epic battle! Now do your job and call this match with me!

Styles: Umm.....I guess I could....How hard can it be right?.....Wow! Little Jimmy with a quick snap suplex to Big Jimmy!

R-Truth: WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT JOEY?! LITTLE JIMMY IS ON THE GROUND! YOU'RE INSANE! It's like you're seeing a completely different match from everyone else!

Styles:.....I apologize to our viewers and to management, I have no idea what the hell is going on here, I am truly sorry.

R-Truth: Little Jimmy with the devastating moonsault!!! Say the catchphrase Little Joey!!

Styles: Excuse me?

R-Truth: Don't be playin', you know what I'm talkin' about.

Styles:*Sighs* OH MY GOD!

R-Truth: I've always wanted to hear that up close and personal! Thanks man! Dude, I might just join you and Micheal Cole out here every week, this is really fun! OH MY GOD JOEY! DID YOU SEE THAT TOP ROPE MANEUVER!

Styles: Umm....Yeah! Little Jimmy with the spider suplex!.......OH N......

Truth throws the cowboy hat off and rips the tie off as well, he takes off Coles glasses, folds them up and throws them into the crowd before picking up his mic and turning back to Joey Styles..


Truth runs quickly over to the bell area and grabs a steel chair, he slides into the ring and measures up a shot, he takes a big swing and smirks as though he just knocked someone out, he then turns round and takes another swing at the second "competitor" taking them out! He unfolds the chair and sits down on it, picking up his mic again...

R-Truth: You see! Whether it's Little Jimmy! Little Joey! Spiders! Conspiracy's! You can't hide from the Truth! Eventually, you get got! Just like these two wanna be R-Truths laid out in front of me! Now when I come back here next week, I expect a match of my own! N if I don't get it then there's gonna be hell to pay! AND THAT'S THE TRUTH!

The entire crowd are standing in a stunned silence watching Truth leave the empty ring screaming "that's how it's done" one in the arena quite knows what to think of what just took place, especially poor Joey Styles. Truth finally heads through the curtain as Redemption cuts to commercial.
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PostSubject: Re: In with the old   Wed Jan 11, 2012 4:59 pm

I was in a R-Truth promo what the hell?! lol Here's some of my favorites this one from Unforgiven:

The Rocks theme blares through the sound system along with a massive standing ovation from the XWL crowd

The Peoples champ makes his way down the ramp high fiving fans with a big smile on his face before climbing in the ring

He taunts on the far turnbuckle for a minute or so, soaking in the huge reaction from the sold out Unforgiven crowd. Soon later he jumps down and grabs a mic from the side and begins to speak


The crowd pop like nuts once again at the sound of one of his many phrases

The Rock: Now before The Rock begins to speak, before The Rock talks about the main event, before The Rock makes some random ass joke about genitalia let him just say, to each and every one of you people who support him week in week out, sunshine, rain, hail or snow! You people that haven't left my side since the beginning, to you The Rock says this, thank you. Thank you for everything you have done and will do for The Rock and aslong as you great people are by my side then Team Bring It will continue to electrify the MILLIONS!!!!

Crowd: AND MILLIONS!!!!!

The Rock: AND MILLIONS! Of The Rocks fans all around the world and that is a promise! The only thing as strong as a promise from the Brahma Bulls lips is an ass kicking from the Brahma Bulls boots! And tonight, right here LIVE in La La Land all you people will witness The Rock kicking not one! Hell not even two! But Three candy asses and for the first time in his XWL career he will win the World......Heavyweight.....Championship!

The Crowd cheer loudly again, supporting The Rock fully in his journey

The Rock: But just in case anybody out there has been living under a different kind of rock then let THE Rock explain to you, exactly what this means to him tonight! You see The Rock came into this business at a young age, straight out of the Miami Hurricanes! From one great team to another The Rock joined the WWF where he became one of the most successful wrestlers of all time! Maybe that's why people always ask The Rock, 'why'd you leave Rock? You had it all', and that's exactly why I left. There was simply nothing left to do, The Rock lives off a challenge, The Rock needs a challenge and that's part of the reason he came back! He came back to show The People he had not deserted them but he also came back to show that he was still the best! That he could still bring it faster! Harder! Stronger! Than anyone in this or any company! Four short months later and The Rock has the chance to go right back up on that podium and like a shark that smells blood, he will tear right through his opponents and rightfully claim that World Championship!

The Rock: Tonight three men stand in the way of The Rocks dreams, First off we have everyone's favorite Disney character, Mr Snow White. The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus. Not much to say about this big cat except that he hits hard, really hard! Ever been hit by a bus? Nah The Rock hasn't either but he imagines it feels a little something like being Brogue Kicked. The fact of the matter stays the same, Sheamus doesn't know the game well enough, The Rock was winning championships when Sheamus was just a twinkle in his alcoholic fathers eyes! Tonight is serious business and on more than one occasion, Casper the friendly ghost here has proven that he cracks under pressure, just last week The Rock and RVD had him beat on Breakdown so he got him pale ass out of there and left his partner to be beaten. He simply does not have what it takes to be a true Warrior! To be a true Champion!

The Rock: Next up The Rock has a man who he knows very well but somehow every time we meet, he continues to surprise The Rock. He surprises The Rock by being the single biggest whining! Bitching! Moaning! Lying! Two hundred and sixty three pound piece of pure unfiltered Armadillo Crap on the planet! Every damn time The Rock turned his back, this glorified poolboy was sneak attacking him! Cheap shots week after damn week! Once and for all The Rock proved he was the better man by beating him not once but twice in a brutal two out of three falls match! But The Rock can GUARAN DAMN TEE!!! That if for one single solitary second Alberto Del Rio thinks he has a chance of taking that title tonight then The Rock will not hesitate to grab that oh so nice, sparkling white towel that Del Rio brings to ringside with him..........SHIIIIINE it up real nice! Turn that sum'bitch sideways and SHOVE IT STRAIGHT UP DEL RIOS ASS!!!

The Rock: WOWOWOWOWOWO WOAH! It doesn't end there! The Rock takes his left hand and he proceeds to punch Del Rios teeth in shoving his fist down his throat! And then once The Rock finds the other end of that now not so white towel, he grabs each end, pulls on em real tight and start to floss Del Rio inside out! Then and maybe only then! Will Alberto finally realize its time to pack up all of his five belongings, wrap them up in his crap filled towel, give them to his little Bitch Ricardo to hold, jump on his donkey and ride off into the sunset back home to his little shack in Tijuana !!!

The Crowd blow the roof off the arena, starting Del Rio sucks chants. Suddenly The Rocks demeanor changes to a more serious look and the tension starts to build up

The Rock: Then, then The Rock will be face to face with Chris Jericho......

The Rock: Eye to eye with the only man standing between him and his goal. Let The Rock make one thing crystal clear right now to you Chris Jericho, does The Rock like you as a person? Yes. Does The Rock respect you as a wrestler? Yes. Will The Rock hesitate to Rock Bottom your ass slap bang in the middle of the peoples ring as many times as it takes to keep you down? Let him put it this way, there is a better chance of you returning Del Rios car! There is a better chance of Sheamus liking Pie, hell there's even a better chance that The Rock will celebrate his title win with Vickie Guerrero!

The Rock shudders in horror as the crowd laugh hysterically at the thought

The Rock: Hey don't laugh at Vickie! Coach told me she has some moves! The Rock will spare you the details but at the end of the night when the dust has settled and the smoke........has cleared. The person standing on top of the turnbuckle with the World Heavyweight Championship raised high above their head will be none other than The Jabroni Beating, LALALAOW Pie Eating, Trailblazing, Eyebrow Raising, Heart Stopping, Elbow Dropping, Crystal Clear, Have no fear, Walking Tall, Whoop em ALL! PEOPLES CHAMP! The Rock!!!

The Rocks theme hits again as he climbs the turnbuckle and taunts for his fans before heading backstage to get ready for his massive match up tonight, the biggest of his career so far....

Annnnd another from Unforgiven....

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen in just a moment Chris Jericho will put his XWL World Heavyweight Championship on the line in what may be the most anticipated match of tonight's show.

JR: It's been a night full of shockers and exciting moments that's for sure. Kurt Angle ended Muhammad Hassan's undefeated streak after forcing him to submit to his Ankle lock. Layla defeated the masked woman and then tried to unmask her but a second masked woman then would attack her preventing it and leaving us with more questions than we had going into that match.

King: Rob Van Dam also managed to keep hold of his Money In The Bank briefcase in perhaps one of the BEST ladder matches I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. The athleticism displayed by both men was just astounding...I'm not an Evan Bourne fan much like all of these people here tonight. But he risked it all and put on a five star classic with RVD for us... While the result wasn't pretty I'll admit I've gained respect for him at least.

Joey Styles: I'm still shouting Oh My God in my head after that awe inspiring unbelievable shooting star attempt by Evan. Tyler Black would end his best of seven with Roderick Strong in a very impressive last man standing match too. My god that fall off the top rope through those tables was just sickening.

JR: You wanna talk about sickening, well then the Kane Mr. Fn match is all you need to mention. That match from start to finish was just hard to watch. Kane endured some punishment that match like when Fn chokeslammed him onto the barbed wire!

Joey Styles: And Kane choking Fn with a soda cord of all things! Talk about using your environment to it's fullest.

King: Of course Kane managed to walk away the victor after a cringe worthy tombstone on glass! We also saw Wade Barrett prove just how astounding of an Intercontinental Champion he is by defeating not one, not two, not three, not even four, but five challengers all in one night! That right there is the most impressive thing I have ever seen a champion do.

JR: Speaking of Wade Barrett his friend and United States Champion Justin Gabriel managed to successfully retain his title tonight as well.

Joey Styles: He sure did, he managed to capitalize on a mistake by AJ Styles and slam him quickly and effectively out of no where with an STO to retain.

JR: And as the result of that we've actually heard from Kevin Steen and for Digital Decision's first announced match we're going to get AJ against Kevin Steen one last time! No details regarding voting options have been released as of yet but that's going to be a true slobber knocker!

King: Then of course we saw Trish Stratus retain her Divas Championship in her first ever ladder match! I've been Maryse's biggest supporter for ages but I don't know what it is but I'm glad shes champ. Trish proved she deserves that championship right here tonight and I guess Maryse is a thing of the past for me.

Joey Styles: Let's not forget about the match between Ted Dibiase and The Undertaker! I was surprised when we didn't hear one word from Mr. Dibiase tonight but I think he wanted to remain focused and that definitely worked out for him.

JR: It certainly did! Ted picked up perhaps one of his biggest wins ever by defeating the legendary phenom for a 3 count!

King: And CM Punk picked up a HUGE victory in a very long grueling TLC match with Jeff Hardy.

Joey Styles: That match was unbelievable and that unique diving drop off the ladder onto the steel steps just sealed the victory for Punk.

King: But now it's time for our main-event! Chris Jericho will have quite the obstacle to overcome. Alberto Del Rio the man who Jericho has developed quite a rivalry with over on Redemption is one of his challengers. Alberto stood tall over Jericho last week but can he use that momentum to claim his first ever title in XWL?

Joey Styles: Let's not forget about the man Alberto is no stranger to, The Rock! Both of these men have elevated each other to the position they are in right now. The Rock since the draft has proven to be as electrifying as ever and could be a serious threat in this match.

JR: And then there's Sheamus, the man who has had title shot after title shot but just will not give up. Jericho took his World title back at Final Stand and after a few months of incident after incident preventing Sheamus from reclaiming his title he gets ONE final chance. Can he finally regain his World title?

King: One thing is for certain, Chris Jericho is in for a tough title defense ahead of him!

World Heavyweight Championship

Fatal Four Way Elimination Match

An unfamiliar theme blasts through the speakers as the crowd marvel at the helicopter crossing the city skies. No one is quite sure what to think....the crowd can be heard whispering among themselves until The Rock is finally shown on the tron and the drums kick in, The Rock bursts through the curtain like hell fire to a standing ovation, the electricity is in the air as The Rock stops at the top of the stage to take in this massive crowd......this is his moment....

He makes his way down the ramp with a visible bounce in his step, the excitement running through his entire body he is raring to go. He jumps up onto the apron and makes his way onto the turnbuckle to taunt for his sea of fans......

He jumps down from the turnbuckle and paces around the ring a few times awaiting the arrival of the next participant...

Sheamus's theme begins to play after a small intro, the crowd errupt into a wave of boo's and sheamus sucks chants as the Celtic Warrior emerges from the curtain with a determined look on his face, this is his chance to show the world that jericho had been a fluke champion. This title is his and he's not gonna let anyone stand in his way....

Sheamus walks up the stairs and without taking in the scenery or going to a turnbuckle he heads straight over to The Rock, both men right in each others faces already, trading insults back and forth for a while before two refs break them up as Ricardo begins to speak....

Ricardo Rondriguez: Señoras y señores,
Es para mí un gran honor presentar a ustedes,
Él es el hombre que será el próximo campeón XWL
Él es la esencia de la excelencia
El orgullo de México
Albeeeeeeeeerto Deeeeeel Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrio

Del Rio drives out in one of his very many expensive cars, he opens the door and almost flies out with a grin the size of the grand canyon on his face, his destiny was finally coming, he had made it and all he has to do now is beat three nobodies and become the World Heavyweight Champion! He jumps onto the ramp as the fire works behind him rain down like a river of gold.

After winding up the crowd he turns to both men in the ring and shoots each one a death glare, they are two of the three men standing in the way of his DESTINY, his RIGHT to be champion, and tonight, tonight they would fall. Del Rio climbs in the ring and sticks to the near corner to talk over plans with Ricard as The Rock and Sheamus continue to argue but all four men turn in the blink of an eye when an all too familiar theme begins to play...

Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus and The Rock for the first time in their careers share a simultaneous thought, the man who next emerges from that curtain has what I want and I WILL take it. Their line of thought was quickly cut off by Jerichos fireworks signalling the presence of the World Champion and right enough....there he was, back turned to his competion with a wave of cheers ringing in his ears.....He makes his way down the ramp, eyes fixed on his competition, could he somehow keep his Championship?....

Jericho taunts a little more before finally climbing into the ring and staring face to face with each contender one by one, first he squares up to sheamus causing a mixed reaction from the crowd, the hatred can be heard for miles for the Irishman. Next he strolls over to Del Rio who is seething with rage, Del Rio is eye level with a man who has made his life hell the past few weeks and tonight, tonight he vows to snap his arm. Finally Jericho turns and stares off with The Rock, the crowd are buzzing with excitement as this thing could break off at any minute. Chris Jericho raises his title into the air and holds it directly in front of The Rock causing the crowd to go absolutely wild but that pop is tripled when The Rock raises his arm right into Jerichos face and tells him to Just Bring It. Jericho smirks as he walks back over to his own corner and all four men exchange looks.





And the bell rings.

Sheamus wastes no time and heads straight over to The Rock who was trash talking him earlier, both men exchange huge right hands as Jericho watches on and Del Rio slips under the bottom rope, using this distraction to his advantage, letting the rest tire each other out. Rock and Sheamus are still going at it, neither man backing down until Jericho decides he's seen enough and spins Sheamus round cracking him with a right hand of his own, Sheamus spins round and takes another shot off The Rock. Now The Rock and Jericho are caught in a game of ping pong with each shot to Sheamus causing a load "OOOOH" from the crowd. The Rock wins the game as he decks Sheamus with a massive cocked back punch but Jericho is determined to do one better and tosses Sheamus over the top rope. Jericho turns and is now face to face with The Rock.

The crowd are at their boiling point as these two babyfaces take a step closer to each other, The Rock and Jericho grin and look around into audience and not one person is sitting on their seat. Just when these legends are about to go at it the crowd bursts into a roar of boo's as Sheamus and Del Rio attack them both from behind. Sheamus grabs The Rock and launches him over the top rope towards the ramp before giving chase. Del Rio chop blocks Jericho from behind taking him to the ground instantly, before Jericho can rise to his feet Alberto quickly boots him square in the head. Every time Y2J tries to get up Del Rio takes a cold calculated shot to his head, arms and legs. Softening him up for later.

Back on the outside Sheamus is absolutely pounding away at The Rock, he has him backed into the corner of the barricade and is unleashing hell on him. Firing away with punches, kicks and even headbutts. The Crowd boo in despair as both heels take firm control of this match up. Sheamus pulls The Rock up and irish whips him hard into the barricade! The Rock lets out a huge cry of agony as Sheamus continues his assault with a sharp shoulder to the rib cage driving him back into the steel. The Crowd suddenly begin to cheer and liven up as back in the ring Jericho is fighting back, he runs off the ropes and comes back with a huge flying forearm to Del Rio! Del Rio is quickly back to his feet but he turns into a quick snap suplex courtesy of Jericho. Alberto is once again back to his feet rather quickly but Jericho is waiting again and this time he irish whips him into the corner, Jericho runs full steam ahead and damn near flattens Del Rio with a body splash, Del Rio stumbles back out of the corner and Jericho nails him with an Enziguri!!! Jericho goes for the cover.


Kick out at 1!

Back on the outside The Rock has finally gotten some control when he ducks under a clothesline from Sheamus and dishes out one of his own sending the Celtic Warrior crashing to the floor. The Rock goes to stomp a mudhole in Sheamus but he turns to see a fan holding out their steel chair for him. The Peoples Champion smirks at the fan and takes the chair, he turns fully intent on knocking Sheamus's head clean off his shoulders but the big Irishman is having none of it, he nails The Rock with a low blow causing him to drop the chair. Sheamus picks up the chair almost instantly and smacks The Rock across the back with it twice before he crumbles to the floor. Sheamus laughs almost like a super villain as he walks over to the fan who handed The Rock the chair and smiles at him saying, "Nice one dumbass." The Crowd begin to cheered loudly and a confused Sheamus turns round but is met by a HUGE SUICIDE DIVE BY JERICHO!!

After a moment of recuperation, Jericho picks up Sheamus and slams his head off the apron before rolling him in the ring. Jericho follows soon after but Del Rio is back on his feet and delivers a picture perfect dropkick to him. Alberto grins at his achievement before following up on it with a barrage of kicks to Jericho, stomping him into the ground with unseen intensity. Sheamus gets to his feet and he shares a look with Del Rio. Now these two men hate each other but theres one man they hate more and he's lying in a heap in front of them. They both laugh as Sheamus picks Jericho up and locks him in a full nelson, Del Rio grabs him by the jaw and slaps him, screaming about destiny and how he is going to break his arm. Jerichos next move he will probably regret as he spits in the face of Del Rio. As pissed of as they come Alberto delivers a flurry of sickening kicks to a defenseless Jerichos rib cage. Sheamus then instead of letting him go picks him up high over his head and locks him in a bone crunching torture rack. Before Sheamus knew what him he was already on the floor after a skull cracking enzguri from Del Rio!!! Jericho rolls out the ring as Del Rio goes for the cover on a fallen Sheamus...



NO Sheamus somehow kicks out! Del Rios back stab has failed and now the truce is broken. Alberto picks Sheamus back up and tries to lock in the cross armbar but Sheamus uses his brute strength and lifts him into the air before bringing him down with a huge slam. Sheamus shakes the cobwebs out of his head from that enziguri and picks Alberto up, he lifts him up into a power slam clutch and drives him down hard onto his knee, repeating it three times before finally letting Del Rio hit the mat. Sheamus taunts, beating his chest to show his dominance but little does he know that theres a pissed of Rock standing behind him with a chair, Sheamus turns when the crowd get louder but The Rock knocks his block off with the chair, returning the favor from earlier. Satisfied with the damage done The Rock makes his way over to Del Rio, The Rock drops the chair and picks up Alberto before delivering a sick Rock DDT onto the chair. The Rock goes for the cover...



NO! Del Rio kicks out at 2. The Rock picks him back up and throws him over the top rope out towards Jericho before turning his attention back to Sheamus. Stalking Sheamus like a vulture going for The Rock Bottom, Sheamus slowly rises to his feet and when he spins he takes The Rock out with a huge clothesline! He grabs The Rock by the head and launches it into the turnbuckle pad, he begins to deliver harsh shoulders to the ribs of The Rock before letting up and taking a run off the ropes, coming back with a huge BROGUE KICK!!! That kick was delivered with the force of a freight train and Sheamus goes for the cover...



NO! How in the hell did The Rock kick out of that! Back on the outside Chris Jericho has gotten a kendo stick from underneath the ring and he now beating Del Rio with it! Each shot can be heard loud and clear in sync with the crowds cheers. After several shots with the object Chris Jericho begins to strip the announce table of excess parts. He picks up Del Rio and slams his head off the table before rolling him on. Jericho doesn't have anytime to follow up however as he is nailed across the back with the kendo stick by Sheamus! A light bulb goes off in the head of the Celtic Warrior as he clutches Jericho between his legs and sets him up for a Pale Justice. He is about to deliver it when he looks over to Del Rio who is still motionless on the table, he laughs and turns to face the table before running forward and driving Jericho through Del Rio AND THE TABLE WITH A PALE JUSTICE!!!!

Sheamus beats his chest and screams loudly so the whole arena can hear him, he has just single handily taken out the three other men in this match up! He picks up Jericho and drags him over to the ring before throwing him in, he then goes back over to Del Rio and does the same with him. He covers Del Rio first..



NO!!! Thats how much Del Rio needs this title!! Sheamus furious argues with the ref for a moment before quickly covering Jericho....



NO!! With the heart of a champion Chris Jericho kicks out!!! Absolutely livid, Sheamus locks Jericho in the four leaf clover submission! Sheamus leans back with all his weight and only applies more pressure the more Y2J screams! Will the champion tap out? Will he be forced to fight another day? NO! Alberto Del Rio nails Sheamus with yet another enziguri forcing the big man to let go of the hold, dazed but still on his feet Sheamus turns around directly into a ROCK BOTTOM!!!! Rock goes for the cover....





The Crowd are sent into a frenzy of cheers as Sheamus is the first one to be eliminated! The Rock bounces back to his feet and begins to mock Sheamus before kicking him out of the ring to a standing ovation, Del Rio and Jericho slowly get up at the same time almost as if on cue and they all look at each other for a moment before the realization sets in.

And now there was three.

Jericho and The Rock laugh at each other which puts a look of sheer fear and disgust on the face of Alberto Del Rio. They both begin to close in on him but he rolls out of the ring, The Rock and Jericho pick a side each and run round the ring to corner him but Ricardo Rodriguez tosses Del Rio the ring bell and Alberto makes a swift turn to take out The Rock with a sickening blow to the head. Jericho tries to run towards him next but Del Rio is one step ahead and nails him in the ribs with the bell before bringing it down on his skull. Laughing like a maniac Del Rio rolls Jericho into the ring and picks up the kendo stick from earlier before following him in.

Del Rio begins a ruthless assault with the kendo stick, taking shot after shot to Jerichos right arm, targeting it like a hunter. He drops the stick and picks Jericho up only to toss him shoulder first into the ring post! Writhing in agony in the corner Jericho struggles to get up to his feet, the pain in his arm too great to ignore but Del Rio runs in and boots him hard on the right shoulder again before wrapping his bad arm around the bottom rope and stomping on it several times, each shot met with a shrill cry of pain from Jericho. Del Rio signals the cross armbar and tries to lock it in but...

Saved by The Rock, the great one comes back in the ring and delivers shot after shot to Del Rio, the entire crowd spurring him on as he turns him inside out with a massive clothesline! Del Rio bounces back up but runs into a spinebuster by The Rock! The Rock goes up to Albertos head and takes of an elbow pad before tossing it into the abyss of fans cheering him on. He takes a run off the ropes, comes back and runs off the other side but when he comes back he is met by a DEVASTATING CODEBREAKER!!!!!!! A mixed reaction of cheers and boo's fill the arena as Chris Jericho goes for the cover...



NO! The Rock digs down deep and finds away to kick out, Jericho is frustrated and decides to take it out on Del Rio, he runs off the ropes and nails Del Rio with a massive Lionsault! Rather than going for the cover he locks in the Walls of Jericho forcing Del Rio to wriggle in pain, can Jericho do it? Will Del Rio ignore his destiny and tap?!




CHAIR SHOT BY RICARDO FROM BEHIND! Alberto Del Rios long time friend has just saved him from Chris Jericho. Ricardo tries to help Del Rio up but The Rock spins him round and hits him with a ROCK BOTTOM! The Rock picks him up and throws his monkey ass over the top rope before turning his attention back to Del Rio.

The Rock stalks Del Rio for the Rock bottom but when he tries to lock in Alberto elbows him hard in the head several times and clotheslines The Rock over the top rope. Back in the middle of the ring Jericho is still lying motionless next to the chair. Del Rio gets a sick grin across his face as he picks up the chair and locks Jerichos bad arm in it. Then with another dastardly look to the crowd he runs off the ropes jumps over jericho, runs off the ropes again and delivers a PEOPLES ELBOW ONTO THE CHAIR!!!!!

Wasting absolutely no time, Del Rio removes the chair from Jerichos arm and locks in the CROSS ARMBAR!!! No where to go! No one to help him! His arm is wrecked! Jericho may have the heart of a lion but what good is a lion that can't attack? Will he tap out and help fulfill Del Rios destiny?!







Joey Styles: Oh My God! Chris Jericho is eliminated! We're getting a new World Champion folks!

King: I can't...I can't believe it, after a long rivalry between Alberto Del Rio and The Rock, this is how it all ends.. This is absolutely astonishing!

JR: One of these men will for the first time ever capture the XWL World Heavyweight Championship! This is history making right here folks!

For the second time in his very short XWL career Alberto Del Rio has made the World Champion tap out! Let me re-phrase that, FORMER World Champion! The Rock slowly rises to his feet and climbs back into the ring. Del Rio is up on the turnbuckle celebrating as though he's already won the title when he turns round to see The Rock staring at him, Del Rio jumps down and walks closer to The Rock, this is it. Months of feuding, months of matches, months of insults and a whole lot of making each others lives hell. They were now standing face to face, eye to eye. Man to Man. And its all for the biggest prize in the company The XWL WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

The tension reaches its max and the crowd explode as the two bitter rivals exchange shots in the middle of the ring, with the crowd at his back The Rock takes a clear advantage and begins to take control, he punches Del Rio into the corner and goes for another huge right hand but Alberto ducks under it and unleashes a barrage of hard punches, kicks, elbows, headbutts and knees, hell if he had a kitchen sink then The Rock would be dead. Del Rio takes a few steps back before screaming something in spanish and running full force towards The Rock but NO! HUGE SPINEBUSTER from The Rock!

The electricity could power New York for eternity as The Great One bounces to his feet and goes to the head of Del Rio, he takes off his elbow pad and tosses it down onto Del Rios face, he runs off the ropes not once but twice and comes back with a PEOPLES ELBOW!!! Rather than go for the cover The Rock gets a second wind and kips up, he picks up Del Rio and nails him with a ROCK BOTTOM!!!! He goes for the cover...



NO!!! How in the world did Del Rio kick out?! The Rock decides to try for a second Rock Bottom but Del Rio falls to his knees and dishes out a harsh low blow to The Rock! He grabs The Rocks arm and with a burst of life locks in the CROSS ARMBAR!!!! Will The Peoples Champ Quit!? Will Del Rio fulfill his destiny?!



....................... NO! The Rock turns him over on his side and both men rise to their feet, Del Rio goes for a huge enziguri but The Rock ducks and goes for a clothesline when he gets back up, Del Rio ducks the clothesline and both men run off the ropes coming back with a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!!!

Both men lie motionless in the middle off the ring as the chants start to fill the arena..."LETS GO ROCKY!" "ROCKY SUCKS" "LETS GO ROCKY!" "ROCKY SUCKS""LETS GO ROCKY!" "ROCKY SUCKS" The chants go for at least a whole minute before the crowd burst into screams when both men kip up at the same time, Del Rio runs straight at The Rock but he ducks under and NAILS A SECOND ROCK BOTTOM!!!! He goes for the cover....








Both men lie motionless in the middle of the ring to a well deserved standing ovation, both men get tremendous respect from the sold out Unforgiven crowd as Del Rio gets helped out of the ring by the refs and the official for the match hands The Rock his first World Championship here in XWL

He finally summons the energy to rise to his feet and have his hand held high by the ref as he relishes in his biggest win yet since arriving here, triumphant over his long time rival and new champion in the same night.

He looks down at his new prize, all the blood and the sweat and all the tears, all culminating to this moment. He is on top of the world and nothing is bringing him down. He next heads over to the turnbuckle to taunt for THE PEOPLE.

J.R: This crowd are on their feet in the thousands! What a moment! I'm so glad to be a part of this, the raw emotion emitting from this crowd and from The Rock is something so special!

Styles:You're right J.R, He's wanted this so bad for the past month ever since the fatal four way finished dusty on Breakdown! and what a way to win, by pinning your biggest rival in the middle of the ring, no strings attached!

King: I may not like The Rock, but after tonight I can't help but respect him, he put up such a battle and when the dust settled and the smoke cleared, he is the one standing on top of the turnbuckle with the gold. Congratulations Rock.

J.R: Ok folks! I think King being nice is a good sign that its late, we have seen some amazing matches tonight! Some feuds ended, some escalated but one things for sure, Breakdown and Redemption are going to be wild. I am good ol' Jim Ross joined by Joey Styles and Jerry "The King" Lawler and this has been a hell of an Unforgiven! Goodnight ladies and gentlemen.

Credit to Zander for the entire write up, congratulations! Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: In with the old   Sat Jan 14, 2012 9:00 pm

My favorite Awesome Truth promo.

*R-Truth and The Miz are shown backstage, Josh Matthews is standing inbetween them. You can tell he's in pain after his attack from Dolph Ziggler, Truth and Miz wait for Josh to talk.*

[Josh Matthews] Miz, Truth. Tonight you're both in big matches. You both face off against the former members of The Corre, Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel.

*Suddenly Miz snatches the microphone from Josh, he snarls at him.*

*Truth turns to Josh and shoves him down to the ground, Josh is heard shouting “My ribs!” Truth and Miz just laugh and walk off like the bullies they are, Miz begins to talk when walking off.*

[The Miz] Justin Gabriel and Wade Barrett, a sham of a tag team who are equally pathetic as single superstars in this degrading “feud” of theirs. Let's face it, we all know in a few more months they'll kiss and make up. Maybe after tonight they'll start being a tag team again after they're individually destroyed by The Awesome Truth. You know what'd be ideal? Once Truth and I defeat Gabriel and Barrett, they can continue to get angry with each other and have a singles match at X-Treme X-Mas. Then Vickie Guerrero can do the right thing for once in her career. She can take Wade and Justin out of the World Title match and put in R-Truth and The Miz, deep down she knows we're a better choice than them. The fans love us, we put on better matches and think of the PPV Buys! But of course Vickie is going to continue to underrate us, she doesn't believe either of us are capable for that spot but we're contiously proving her wrong. When it comes to tonight I'm going to get revenge for R-Truth after he was wrongly given the loss by a crook referee, Truth hit countless finishers on Justin Gabriel but he kept on giving slow counts! Rest assured there won't be any crook referee's tonight, I'd like my match to be fair and square.

*They begin to walk down the hallway.*

[The Miz] Tonight will be just another win on my name, I've beat Justin Gabriel before. Hell, I was the man who put an end to his ratings killer of a United States Title run. It'll just be another example of why I deserve a World Title Shot. He's not a person you want as your champion, exhibit A; He said earlier tonight “He's made a career out of taking shortcuts, and attacking people from behind, that isn't the type of World Champion this company needs.” You're so hypocritical! You ran around with Wade Barrett doing the exact same thing! And as a matter of fact, when Wade Barrett beat Kurt Angle at The Monster Bash it was you who attacked Wade from behind after his match! You're an undeserving contender for the World Title, you've had your shot at Eye for an Eye and you failed miserably. It's time for you to move aside and give the deserving people a shot, don't you think? Justin Generic needs to get out of his undeserved spotlight.

*The Miz laughs at his bad joke, Truth stops and stares at Miz and says “Really?!” Miz instantly stops laughing and re-adjusts himself before continuing.*

[The Miz] Speaking of people trying to steal the spotlight.. The Undertaker... As you all know ever since the “Deadman” has came back to XWL, he's targetted me. He may think I'm disrespectful and this and that but the matter of fact is he knows that I'm the future of this business and he's scared to pass the torch. The Undertaker is past his expiration date, nobody cares about him anymore. Yet this supposed legend is doing anything and everything to keep his name in the limelight. I'm not going to stand for it, The Undertaker knows that I'm the brightest superstar in XWL history and that's the sole reason for him going after me. He's nothing more then a thug, he's no legend. His legend status has been tarnished since he lost to Ted DiBiase of all people. Have any of you ever seen the movie.. “The Wrestler”? Mickey Rourke plays a broken down Wrestler who's career is coming to an end, it portrays the pathetic life of a veteran wrestling going far past his prime. You're an exact example of that, you're an old dog. Big Evil is long gone, you need to be taken out of your yard, out back.. and put of your misery for good.

*The crowd can be heard boo'ing at Miz, Truth gets the microphone off Miz and begins to talk.*

[R-Truth] Now I don't condone animal violence in any way shape or form, unless it's spiders, if you see a spider you better squash it! Right into the dirt! Pull off it's eight creepy crawly legs and squash that creature! Make it regret ever looking at you funny with its googly little evil eyes! I HATE THEM! I HATE THEM MORE THAN I LOVE MY GRANDMAS CUSTARD!.............*The Miz looks at R-Truth funny almost asking him what the hell he's on about*............... Anyway, as I was saying, I don't condone normal animal violence but The Miz is right! The Undertaker is nothing but an old dog! In dog years he must be around four hundred and fifty two years old! People shouldn't live that long! So the next time you interfere in my boys business Undertaker imma have to personally come pay you a visit and put you down!

[R-Truth] And the Corre, tonight, you guys are gonna regret splitting up because you are gonna need all the help you can get! When me and The Miz personally destroy you both, one at a time, you guys aint safe, after The Miz kicks Justin Gabriels ass I might just make a little appearance and show you all why we are a force to be reckoned with, there is strength in numbers, Me and Miz, we make two! But you Justin and you Wade, you are two seperate number ones! Now I aint ever been the best at counting so someone else can do the math. But they'll find out that two separate number ones don't have any help! But the number two? That has two ones put together!

[Crowd/Cole/Styles] WHAT?!

[R-Truth] DON'T WHAT ME!

[Crowd] WHAT?!


[Crowd] WHAT?!

[R-Truth] I SWEAR TO GOD I'M GONNA KI.........

[The Miz] Truth, you're starting to give me a headache, please, get to the point....

[R-Truth] Well, since you asked nicely, what I'm trying to say is that tonight, The Miz is going to decimate Justin Gabriel and right after that, I'm going to pick Wade Barrett apart,, If anybody has got a problem with that then you are welcome to try and come stop us! And that includes you Mr. Anderson! You think that you can blind sight me?! You think you can mess with The Awesome Truth and get away with it? No chance buster, it's not a case of if, it's a case of when you're gonna get GOT!

*Miz nods his head, Truth and Miz begin to walk through the gorilla position.*

*They walk out to a huge ovation of boo's.*

[R-Truth] HELLO LITTLE ROCK! My, aren't we hostile tonight? Why don't you all do what's best for your health and shut the hell up while The Miz drops some knowledge on your asses

*They get into the ring and Miz is handed the microphone.*

[The Miz] All of these people we're talking about, they're all apart of the grand scheme. For the poster boys in XWL! We're not the people you should be boo'ing! You should all be boo'ing the likes of The Undertaker, Justin Gabriel and Mr. Anderson. They don't care about you, every single one of them are out for one person and one person only. Themselves. But that's not where Truth and I come in, far from that. We're here to bring the excitement back to the company but it's hard when you have such snoozefests as Ted DiBiase vs John Cena in the main event, I mean, come on. Ted DiBiase has the charisma of a lamp shade and John Cena is as interesting as a Mason Ryan match. Why can't Vickie just accept that we're the future? R-Truth and The Miz being on the top of this company is only bound to happen. Rest assured, 2012 is the year. 2012 is the year where people like me and Truth finally get what we deserve. We're getting our spots for our talent and charisma. Unlike those NWO wannabe's over on BreakDown, “The Resistance”. We don't go for mindless violence, I'm not going to challenge Vickie Guerrero to an Extreme Rules match-

[R-Truth] ...YET!

*Miz looks confused at what Truth says but continues to talk.*

[The Miz] Tonight is just another example of what Truth and I are capable of, when we defeat two of the contenders for the World Title you will all be forced to stand up and take notice to the very best XWL has to offer.

*Miz then hands the mic to Truth.*


[Crowd] WHAT?!


[Crowd] WHAT?!


[Crowd] WHAT?!


[Crowd] WHAT?!




[R-Truth] Wait a damn minute........LITTLE rock........LITTLE Jimmy.......It all makes sense now......This is where all you ignorant Little Jimmy's are made! In your labs, behind closed doors, plotting against me, plotting revenge, you want a piece of R-Truth but you're gonna have to come get it! There's no way i'm gonna let you take me back there......not again......never.......NO!..............I WANT THOSE FIFTEENTH YEARS OF MY LIFE BACK!!!!

*Everyone in the arena stares on at Truth blankly as the place falls silent, you could hear a pin drop with the awkwardness when all of a sudden The Miz breaks the unholy tension.....*

[The Miz] Truth? You okay man?

[R-Truth] I'm fine. Why do you ask?

[The Miz] ............No reason, let's roll.

*The Miz's theme hits as R-Truth exits the ring and Redemption cuts to a preview of the upcoming ppv, X-Treme Xmas before returning to show The Miz in the ring waiting for his opponent, Justin Gabriel...*

Normal Match

Justin Gabriel Vs The Miz

*Justin falls down holding his head but gets back up, Miz runs at Gabriel but he gets dropkicked in the knee and hits his head off the barrier. Truth gets off the apron and walks up to Gabriel, they start trash talking and the distraction works as Miz grabs Gabriel by the head and throws him into the steel steps. He then picks him up and throws him into the ring. Miz and Truth begin to scheme on the outside but suddenly.*

*The theme of The Undertaker hits! The fans pop bigtime and go nuts as the classic revving of the motorcycle is heard, Big Evil himself is shown on the ramp speeding down on his motorcycle. Miz quickly jumps into the ring but Truth has nowhere to go. Taker goes slower on his bike as he reaches ringside, Truth begins to run around the ring now as Taker chases him on the bike. Meanwhile Gabriel and Miz are trading fists in the ring, Miz quickly big boots Gabriel. Truth is seen jumping onto the announcers table and shouts at Taker, Taker still circles the ring which keeps on distracting Miz. Taker smirks as Miz is getting more and more frustrated and tries to kick at him through the ropes, he turns around and walks into a huge superkick from Gabriel! Miz staggers but doesn't fall, and then Gabriel hits him with an STO. He pulls Miz to the corner and scales the turnbuckle, he waits for a few seconds before hitting a picture perfect 450 Splash! The fans cheer as he covers Miz!*




*The fans give another big pop as Gabriel wins, Taker speeds up the ramp on his bike out of sight. The referee raises Gabriels hand, Gabriel throws his fist in the air in victory. Miz holds onto his ribs and rolls to the corner of the ring.Justin Gabriel continues to celebrate his victory*

*But his celebration is cut short when a familiar theme hits across the arena*

*Wade Barrett slowly makes his way down the ring, Gabriel awaits in the ring*

*The second Barrett enters the ring, Gabriel goes onto the attack with kicks to the chest of Barrett. Barrett fights him off, with viscous punches to the head of Gabriel. Knocking Gabriel back into the corner, Wade walks up to Gabriel and Gabriel goes for a Superkick... It Connects! Wade Barrett is staggered, Gabriel runs at Wade but Wade see's it coming and reverses it into a huge side-walk slam! Wade drags Gabriel to his feet, and lifts him onto his shoulders, but Gabriel escapes and hits another superkick! This time knocking Wade down, Gabriel climbs to the top rope, but before he can hit his 450 Splash, Security have rushed to the ring and stand in the way, blocking Gabriel from hitting his 450 Splash. Wade is back to his feet, but held back by Security. Wade is escorted out of the ring by Security, as Gabriel is held back in the ring. But somehow Gabriel breaks free, and runs and dives over the top rope! Crashing onto Wade and taking out the security. The brawl continues on the outside, until the security regain control and split both men up. Wade clearly frustrated trys to get at Gabriel, but Gabriel just smirks at Wade and Rolls back into the ring. Wade is escorted to the back but doesn't take his eyes of Gabriel*

*Gabriel is in the ring looking back at Wade Barrett, Gabriel smiles and points up to Wade Barrett*

*Gabriel raises his arm in victory... but he is suddenly attacked from behind by The Miz and R-Truth. Miz and Truth are furious as they repeatedly hit Gabriel until he's on the ground, the fans boo again as they kick Gabriel as he's in the corner. Miz pulls Gabriel to his feet by his hair and stands behind him, he holds him in position for the Skull Crushing Finale. But as he goes to do it, R-Truth jumps up and hits the Shut Up at the same time for a brutal double team move! They're not done though, they pick Gabriel's motionless body up and Miz sets him up for another one but all of a sudden.*

*The theme song of Mr. Anderson hits as the crowd goes nuts! The camera pans to the stage.*

*There is no sign of Anderson, Truth and Miz laugh. They go to hit the move on Gabriel again but Anderson is shown getting into the ring from behind with a steel pipe! Miz and Truth notice this and jump out of the ring, Anderson swinging the pipe like a mad man. Miz and Truth back up the ramp while Anderson checks on Gabriel, we then head to a video package for BreakDown's Christian!*

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PostSubject: Re: In with the old   Sat Jan 14, 2012 9:08 pm

dat action packed segment :tna:
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PostSubject: Re: In with the old   Sat Jan 14, 2012 9:27 pm

I'm gonna post my two favorite promos that I have read since joining......


Jim Ross: Welcome Back to Breakdown New Years Special Edition. We are hot off the tails of our last show of 2011, Xtreme Xmas was.........

**Jim Ross is interrupted by a familiar entrance music.......

Kevin Steen appears on top of the ramp by a mixed reaction from the fans. Steen has got some fans here tonight but there are still a good few fans who don't like this man. Steen starts walking down the ramp towards ringside and is far from happy. Steen makes it to ringside and is stopped when a heckling fan reaches a little too far over the barricade to get in Steen's face. The fan is kitted out in full John Cena attire. Steen stops and stares at the man who is talking a lot of trash at him. Steen signals to the fan to hold on just a second. Steen walks over to the announcers table where there is a microphone. He picks up the mic and starts to walk back around to the heckling fan. Steen points the the mic and then starts to talk.**

Kevin Steen: So, I thought being as your ass wants to be famous, I thought I could give you a few minutes of fame here on XWL television. So What is your name??

Fan: My Name is Andy and John Cena RULLLLEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

Kevin Steen: Well thats very interesting, very interesting indeed. So my next question was going to be who's your favorite "superstar" here in XWL, but well I just have to look at your a Davey Richards fan amirite? No, your a Bryan Danielson fan? No, a Chris Hero fan? El Generico fan????

Andy the Fan: Who the Hell are they??John is my favorite, he is the best wrestler in the world, he should be the world champ. He deserves that title belt around his waist, he.....

Kevin Steen: Wow, well your a John Cena fan? Well I can't say I blame ya, he comes with colorful t-shirts to wear, he loves the kids, he shows all the respect you deserve blah blah blah. So he is the best wrestler in the world? So next question, whats your hope and predictions for 2012??

Andy the Fan: John Cena fo..........


**Kevin Steen flips the bird at the fan and goes to walk off but Andy the fan seems to have big brave balls as he actually jumps the barricade and pushes Steen in the back. Steen hardly moves and turns to face the fan. Steen looks at Andy who is actually thinking he is tough. Steen stares a hole in Andy who still stands there tall. Andy puts his hand in front of his face and does the "You Can't See Me" taunt, then instantly goes to hit Steen with a left. Steen blocks the punch and quick as hell slaps the taste out of Andy's mouth. Andy holds his face in shock, but this is not over, Steen grabs Andy and throws him in the ring and quickly follows in. Steen then kicks Andy in the balls and sets him up for a package piledriver but before he can hit it, security have jumped the barricade and are rushing down the ramp. Steen just pushes Andy to the ground and lets security take him off. Steen is laughing at the stupidity of Andy the Fan. Steen is handed a microphone and he starts to talk whilst Andy is being taken away.**

Kevin Steen: Andy you fucking asshole, I hope that the little stunt you pulled there has given you a little bit of fame, but reality kicks in now motherfucker. I was just trying to get a reaction out of you and these fucktard fans, but your ass went too far, so Andy if your feeling brave and you wanna see how far Kevin Steen will go in reality, meet in outside this building and I will fuck your shit up and you will regret pissing me off. Anyway I came out here to get a few things off my chest. That little fucker has just added to my mood, plus the the fact they still haven't hired Ol' Betty back in catering which has made me one pissed off motherfucker. So at Xtreme Xmas I didn't have much of a Merry fucking Xmas at all, I must of been on Santa's naughty list because I received a big fat nothing. Well I am not going to make any excuses for why I failed to get my title back last night. I simply lost the match, Shawn rides off into the sunset with his glory, he goes on to show people once more why he is the showstopper and all that bollocks. I said that I was going regain my title and regain my control I had over on Redemption, I said I was going to do a lot of things which I never got around to doing. But I am not going to bitch and moan, I ain't going go around trying to get "one more match" for the title, even though if I did get my fat ass another shot I would take it back but well I'm taking my business elsewhere.

Kevin Steen: So I am thinking that 2011 was a a pretty good year for Kevin Steen, I got to beat some fucker called AJ Styles to a pulp on many occasions, I got to fuck his shit up and ruin his life and eventually cost him his career even if that last a whole one month before XWL had to go running back and suck his dick. Anyway on from there I beat The Miz and got myself that United States Championship and the respect I fucking well deserve. I then got to beat his ass even more in his return match, yeah I may have found myself swimming with the fishes but hey the fish were a lot fresher than Michael Cole's wife lady parts which Cole go check on your Ipad and see if that shit is trending Worldwide on Twitter... So I then went on to keep this title until November where I ended this year on a low. I lost the title and failed to regain it, but onto 2012. Well what the hell am I going to do now, what shit can Steen get away with this year? Maybe I might go see if I can piledrive some fuckers ass in the parking lot, maybe I see if I can go beat Michael Cole's ass and see if he get his #BANSTEENBAN wish come true. Well 2012 is going to be interesting 2012 will guarantee one thing, that I, Kevin Steen will, eat, eat, be rude, be crude, fuck shit up, piledrive some people, eat and will become XWL World Champion. That's right, I don't know how long it will take, I don't know when it will be but I guarantee that I will become World Champion. So all of you chasing that title, beware because I will have to go through you assholes to get there and whoever is champion by the time I do get there, beware because this year 2012, Steen gets a lot more meaner bitches.

Kevin Steen: Before I leave after that hell of a speech that your Internet marks and nerds will be posting all over the forums whilst taking a break from Warcraft or whatever. I thought I would say a few words about what is ahead of me tonight, well I just informed only last night that I would be booked on this special of Breakdown, and I was told that my opponent is none other than Mr Waltman, I mean 123 Kid, I mean Syxx-Pac, Sorry I mean Xpac. Well he all know who the heck he is don't we. Earlier tonight I thought we was going to have a reunion and a have "One Night in Chyna Part 2". But I think Xpac may have pushed Chyna too far cuz she missed his dick and hit the floor. Damn Xpac, she is a big star in the porn business, you could of got yourself a part in her next movie. But hey I think that the ship has sailed there, So Xpac, I really hope that you have been watching XWL in 2011, I hope that you been taking note on who the fuck I am because this fat fuck in the ring is your opponent tonight, So Sean if you don't know already, I am Kevin Steen and like I said before, I am the the REAL ANTI-CHRIST OF PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING......Oh and Happy New Year MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!! Now


**Steen drops the mic and flips the bird to all the fans who actually are cheering this man, there are a lot of boos and jeers to join the cheers but Steen seems to be a popular man good or bad. Steen leaves the ring and walks pass the announce table and stops. Kevin Steen climbs the announce table and raises his arms before lowering down and flipping the bird to Michael Cole, then pats him on then head before getting down and starts to walk off.**

Jim Ross: Well Steen had a little hiccup at the beginning of that little speech, but Steen is looking to fight his way to the Worl....

Michael Cole: How Dare he, How dare that fat slob, that big bully talk about my wife, talk about me like that, and you think this man would make a great world champion, I can't believe that he still has his job, I can't believe that Vickie, Mick and whomever runs this place is letting this man get away with what he has done. I mean he even assaulted a fan for speaking his mind.

Jerry Lawler: Calm Down Cole, your give yourself a heart attack. Steen has strong words and well "different" choice of actions but this man has grown popular with the fans, but I still agree that he may not be the right person to lead our company.

Jim Ross: Maybe not, but if he wins his matches and all that then he will have the claim to get a title shot. Anyway folks on with the show, and we will be back after this video package of our new World Champion Wade Barrett.

Probably wasn't the best promo, but it made me laugh my ass off, so it wins

*We return to see The Miz backstage preparing for his Chain Match with The Undertaker, he is stretching until R-Truth walks onto the camera. They nod at each other, the fans boo as they're both on camera.*

[The Miz] Truth, tonight's a big night for us. Tonight's the night that we make a statement and we silence all of our critics! I hope you're ready for one hell of a celebration after we win our seperate matches. Our wins tonight will set us at the top of the company, after tonight nobody will give a damn about the TLC match, or the world title. All eyes will be on us. Now as much as I hate Christmas, one gift that we're giving to all of the fans is us dominating two of the worst wrestlers in XWL History!

[R-Truth] Miz, you know I always got your back twenty four seven three hundred and sixteen days of the year, hey, everyone needs some time off. But what you just said right there? Tonight is about us making a statement and dominating two of the worst wrestlers in XWL history? I'm sorry man but I just don't agree with that! Tonight is about the Truth!

[Crowd] WHAT?!

[R-Truth] I said it's about the Truth!

[Crowd] WHAT?!

[The Miz] He means tonight is all about him.

[Crowd] WHAT?!

[R-Truth] STOP WHATTING ME!.......No Miz....That's not what I meant at all, tonight is about YOU telling THE TRUTH! Last week I heard you tell the world a vicious lie! Now I don't like lies in the slightest! I hate them! You know you're my boy Miz but last week you took it one step too far when you got on the mic and you proclaimed to the world! That Santa Claus isn't real!? Why Miz? Why?

*The Miz looks very confused as he goes to reply.*

[The Miz] Wait, you don't actually... really? You're a full grown man! You can't honestly...

*Truth doesn't say a word and still stares right at Miz.*

[The Miz] Ummm, you see Truth. Christmas is a great time of the year. But you know how all of these fans treat us horribly? Do you think that Santa would actually visit their houses on Christmas and give them what they want? Of course not! I only said that to them because they're all on Santa's naughty list, he's checked it more than twice and I can assure you that everyone in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is on the naughty list. I can also assure you that Santa is real, I was only saying that because of the horrible fans. You can ask one of Santa's elves in the arena tonight for proof! I'm sure Evan Bourne's around somewhere...

*Truth lets out a huge smile, very happy of The Miz's reasonings*

[R-Truth] That makes so much more sense! I knew you had to have a good reason, I was thinking to myself, there's no way that The Miz is stupid enough to think that Santa Claus isn't real! That's just preposterous! I mean, who else would be able to fly the reindeer! Or, or, get you all of those presents! Do some people actually believe that their parents do all the work? Ninja please! You wanna know what my favorite gift of all time was Miz?

[The Miz] Truth we have got a lot to talk about tonight, we have to be ready with our plans and make su....

[R-Truth] It was a puppy! The cutest little thing you ever did see! I named him Tomato! You know, after my favorite kind of soup right, so anyway, Me and Tomato used to have the time of our lives out on the old field down near my childhood home! We'd run and dance and sing for hours on end and I swear still to this day that he could understand me and I could understand him! One day, Monday, May the 13th back when I was 10 years old, Tomato came up to me and he said, "Ronnie, I'll be back in a little bit, I'm just gonna go outside for a whizz"......*Truth starts to look noticeably sad*

[R-Truth] I mean I offered to go with him of course but he didn't want me to bother getting up.....Twenty minutes later Grandma Truth came in holding Tomato in her hands, he had been poisoned.......*Truth starts to tear up a little before getting really angry* BY A DAMN SPIDER! AND THAT'S WHY I HATE SPIDERS WITH A VENGEANCE! THEY TOOK MY DEAR TOMATO FROM ME!

*Truth turns his back to the camera and can be heard muttering under his breath about Tomato and how he'll avenge him one day, meanwhile Miz is stood absolutely flabbergasted wondering what the hell is going on*

[The Miz] That.. That actually explains a lot. So that's why you stormed out of the cafeteria before a show one day when I was having tomato soup..

[R-Truth] It was traumatizing I tell ya'.

[The Miz] Funnily enough, that reminds me of one Christmas when I got exactly what I wanted.

[R-Truth] More hair gel?!

[The Miz] ..Aside from that, it was 1991. All I wanted for Christmas that year was a Hulk Hogan action figure, most people my age wanted anything to do with Hulkamania. I was the biggest Hulkamaniac around! So when I went downstairs on Christmas morning, there was a box. I opened it and there was a Hulk Hogan T-Shirt, a Hulk Hogan action figure and a Hulk Hogan bandana. This was a dream come true, a Christmas miracle you could call it! I had an uncle who was also a big wrestling fan, and as I visited his house on Christmas day he laughed at me. He saw me wearing my Hulkamania T-Shirt and he saw me holding my Hulk Hogan action figure and he laughed in my FACE! You wanna know what he told me? He told me that Hulk Hogan sucked, my childhood hero! He then told me that Hulk Hogan is old news and it's all about one man only... The Undertaker.

[R-Truth] ...Dayum.

[The Miz] As you may have noticed I have never been the biggest Undertaker fan. For that reason only, the Christmas where I got everything I wanted and it was crushed. Just like you and Tomato.. This is all a conspiracy, Truth. This shows that everyone is out to get us, damnit! But no spiders or family members will ruin our Christmas this year when we destroy our opponents...

[R-Truth] You know what Miz, you're absolutely right! We can't let these conspiracies control us! Their the problem! They always have been! If we let people like The Undertaker crush your dreams or people like Mr Anderson get in our way then we'll be finished before we know it! That's not what I want, so tonight, tonight I'm going to destroy Anderson! For Tomato!

[The Miz] No Truth.....tonight WE are going to destroy Anderson!

[R-Truth] For.......

[The Miz] For Tomato yes.....

[R-Truth] You'd do that for little ol' me?!

[The Miz] Of course I would, assuming of course that you'll be there if I need your help against The Undertaker.....

[R-Truth] Are you kidding me?! Of course I'll be there Miz! You're my best friend in the whole wide world and friends stick out for one another, tonight might be a chain match, everyone thinks that's in the favour of The Undertaker but only I know that you've been practicing your chain skills! You helped me fix my bike last week remember? That guy doesn't stand a chance! I'll tell you what, if you win tonight then we'll go on that tandem bike ride that I was talking about earlier! and if by some miracle that you lose tonight, then I promise to go out there and eat Jim Ross's hat!

[Jim Ross] Oh dear god no..........

[The Miz] Taker doesn't stand a chance, he's a broken down has-been.

[R-Truth] You're gonna beat him worse than Kevin Steen beat you at Supremacy!

*Miz turns his head and stares at Truth, Truth quickly looks the other way.*

[The Miz] Let's just get one thing straight, Kevin Steen's wins over me was nothing more then luck. But we have more important things to focus on. We need to start looking at the future, Final Stand is right around the corner. If we both win our matches tonight, surely you and I are shoe ins for a title shot at either Over The Limit or Final Stand. What better way to end the biggest show of the year by giving one of us the shot we deserve! Let's look at those four TLC people tonight, they all don't deserve shots at the title. Macho Man has had, what.. 3 matches? Justin Gabriel should still be wrestling dark matches, and Wade Barrett...

[R-Truth] Now now, don't get too hasty Miz, Wade Barrett actually has a pretty good reasoning for being in there, he's had an amazing year, been on a destructive warpath, held the Intercontinental Title how many times? He's ready for the main eve......

[The Miz] Truth?

[R-Truth] Yeah?

[The Miz] He said Burn Notice was a horrible show....

[R-Truth] HE DID WHAT?! I LOVE THAT SHOW! OH HELL NO! Wade Barrett has got to get got! So what you're saying is, everyone in the main event sucks? You know, I never noticed that before! WE should be in that TLC match! I don't even know who Randy Savage is, he was relevant long before my family had a television! Justin Gabriel isn't even worthy enough to wrestle dark matches and now we find out that Wade Barrett hates Burn Notice? That son of a bitch! Plus don't even get me started on the Champion CM Punk, Punk by name Punk by nature! That liar said he was going to make a change in this company! What exactly has he changed Miz?

[The Miz] The only thing CM Punk has changed is the ratings! Making them go down and down, it's almost as bad as when Brian Kendrick was the World Champion. But soon enough we will be the ones who bring the change to XWL, for tomato!

[R-Truth] That's the truth!

[The Miz] And it's... AWESOME!

*Miz and Truth do their signature pose as the fans can be heard boo'ing, we head off to a video package for the voice of XWL; Michael Cole.*

Another promo that made me crack up, but was also a GREAT promo. Great work guy, defiantly deserved the Promo of the PPV award.
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*We return from a commercial break to the image of a countdown being displayed on the titantron.*

*Once the countdown has run it's course, the music of The Instant Classic begins to sound and echo throughout the arena, signaling the inevitable arrival of Christian. On cue, the man known as Captain Charisma steps out from the gorilla position and is met by thousands of the XWL Universe staring in his direction. A large amount of the audience make their voices heard with chants aimed in Christian's direction but it is a very mixed reaction for the Canadian veteran.*

*Christian makes his way down to the ring wearing his latest XWL branded t-shirt, climbs through the ropes and grabs a mic. He is straight down to business here tonight and there is no top rope posing involved during his entrance this time. As his music dies down, the mixed reaction appears to get ever louder and Christian takes a few seconds to soak this up before uttering his first words.*

[Christian] Ladies and gentlemen... last night at Final Stand III... history was made. In the historic third premiere PPV in XWL's existence legacies were made and stories were written. Last night will be remembered for generations upon generations... and last night was the night Austin Aries walked out victorious over yours truly.

[Christian] Many of you might be wondering what I'm going to do about that... Am I going to get some sort of revenge? Am I going to cry over spilled milk? Am I going to make excuses for losing the biggest match in my poor excuse of an XWL career thus far? No... I'm not going to do any of those things...

[Christian] You see... ever since I was little growing up in Ontario, Canada... I always wanted to be a professional wrestler. I dreamed of competing on the grandest stage of them all under the bright spotlight and in front of millions and millions of fans... and last night I accomplished that. Win or loss... it doesn't matter to me. I fulfilled my dream last night.

[Christian] A lot of you might think "who cares?" or that I'm out here trying to get some attention... but the fact is I don't give a damn what you people think. I accomplished my dream last night... something that the vast majority of you will never do.

[Christian] I had the best moment of my life walking out from behind that curtain and competing at Final Stand III... you people can say what you want. You can stick with your dead-end jobs... if you even have one of those because let's face it most of you are just too damn lazy to do anything... You can stick with your pathetic daily routines.. your overweight wives and your ugly kids... I actually did something with my life and it all paid off last night when I competed at Final Stand III. My dream was fulfilled.

[Christian] And there is someone I want to invite out here right now who made it all happen. This is a man who I've had many differences with in the past, but last night he earned my respect. Please welcome, Austin Aries!

*Austin Aries walks out through the curtain, looking a bit perplexed to say the least. He didn't expect this to happen as he makes his way down to the ring, he gets in the ring and stares at Christian in confusion. He begins to speak.*

[Austin Aries] Wow, I, well... After all you and I have been through, all of the bumps and bruises, and the broken up general managers offices. I never thought I'd see this outcome, but I feel it's good for two fine wrestlers like ourselves to bury the hatchet, eh? You and I sure put on a spectacle, I mean, compared to the rest of the show our match blew them out of the water!

*The fans boo as they dislike the new found respect between two hated superstars.*

[Austin Aries] That so called 'Main Event' had the fans falling asleep, Christian vs. Aries should have headlined that show. I'm proud to be a shareholder of that dream with you and I'll keep that memory with me forever. *The fans continue to boo both men* And you know the best part? Those fans boo us because of their sheer jealousy!

[Christian] You're exactly right. *Christian turns to the crowd.* Austin Aries and I put on one hell of a match last night at Final Stand and without him, I wouldn't be standing here right now saying what I am. *Christian turns back to Aries.* You made it possible for me to accomplish one of my life's goals. Sure we won't ever be the best of friends, but last night... you earned my respect.

*Christian holds out his hand for Austin Aries to shake... And Aries accepts, both men raise their arms as the fans boo. Aries continues to speak again.*

[Austin Aries] You never know, maybe someday we could be friends... Pals... Chums... Best Friends Forever! *The fans begin to shout 'You Suck' towards Aries and his cheesiness, he ignores them.* And you know what? When I beat Jack Swagger at Bad Blood, I would gladly re-enact Final Stand and give you a swing at the belt.

*Christian grins.*

[Christian] I'll hold you to that... But I want to let you and the world know that next year will be different. You see, I have a new dream. I have this dream to walk out of next year's Final Stand as the victor. I want to earn a defining moment in my own career that will be remembered for generations - because well let's face it my career in XWL hasn't exactly set the world on fire... yet!

[Christian] I want people around the world to remember the name of Christian long after I have gone, just as they will remember Austin Aries for the amazing top rope brainbuster last night. I want...

*Christian is suddenly interrupted by an unfamiliar theme beginning to play and the arena lights are dimmed.*

*A man with a hood enters at the top of the ramp and stands still for a few moments before revealing his face as none other than Christopher Daniels. The crowd pops in a huge way at the sight of The Fallen Angel as Christian and Aries look on in bemusement. As Daniels' music cuts out he begins to speak from the top of the ramp.*

[Christopher Daniels] Predictability is without a doubt one of the most important factors in all of professional wrestling. That's why I'm out here right now. I've only arrived in XWL recently but I'm sure a lot of these fans know exactly who I am. My name, is Christopher Daniels. The Fallen Angel.

*The crowd pops and a few begin a "Fallen Angel" chant.*

[Christopher Daniels] You see Christopher Daniels is far from predictable. I never have been, and I never will be. I do things that shock my opponents every time, things that destroy both my body and my opponent's body every time, things that amaze these fans each and every time. And that, Is exactly why I do what I do.. For these fans! THESE FANS... That you turned your back on, Christian.

*The crowd cheers as Christian mouths the words "So what?".*

[Christopher Daniels] These fans, that were behind you one hundred percent from the beginning. Until of course, the once loved Christian, became the sorry man that stands in front of me. Don't get me wrong Christian, I'm a huge fan. I mean, you're one of the most talented guys that has ever stepped foot in a wrestling ring. But that very fact, is what makes me more disappointed and more sickened at the person that you've become.

*Daniels edges slightly closer to the ring.*

[Christopher Daniels] You come out here tonight, and you offer a handshake to Austin Aries. You say that Aries was the better man at Final Stand, and that he earned your respect? Now as much as I WANT to believe what you're saying, and that you're a changed man.. I can't do it. And trust me, we ALL want to believe it. The thing is, we've witnessed a side of you Christian that has made your former accomplishments appear as mere shadows of the new Christian. The Christian that pissed away the support of the fans and the support of the guys in the back, like myself.

*A "Christian sucks" chant begins to mix with the "Fallen Angel" chant as Daniels edges ever closer to the ring.*

[Christopher Daniels] Christian you have nothing to be more thankful for, than the unconditional love and appreciation that the fans in this building showed you for years! You can come out here and have your peep show and you can keep believing that you're at the top of your game. But look around you, what "peeps" have you got anymore? The very people that cheered you on with all their heart, are the people that you've been insulting for too long now. And I for one, WON'T let that happen.

[Christopher Daniels] Upon my arrival, I'm gonna do what you didn't do, I'll learn from your mistakes. Christian, it's over. The insults, the attitude, the new personality you've got going on. If I haven't proved my devotion to these fans yet, then I'll do it right now and prove to you, and to everyone else, that the Fallen Angel is here, and he's here for the right reasons. I'm the obstacle at the end of the path you've taken, and trust me.. I'm gonna make sure you turn around and once again become the all time great that we all want to see.

*Daniels now climbs up onto the apron and locks eyes with The Instant Classic as A Double continues to look on as a bemused spectator to the situation.*

[Christopher Daniels] And if your newly found ego isn't gonna let that happen? Well, I guess I'll have to beat it out of you.. And that's not a threat! That's not even a promise. That.. is the gospel.. according to the Fallen Angel.

*Daniels drops his mic and climbs into the ring. There is a huge roar of encouragement from the fans as Daniels makes a beeline for Christian and takes him down to the canvas. He begins landing shots on Christian who has clearly been taken by surprise by all of this. Austin Aries just shrugs his shoulders and makes a cool exit...almost comical. Christian manages to kick Daniels off and roll out of the ring to safety. He holds his head as he makes a quick exit up the ramp. Daniels poses triumphantly on the top turnbuckle and calls Christian back. Christian doesn't even turn around and instead exits through the curtain. Daniels continues posing as we once again fade away to a commercial break...*

*Following a short commercial break advertising one of the latest video game releases, the sound of a new version of "End Of Days" begins to play announcing the arrival of Wade Barrett who appears at the top of the ramp with his Intercontinental Championship sitting proudly around his waist.*

*Barrett pauses for a moment and looks around him at the sea of XWL fans. Each and every single one of them are spouting hatred his way. But as usual, the arrogant Brit shrugs off the negativity directed his way and makes his way down the entrance ramp towards the ring.*

*He starts to climb the steel ring steps but stops for a moment to read some of the fans' signs. Most of them are about guys like John Cena, Rob Van Dam and other fan favorites, but one in particular stood out to Barrett - one stated "Barrett is god". Wade smirks in a way that only he can as he climbs through the ring ropes. He is handed a mic by one of the ringside workers and then he stands in the exact middle of the ring for a few moments as his music stops, soaking up the boos and jeers aimed at him. His face is now wearing a serious expression - one of annoyance or anger... it's hard to tell.*

*A few seconds pass before he raises his mic upwards and begins to speak.*

[Wade Barrett] Last week... Ted Dibiase defeated my good friend Justin Gabriel...

*The crowd pops.*

[Wade Barrett] And as a result of that by order of Vickie Guerrero, Ted Dibiase will now get a shot at MY Intercontinental Championship at Sadistic Conquest...

*The crowd pops even louder and a few begin to chant Ted's name.*

[Wade Barrett] So as you can imagine... I am less than happy about the situation I find myself in. Not only do I have to lower my standards yet again to the level of Ted Dibiase, but he will forever tarnish my first title defense by simply being in a match against me. Just having Ted Dibiase compete for my title automatically lowers it's prestige. Noone cares about Ted and I have proven time and time again that I am better than him. So why on earth does he get another title shot after one fluke win?

*The crowd continues chanting for Ted as Wade paces around the ring for a moment before returning to the center of the ring to continue speaking.*

[Wade Barrett] But you see, despite Ted somehow worming his way into yet another title shot and another match against me, I have a plan. That's why I'm better than everyone on the entire XWL roster... I'm always thinking ahead and conjuring up ways to put myself in the most beneficial situation possible. Ted Dibiase may have a guaranteed title shot at Sadistic Conquest, but I have "convinced" management to tweak the match to my liking...

*The fans' chants and cheers stop for a moment as if in disbelief at what Wade is saying.*

[Wade Barrett] At Sadistic Conquest it will still be Wade Barrett vs Ted Dibiase in an Intercontinental Championship match... but this will be Ted Dibiase's final Intercontinental title shot while I am champion!

*The crowd's roar is now one of hatred towards Barrett.*

[Wade Barrett] Just as I expected, a few dollars can turn heads and make management bend over backwards to meet your demands. I have guaranteed to have Ted Dibiase out of my way for good after Sadistic Conquest with what is merely my pocket change... it's such a shame that Ted can't counteract this and do the same since he's nothing more than a common tramp after losing his fortune. I bet that you wish that you didn't get on your father's bad side now huh Ted?

*Huge heat rains down on Barrett at this point, but he continues speaking in an unfaltering confident tone.*

[Wade Barrett] So you enjoy your #1 contendership while you can... because after Sadistic Conquest not only will you bruised, beaten and bloodied... you will FINALLY be out of my way for good!

*Deafening jeers can do nothing to mute the voice of Barrett who is clearly proud of himself as he continues.*

[Wade Barrett] I've told you people before and I'll tell you again because it seems to be failing to sink into your thick skulls. This is the era of Wade Barrett. Bad Blood was the beginning of something special. Soon enough, alongside Justin Gabriel, I will be the face of this company. You don't realize what a blessing and a privilege it is to sit on that side of the barrier and watch me every single week. I am in a class of my own. Ever since my debut I have dominated everyone put in front of me. Soon enough I...

*Barrett is cut off by the sound of a familiar theme.*

*A loud eruption of cheers for the leader of the Teddy Bears is heard, he wastes no time walking out from the back with a Cheshire cat grin much to Wade's disdain.*

Ted Dibiase: You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd think you weren't happy to see me! But that's preposterous right? I mean we've been hanging out like best friends for going on four months now, why wouldn't you be happy to see me? Is it because you know I'm taking that Intercontinental title away from ya? It's nothing personal Wade, it's just well...If you wanna know the gods honest truth, I actually became a wrestler to become a champion! Shocking I know, it may be hard to digest, but yes Wade, I became a wrestler in the hopes of one day becoming a champion. I'll give you a few moments to let that sink in, because with all that hair gel you use I'd be surprised if you understood a thing I've said!

*Wade is clearly frustrated by being mocked and interrupted.*

[Wade Barrett] Who do you think you are Ted Dibiase? Coming out here and interrupting me again? I suggest you head backstage before I make sure you don't even make it to Sadistic Conquest! And just to let you know if that happens... you still won't get another shot at this title after the Pay Per View!

Ted Dibiase: I'm your number one contender, duh! Why would I head backstage when all the fun is right here in front of these fans! You even have a fan, can you believe that everyone! Wade Barrett has ONE fan! It's like a miracle, congratulations man.

*A few members of the XWL Universe break into laughter.*

[Wade Barrett] As if I care what these people think!

*A roar of disapproval is the fan's response to Barrett's statement. A "Barrett sucks chant also begins to rise up from the ranks.*

[Wade Barrett] Maybe if you concentrated more on actually doing something with your pathetic excuse of a career, instead of spending all your time worrying about what these mindless sheep think of you, you wouldn't be such a worthless card-filler with the personality of a children's TV Presenter. And you have the audacity to call me boring, cocky and annoying? I suggest you take a long hard look in the mirror Ted... while you still have a face to look at...

*The cameras direct back at Dibiase, who has a sly grin on his face as the "Barrett sucks" chant continues.*

Ted Dibiase: I'm sorry what'd you say? I think I fell asleep the moment you opened your mouth. Luckily this oh so true chant broke out and woke me up from an eternal slumber! So lets see, if I recall you mentioned how this is my last shot at the Intercontinental title? Damn man, I knew you were afraid of me, but to do the things you had to do with Vickie, thats just disgusting man!

*Barrett raises his microphone up to respond but gets cut off.*

Ted Dibiase: No no, I think you've said quite enough. To publicly address the crowd, and tell them that you "convinced" management to make this my last shot, that's just sick man!

*Wade responds in anger.*

[Wade Barrett] What! Didn't you lis-

*He's interrupted once again by Ted who grins wider than ever.*

Ted Dibiase: Whoa whoa whoa! Cool your jets man, all that anger isn't good for you. Say it with me, Goosfraba...Goosfraba... .Goosfraba! There, now that you're slightly less grouchy I should tell you my news shouldn't I?!

*He stands in the ring and without raising his microphone he simply shouts, "WHAT!?"*

Ted Dibiase: Hmm, where to begin...Where do I begin! Okay so obviously you did a few extra favors to keep us off the show this week. While I can understand the need to keep me from kicking your ass or Justin's... I just can't stand back there with nothing to do until Sadistic Conquest now can I? So when I saw we weren't booked earlier today I had a meeting with someone very important. Unlike you, I didn't go to the easily pleased Vickie Guerrero. I met with the owner himself, Mick Foley! During this meeting many things were discussed like how much he loves our little "feud". This made me all giddy because Mick Foley is the man known for being the most hardcore badass in the world!!! Anyway, I proposed a match involving you and I next week.

*Barrett becomes annoyed by Ted's words, he tries to speak, but yet again hes stopped by Dibiase.*

Ted Dibiase: I know you're so excited you can't keep your silence but I didn't say what it was now did I? Okay so we've faced in normal matches, tag team matches both on the same team and against each other. We've had a last man standing match, a triple threat match... By some miraculous thing we have yet to have the most challenging tag team match of all! Think of it as a captain's three on three elimination tag-team match! Sounds awesome doesn't it?!

[Wade Barrett] That just proves my point that you haven't been listening. Noone cares about you Ted. Aside from these zombies in the audience, nobody gives a damn about Ted Dibiase Jr. You're a disgrace to the legendary Dibiase name, and a disgrace to this business as a whole. So you go ahead... try and find two partners for next week. You won't be able to. And I think even these fans can work out what happens in our match next week.

Ted Dibiase: Can ya blame me for not listening? You go on about how you're not boring, but man if you were any more boring I think the entire audience would be knocked out!

*Laughing amongst the fans follows while Wade just looks angered by Ted's shenanigans. *

Ted Dibiase: But I didn't say I was finished now did I? During this truly amazing discussion we talked about so much. Like how when you squint your face in anger you look just like a little child all ready to pitch a tantrum. But, theres one thing we talked about that actually will bring even more excitement to our final match. I didn't have to pay him off, I didn't have to perform "favors", and I didn't even have to ask! I bet you're wondering what it is aren't you? The suspense is killing you, so at Sadistic Conquest....The same event that I get my final Intercontinental title shot, the same event where we conclude the storied rivalry, the same event where we collide one on one for the Intercontinental Championship!!!

*A devious smile forms on his face as he looks at Wade Barrett from the stage.*

Ted Dibiase: We will face off in a match that Mick Foley himself nearly lost his career in! I'm speaking of course about, a hell in a cell match!!!

*A huge wave of excitement overthrows the crowd as they cheer very loudly for this huge announcement.*

[Wade Barrett] You really think I'm going to be intimidated by stepping inside Hell In A Cell with you? Did you think that by coming out here and springing this announcement on me that you'd one-up me, and that I'd suddenly turn around with my tail between my legs and go whimpering in a corner somewhere?

*Ted continues to grin cheekily as Wade continues to speak.*

[Wade Barrett] I welcome the decision to make the match a Hell In A Cell match with open arms. What better way for me to get rid of you for good than by putting you through intense pain and suffering with no way for you to escape? You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into Ted. If anything, you've just made things a whole lot worse for yourself...

Ted Dibiase: Uh-oh guys, he just said hes going to get rid of me! I guess I should run away with my tail between my legs huh? I mean clearly him saying that makes it fact, right guys?!

*He starts to step forward slowly as Barrett stares on.*

Ted Dibiase: But enough of the jokes, because I think it's time I live up to my promise...You do remember my promise to you and all these people last week, don't you?

*Barrett looks around at the cheering fans who know what it is but he seems to be unsure of what Dibiase is on about.*

Ted Dibiase: I have to say that hurts, Wade. It really hurts....I mean I listen to everything you say every week despite it boring me to tears. But you can't even listen to an interview that practically revolved around Justin and yourself? Okay I made a promise last week that I would do something every week until Sadistic Conquest. Well I guess it's two things, since I do plan to pester you every week before then. What can I say, seeing you all grumpy is the highlight of my day!

*He laughs for a moment while the crowd cheers on, then walks forward more reaching the bottom of the ramp.*

Ted Dibiase: Okay so clearly, our rivalry I guess you could call it has been exciting for everyone! Obviously you love it, because you get to kick my ass any match we're booked in....But sadly, I think I've been a little selfish to be honest. Here you have been beating me to pulp causing all these minor injuries, and I haven't been nice enough to return the favor!

*Barrett looks a little confused by Dibiase's statement.*

Ted Dibiase: So starting tonight, all that changes! So brace yourself Mr. Intercontinental Champion, because we've got three weeks until Sadistic Conquest, and I haven't a thing to do!

*Ted looks at the fans from left to right, then throws his microphone down to the flooring and slides into the ring. He gets in Wade's face, then motions for him to bring it as the crowd goes wild.*

*The two adversaries stand forehead to forehead for a few moments, with intensity and hatred etched on their faces. Veins are bulging in both men's faces and necks as the anger level rises and rises. After what seems like an eternity, a right hand finally connects, and it is Wade Barrett who lands the first blow much to the crowd's dismay. Ted Dibiase staggers backwards for a moment before returning with a huge right hand of his own. This time Barrett staggers back and the crowd's joy is clear. Both men take turns to exchange blows for a few moments with the crowd's reaction for each blow significantly different from the last. The exchange of fists finally comes to a close when Wade Barrett shoots for a double leg takedown and knocks Dibiase off his feet. He's on him quickly and lands and flurry of blows as Ted tries his best to cover up and protect himself. The crowd is booing loudly at this point. After a while, Dibiase somehow manages to kick Barrett off him.*

*Wade tries to keep Ted grounded still but Ted gives him another boot the face. Dibiase gets up to his feet then charges for a clothesline, but Wade ducks it and as Ted shoots off the ropes Barrett attempts a back body drop tossing him into the air. As the fans continue the booing for Wade being in control Ted somehow lands on his feet from the throw! Cheers follow confusing Barrett, he turns around and gets nailed with a huge drop kick right to the jaw. Barrett staggers back into the corner, Ted tightly folds his fingers into a fist then jumps up onto the second rope, and begins to pound away on the cornered Barrett repeatedly striking him in the face. The crowd chants on with each strike, 1...2....3...4...5....6...7...8...9... 10! He pumps the fans up but that turns out to be a mistake because Barrett lifts him off of the turnbuckle raised in a powerbomb clutch.*

*Wade walks towards the ropes and attempts to powerbomb Ted to the outside. Many in the crowd are open-mouthed in shock and fear of what injuries their hero might get a result. Just as it looks like Ted is about to come crashing down to the outside in a crumpled mess, somehow Ted manages to shift his weight and both men are sent over the top rope and to the floor with a sickening thud.*

*The crowd is enjoying this, nearly everyone with in sight stand on their feet cheering for this all out brawl! Both men begin to pull themselves up, Ted using the barricade with stray hands patting him on the back rooting him on. Barrett manages to get up first, he places his hand on Ted's face berating him with insults then attempts a punch but Ted blocks it! He tries for a punch of his own, but Wade returns the favor by blocking that! Wade attempts a gut kick but Ted catches his foot shoves him out of the way then charges at him but Wade catches him in mid run and drops him down on his ribs, on the barricade with a sickening elevated flap jack drop! The fans are absolutely stunned as the barricade collapses upon impact. *

*A few gasps can be heard among the shocked silence in the audience, before eventually a "Holy shit!" chant breaks out. Barrett smirks sinisterly as he approaches Dibiase who hasn't moved since the impact. He picks up Ted who seems to be nothing more than dead weight and continues to trash talk him as he drags Dibiase in a headlock towards the announcer table. All the XWL staff clear the ringside area as Wade smashes Ted's face into the announce table before letting him crumple to the floor in a heap. Barrett then removes the cover from the table, throws the monitors to one side, and grabs a cable. He steps towards Ted with evil intentions but unknown to him, while he was clearing the announce table Ted had grabbed the ring bell and is now playing possum on the ground. Wade stretches the cable like a garotte wire and bends down as if to choke Dibiase but is met with a shot from the ring bell right between his eyes! Hie eyes roll into the back of his head as he spins a full circle before collapsing from the blow.*

*Ted takes a breather holding his ribs, hes visibly in severe pain but isn't ready to end this just yet! Slowly he stands to his feet but by the time it took him to get up, Barrett was already up and standing with a little bit of blood pouring from a cut above his nose. Ted charges at him and takes him down with a modified spear then pounds away with punches not even aiming for a certain area, but just for the helluva it! Barrett being the stronger individual due to Dibiase's weakness from the earlier spot shoves him off with great force. Wade kicks him in the gut raises him up for a powerbomb but Ted manages to jump off his shoulders before being completely raised. Ted attempts to grab Barrett from behind but instead Dibiase gets thrown back first to the announcer's table. Barrett backs up with a devious smile on his face looking at the leaning but barely standing Ted Dibiase. He then runs at him for what looks to be a clothesline, but Ted shocks this crowd and especially Wade Barrett by catching him and then swings him around dropping him through the announcer's table with a huge spinebuster!!! *

*The table explodes into pieces and upon impact the "Holy Shit!" chant begins once again but this time louder than before. Barrett is now motionless with no sign of life or movement from him at all. The only thing that indicates he is alive is that you can see his abdomen rise and fall slowly every few seconds from him breathing. The spinebuster also took a lot out of Dibiase given the earlier spot where he was destroyed on the barricade and he too is hardly moving. After a few moments Ted sits up and raises his arm upwards in triumph to a huge pop from the crowd. Around 10 XWL security guards rush down the ramp to tend to Dibiase and Barrett and to stop this brawl from continuing. A few of them help Dibiase to his feet and start to carry him to the back. Others try to revive the unconscious Barrett who still hasn't moved. The last image before the screen fades to black for a commercial break is that of Ted Dibiase being carried up the entrance ramp with a smile on his face despite being in obvious agony. EMTs and a stretcher pass by Dibiase as the screen fades to black for another commercial break.*

*As the show opens to a recap of the Bad Blood Pay Per View, instead of the usual pyro and introduction from our announcers. We are met by a theme song to start off this broadcast of BreakDown.*

*That's right, Stone Cold Steve Austin! The Bionic Redneck is back, we first heard of his return during Bad Blood with a video package. The Texas Rattlesnake bursts through the curtain as the majority of the fans rise to their feet, he has a chair in hand and looks focused.*

*He makes his way to ringside and throws the chair in the ring, he gets into the ring and goes straight to a turnbuckle. He climbs the turnbuckle and raises his fists in the air with his middle fingers flying as the fans take pictures, he moves to the second turnbuckle and does the same, and then to the third turnbuckle and finally over to the fourth turnbuckle.*

*He rolls out of the ring and heads over to the timekeepers table, he nods at his good friend Jim Ross who nods back at him. Austin grabs the timekeeper and throws him to the ground as the fans cheer, he picks up a microphone and his trusty carrier with plenty of Steveweisers in it.*

*He puts the carrier in the ring and rolls into the ring, he takes a can of beer and opens it and raises it in the air and then chugs it down as the fans approve. His music dies down and he begins to pace back and forth.*

[Stone Cold] Eight months ago, I told my boss Mick Foley to take his job and shove it where the sun don't shine. I just needed some time to take a step back, but Stone Cold Steve Austin got sick and tired of sittin' on his ass at the house, well, Stone Cold Steve Austin is back. And I brought a gift with me, a big fat can of whoop ass! I can guarentee to you right now that I'm gonna raise more hell in and out of this ring than I have ever raised in my entire life!

*The fans let out a big cheer*

[Stone Cold] Now while I was gone I kept up to date with XWL, watching Breakdown and all of the Pay Per Views. And I got myself a little list, Stone Colds list of the XWL “Superstars” who deserve a beating of a lifetime, and I fix to start running through all of em'! We got people like Wade Barrett, the so called bare knuckle brawler, well son, if you square up to me I'll show you what a real brawler is like, and you can bring your little boyfriend with ya'! Sheamus, that sorry son of a bitch who tries to portay himself as a badass..

[Fans] What?!

[Stone Cold] A badass.

[Fans] What?!

[Stone Cold] A tough guy.

[Fans] What?!

[Stone Cold] A bruiser.

[Fans] What?!

[Stone Cold] King of the mountain.

[Fans] What?!

[Stone Cold] King of the hill.

[Fans] What?!

[Stone Cold] He think he's the meanest.

[Fans] What?!

[Stone Cold] EH-EH!... Don't you dare think that you're tougher than the toughest S.O.B in XWL, you meely mouth punk! It feels so good to be back in form, I'm gonna be kicking ass, taking names, 24/7 365! I don't care who comes at me, I don't care who I have to face because I will run through every single person in the back. All I gotta do is put their head right here in my arm...

[Stone Cold] And WHAM, Stone Cold Stunner! Stone Cold! Stone Cold! Stone Cold!...That's me!.. What?!... I'm sure there'll be plenty of people who wants a piece of Stone Cold and I will gladly give it. But like I said there are some who need to get their heads out of their asses! Now that includes Wade Barrett.

[Fans] What?!

[Stone Cold] Justin Gabriel.

[Fans] What?!

[Stone Cold] Kevin Steen.

[Fans] What?!

[Stone Cold] Kane.

[Fans] What?!

[Stone Cold] Randy Orton.

[Fans] What?!

[Stone Cold] Earl Hebner.

[Fans] What?!

[Stone Cold] Maybe not Earl Hebner.

[Fans] What?!

*Austin picks up another beer and opens it, he sets up his chair and sits himself down. The fans break out in a little “Austin!” chant as he smiles, he continues to talk.*

[Stone Cold] The Bottom Line is Stone Cold Steve Austin is BACK and Stone Cold Steve Austin is ready to beat the living hell out of anyone and everyone, and trust me. Ol' Stone Cold has been training, that's right. You see for the past few weeks I have been on a strict training system to get back in shape for wrestling. It started with Stone Cold waking up at 6am sharp, brush my teeth, rinse it out with beer. Get in my truck, drive down to the local liquour store. And then for the most important part, I'd load it up with Alcohol! More specifically, Vodka

[Fans] What?!

[Stone Cold] Whiskey.

[Fans] What?!

[Stone Cold] Beer.

[Fans] What?!

[Stone Cold] Tequilia.

[Fans] What?!

[Stone Cold] More Beer!

[Fans] What?!

[Stone Cold] More Vodka!

[Fans] What?!

[Stone Cold] More Whiskey!

[Fans] What?!

[Stone Cold] AND MORE BEER!!

[Stone Cold] And then I'd go home, sit my ass down and drink all of that alcohol, drink all of the tequila, whiskey and beer. I drank all day long! But that's not all, later in the day I'd go to the local Steak house. Sometimes with good ol' JR, Jim Ross, and I would eat a 72 ounce steak in under 20 minutes and I'd slap some of JR's BBQ sauce on it for good measure, there's a cheap plug for ya' Jim. So look at me, I'm in great shape. Best shape I've ever been in my life.

*Austin gets out of his chair and now that he's finished his beer he gets out of his seat.*

[Stone Cold] Look at this, this is what I like to call a real beer belly.

[Fans] What?!

[Stone Cold] A beer belly.

[Fans] What?!

[Stone Cold] A big ol' Beer Belly!!

*The fans cheer Austins dedication to his training.*

[Stone Cold] Oh boy I can't wait, I just wanna start raisin' hell, stompin' some mudholes and walkin' those bad-boys dry! *Austin then stops and stares to the cameraman who is in the ring with him, the camera moves back moving away from Austin as he laughs.* Startin' this day next week, week in and week out, 1, 2, 3. One by one they will fall! Then sooner or later, come hell or high water I WILL be XWL World Champion for the very first time... And that's the bottom line... CAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO!!!

*Austins theme hits yet again as an even louder pop is heard, Austin drops his microphone and raises his arms in the air. He picks up his carrier of beer and grabs two beers, he climbs the turnbuckle and opens the cans and smashes them together and drinks both of them at once as the fans love it! He gets down and grabs another two and smash them together and drinks them.*

*He picks up his case and rolls out of the ring. He hands a beer to JR, and a beer to Joey Styles, he opens a beer and goes to give it to Jerry Lawler but Austin pours the beer over Lawlers head and gives him the middle finger. He laughs at him and walks off, Austin makes his way back high fiving as many people as possible while drinking as much beer as possible. He makes his way to the stage and has four cans of beer left, he empties the carrier and throws it off the stage. He heads to one side of the stage and celebrates with two cans of the beer and raises his arms for the fans one more time before leaving and saves the last two cans for the road. He walks through the curtain.*

*But mere seconds later, Austin re-appears through the curtain. Rubbing his chin as if he's thinking... something just isn't right. He begins to walk down the ramp but suddenly he turns to a cameraman who is on the stage filming him and begins to point at him as he approaches him.*

*He flips off the cameraman and kicks him in the gut and drops him with a Stone Cold Stunner! The fans cheer as Austin gets up with a smile on his face, he knew he forgotten to give the fans what they wanted, a stunner! Austin then raises his arms and walks through the curtain for a final time as the fans are buzzing with excitement.*
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PostSubject: Re: In with the old   Sun Jan 15, 2012 1:34 pm

Jons Kane needs respect dammit

*As we return to Breakdown Kane is in the ring with a microphone to what seems like some sort of a memorial service.*

Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention here please? This is the funeral for my brother, The Undertaker. I'd like to thank you all for coming out here tonight, but sadly our parents were not able to make it. They were killed in a horrible fire when we were just young boys. Now, you all know my brother and I have had our....differences in the past, but it's time to put all of that away now. You know, The Undertaker was always a great brother. Always over shadowing me, putting me in the corner, giving me an opportunity to wear a mask every time I was in the ring. He even let me spent my whole until childhood inside, alone, battered, beaten, and stricken. He was in a terrible situation at Final Stand, which led to his down fall. That situation was.................. ME!

THAT'S RIGHT! I ENDED MY BROTHER! Finally, after thirty years, he got what was COMING to HIM. There has never been a more sweeter moment in my life than what happened at Final Stand. When I smacked Undertaker in the head in the urn, I was able to see the light. When I threw The Undertaker off the stage and into the fire, the light, it seemed to come close to me. Closer and closer it came, but when I looked down. When I looked down and saw The Undertaker on fire and rolling in his own pain, the light came at me faster. Fast, and faster! Soon, I was there. I was right there at the light. If I took one inch closer, I would be there, but I TURNED IT DOWN.

You see, I like myself. You people might look at me and think I'd want to change my ways. You people look at me and say "who wants to be a monster?" Well, I WANT to be a MONSTER. I LOVE being a MONSTER. And ONLY a MONSTER like ME can take out someone like The Undertaker. Now, you all probably look at me as a bad person for what I did to my own brother at Final Stand. Well, guest what? I am the GOOD guy in this! I took the murderer out of here. You all should be looking up to ME! XWL Management seems to realize this, as I seem to be on the poster of Bad Blood. THAT is what I DESERVE! I am a HERO!

But we are here to honor The Undertaker, right? Alright, so let's find some good things to say about him, huh? *Kane pauses for a moment.* That's right, there is NOTHING GOOD to say about HIM. I did everyone a FAVOR at Final Stand! I got rid of The Undertaker, and this place will be much.....much....much.....better! And now, I can FINALLY focus on something ELSE! And that very thing is the title that is rightfully MINE! The Intercontinental Championship. I was SCREWED out of the title by The Undertaker! What kind of a coward has to beat the champion after he was beaten down to win a match? If it wasn't for The Undertaker, I would be champion this VERY day!

I DESERVE that championship! I'm putting Wade Barrett, Justin, Ted DiBiase, and Randy Orton on NOTICE! That is my CHAMPIONSHIP. And when the time is right, I'm coming to take it BACK HOME! Now, on to something else. My opponent for tonight also his some history with The Undertaker. But I also have some history with this man. That man is none other than Chavo Guerrero, the next unforgettably soul in my path of DESTRUCTION, PAIN, and AGONY. Now, Chavo has been on the other side of me multiple times in the past, and they haven't end well, now haven't they, Chavo?

Now Chavo, a littler earlier tonight, you seemed to be more assertive. You seem to be tired of this so called "dis respect." You claim that you deserve a title shot? Chavo, you don't even deserve to stand in the same ring as I do! I DESERVE a title shot, not you! And as a matter of fact I'll prove it in this very ring tonight. Chavo, much like every other time we have fought in this ring, I will bring you down to your KNEES! I will make you swim in your own pool of BLOOD before I finish you. Chavo, for you, you are just in the wrong PLACE at the wrong TIME! And Chavo, if you try to cheat just once in are match, I'll crush every bone in your body and send you straight down to HELL! Chavo, I'm pretty sure there is another spot for you right next to my brother, The Undertaker.

You see, I'm doing all of you people multiple favors in such little time? How could I be a bad guy? I took a murderer out of this company, and tonight I am going to take a dirt cheater out of this company that gets a job based on his family's legacy! Speaking of families, what a nice family he has. They seem to be close with each other, and they some very close friends? Right? The LEGENDARY GUERRERO FAMILY! Well tonight, I am going to smash that LEGACY. Just like the DiBiase's! And, while we're on family, how about we take a look at my family, wait, that's right, WHAT FAMILY? THE UNDERTAKER, took that AWAY from ME! So why should the Guerrero's and the DiBiase's have a FAMILY? Why do they deserve what I DON'T have? Are they better people than I am? NO! The Guerrero's have lied, cheated, and stolen throughout their lives, and the DiBiase's have used their money to get every they want in the lives!

So, XWL, I'm putting you all on notice. Chavo, Ted, Orton, Wade, Miz, and EVERYONE else! What I did to the Undertaker last night was only the BEGINNING of ARMAGEDDON!

*Kane laughs before dropping the microphone as his theme song hits.*

*Kane and Paul walk to the back as the scene fades out.*
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PostSubject: Re: In with the old   Sun Jan 15, 2012 1:37 pm

Oh no, the good times as Kane. </3
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PostSubject: Re: In with the old   Sun Jan 15, 2012 1:40 pm

Chavo's name was mentioned, I can live with that.
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From 8/16/09, back when Shiggz could be bothered with me </3

~*Chavo's in ring segment*~

Jerry Lawler's theme hits and the crowd gives him a standing ovation and he rejoins Styles at the announce table.

King: Hey I'm back. Missed me?
Styles: I wouldn't go as far to say I missed you.

Shawn Michael's music begins to play in the arena, and the crowd explodes with cheers.

Styles: HBK is in the building afterall. Some doubted he would be able to make it after what happened last night.
King: What are you talking about? HBK had a match...and lost. How could that stop him from coming to work?
Styles: King, both you and I and all the fans know that Chavo viciously attacked HBK after the match for reasons unknown. I'm just glad he here.
King: I didn't see anything wrong with what Chavo did.
Styles: No surprise there...

Chavo's music hits and the fans, feeling cheated erupts with boos. He comes out and smiles on the look of disappointment and anger on the fans faces.

Styles: What a jerk, getting our hopes up like that.
King: You need to show a little more respect to the man.
Styles: Why should I respect any man who viciously beats another when he can't get what he wants?
King: So you'd prefer a man like Edge who attacks people after getting something he's been after for months?
Styles: ...
King: Thought so.

Chavo enters the ring.

Chavo:You can tell a lot about a man by their actions. But then again, you can also tell a lot by their inactions. Which do you think was worse? Me attacking HBK? Or his "inability" to answer a 10 count.

HBK chants are heard.

Chavo: So I guess that's my answer, huh? HBK is the man with the belt so everyone hops on his bandwagon. I'm the guy who won by countout and I get contradicted. What if the roles were reversed? What if HBK connected with the superkick? Do you think he would've wasted his time dragging me back in the ring? No. Then what? Would you contradict him? Would you be treating him the same way you're treating me? No. Why? Because he has the title. HBK is nothing without his title. And that's exactly what I'm trying to prove to you all, but your ignorance refuses to accept that fact.

King: He has a point there. HBK had nothing to lose by getting counted out.
Styles: I liked it better when you weren't around.
King: Yeah? Well I liked it better when you were unemployed. We can't always get what we want.
Styles: *snicker* I guess that's why you can't get Mickie.
King: You've shown no interest in any of the divas. I'm beginning to wonder about you, Styles.

Chavo steps out of the ring and looks at the ground

Chavo: Aqui. This is the spot where it happened. HBK tried to cheap shot me, and I returned the favor. Ojo por ojo mi hombre. HBK had more than enough time to get up. I even distracted the ref for him. But I made the mistake of assuming that he was the man everyone said he was and would get in the ring. And it's because of that mistake why I'm here without a title.

Chavo looks around at the crowd.

Chavo: You people think that I wanted to do what I did to HBK? The pain I inflicted on HBK is nothing compared to what I felt when I found out I wasn't getting the title.

King: He's right. Nobody cared about how Chavo felt. HBK isn't happy unless all the attention is on him.
Styles: Well that's because...
King: Shut your mouth. I don't feel like hearing your crap.

Chavo sits on the announce table.

Chavo: Not only did I not get the title, but HBK magically had enough strength to get the title. And the look pauses on HBK's face pauses when the ref gave him the title is what made me snap. He had this look of...of satisfaction. Like he was proud of what he did. I couldn't believe it. So I hit him. And it felt so good.

Styles: It would feel so good if Chavo would shut up.
King: Chavo has reason to complain. He was cheated out a title by HBK.

Chavo laughs

Chavo: And then I hit him again. And again. I couldn't stop. And he deserved every last bit of it. I had to let out all the stress, all the anger I've been feeling since joining this company.

Styles: Chavo's just mad because nobody likes him.
King: Not many people like you either. Shouting OH MY GOD! Can only get you so far.

Chavo gets back in the ring.

Chavo: HBK I promised these people a victory at Celebration of Champions. A victory that would put a title around my waist. A victory that would bring XWL to new heights. Instead, all I got was a victory that felt empty. HBK what I did to you last night was nothing. And if I had to do it again, I would. Because...

HBK's music hits and the crowd cheers.

Styles: OH MY GOD! Hey look HBK really is here!
King: I'm surprised he showed his face tonight.

Chavo laughs. The fans realizing they've been tricked again begin to boo.

Chavo: Because people like you HBK don't deserve to succeed in life. Thieves, liars, cheaters: you fall among them. You're no better than them.

Styles: Don't you think Chavo's going a little too far?
King: XWL went too far when they hired you.

Chavo takes his trademark position on the turnbuckle.

Chavo: HBK, you're not a religious man because the only man you worship is yourself. You're old and rusty and well past your prime. Next time we meet, you won't being going home with the title.

Chavo's music hits.

King: Those were some powerful words from Chavo.
Styles: Hopefully he's done speaking.

Shawn Michaels makes his way out of the back. And the crowd cheers.

HBK: Chavo you have a lot of talk in you for a man that's barely recognizable. If you want to go again... smirks... well then let's go right now.

HBK charges to the ring, and Chavo quickly slides out.

Chavo: Quick to fight when your title isn't at stake, huh? We will fight again mi amigo. But when we do we'll be in the proper place, at the right time, with the right stipulations. But as of now, I have another match to focus on. And so do you...unless you have something special planned for Mr. Kennedy.

Chavo walks up the ramp and heads to the back.

HBK: Anytime...anyplace.

Styles: Oh man I can't wait to see Chavo get his ass handed to him.
King: Speaking of asses, you should take your head out of the one it's in and see the world for what it is. HBK cheated Chavo out of XWL's Intercontinental Championship, and it seems only Chavo realized that and realized that HBK isn't the man he appears to be.

The screen fades as XWL heads to commercial
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PostSubject: Re: In with the old   Sun Jan 15, 2012 4:37 pm


You should feel honoured sir Rose IGN
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PostSubject: Re: In with the old   Sun Jan 15, 2012 5:54 pm

My favorite write up I've ever done.

*The Monster Bash comes back live with JR, King, and Cole at the announcers table.*

Jim Ross:
Ladies and Gentlemen, this sure has been one hell of a.......


*The crowd boos as the man finally comes into vision, Cody Rhodes!*

Michael Cole:
Ah ha! The Savior of The Monster Bash is here!

The King: At least this is the last time we'll have to hear this guy.

[Cody Rhodes]
Now, I understand that most of you hideous people here tonight and watching at home will think this is my finally match here in XWL. Well, you're all WRONG. I am "Dashing" Cody Rhodes! I am a WINNER! Now, sure, I haven't competed in two months, but rust is not a word in Cody's dictionary! People might want to point out that John Cena defeated me at Supremacy two months ago, but I'd like to point out that I defeated John Cena four months ago on Breakdown. After that match John Cena went high-tailing straight to Redemption. You know what that proves? John Cena fears Cody Rhodes! John Cena fears Cody Rhodes! John Cena fears Cody Rhodes! John Cena fears Cody Rhodes! John Cena fears Cody Rhodes! Let it be known this is not my last match here, and after defeating John Cena tonight, I will continue my quest to save Breakdown and destroy Mick Foley.....

The King: Finally!

Michael Cole: How rude and disrespectful! I hope Cody whoops Cena tonight!

*The crowd cheers for Cena as he throws his hat and shirt into the crowd from the stage. Cena salutes and comes charging down the ramp and slides into the ring. He begins to trade fists with Cody in a second as the ref rings the bell.*

Jim Ross:
Here we go, folks, this is going to be a slobber knocker!

Cody takes the earlier advantage with a few hard shots from his fists and feet. Cody throws off his jacket and heads back to work. He tries to whip Cena into the other corner, but the champ counters and sends Cody there instead. Cody bounces off and Cena hits a quickly belly to belly. The crowd cheers as Cena hits a few punches before going off the ropes and hitting a shoulder block! Both men get up as Rhodes gets decked by a huge right hand. JR, King, and Cole discuss how much damage those shots really have as Cena continues to go to work. He also tries to Irish Whip Rhodes, but he comes flying back off the top rope with a Beautiful Disaster! The crowd boos as Cody laughs it off. He drops the exposed knee onto Cena before stomping him a few times. Cody heads up top now and goes for the Moonsault....

Michael Cole: Come on Cody finish him off quickly!

Jim Ross: Let's be honest Cole; Cena will not quit this easily.

The King: Don't try to reason with him, JR.

Micheal Cole: Hey, Jerry! How about you focus on the match, huh?

Cody flips off the turnbuckle, but Cena catches him in mid-air! The crowd pops as Cody gets DRIVEN by an Attitude Adjustment!






*Cody gets to his feet.*


JR: Great strength showed by Rhodes.

Cena approaches the dashing one, but he is met by a jab to the gut. Rhodes throws him into the ring post and a loud thud is heard. Cody then grabs Cena by the arm, wrenching him against the ropes, until he hits a curb stomp! Cena hangs from the middle rope as he heads to the apron. Rhodes charges, nailing him the head sending him into the ring again! The crowd boos as Rhodes simply smirks before heading back into the ring. He stalks his prey before hitting a wild enziguri, sending Cena to the floor. Rhodes orders the ref to count, but Cena is quickly up. He knocks Rhodes over with a huge clothesline, and another, and another! The crowd cheers for Cena as he nails the running bulldog as well. Cena tries to rip off the mask, but gets hit with the low blow! Rhodes follows it up with the Alabama Slam before kicking Cena to the outside.

Michael Cole: Great counter from Rhodes there. Very calculate method displayed so far.

Jim Ross: I don't think everyone was giving the kid enough credit coming into this match.

The King: He sure has been impressive.

Rhodes searches under the ring for something as Cena uses the barricade to get up. Cody finally pulls out a Kendo Stick, and when John turns around; he gets beamed by a kendo stick! Cena goes down to his knees as Rhodes cracks it over his skull, sending Cena to the floor. The ref begins to count, but Cody tells him not to. Rhodes steps over his body and raises the kendo stick high. He smacks it over Cena's back as he collapses on the floor. Cody continues to hit him in the back as we can hear the thud of each smack. Cena screams in agony as Rhodes shouts "HEAR THAT? THAT'S BECAUSE OF ME! YOUR "HERO" IS SCREAMING BECAUSE OF ME! "DASHING" CODY RHODES! THE SAVIOR OF BREAKDOWN!" Cody finally puts the Kendo Stick down, but he throws Cena right into the steel steps! Rhodes orders the ref to count...





The King: That was some thud.


*Cena begins to stir*



The crowd pop as Rhodes argues with the ref. Suddenly, as he turns around, Cena charges and they both go crashing through the barricade!

Jim Ross: Ba Gawd! What force! What power!

The crowd chants "Holy Shit" as the ref doesn't know how to react, so he begins counting again.....









They continue to brawl as soon as they are up. Cena takes the advantage and knocks Cody to the floor. The crowd pats them on their backs as they fight their way through. Rhodes counters by kicking Cena's knee, causing him to fall face first on the steps! Cody picks his head ups and drives in shot after shot while the crowd voices their displeasure. He picks him up and goes for the DDT, but Cena picks him up and drops Rhodes on the railing, where-the-sun-don't-shine first! The crowd cheers as Cena does his "YOU CAN'T SEE ME!" and hits Cody in the face, causing him to fall over! He flops on the steps as suddenly Cena locks the STF right there on the floor! The crowd cheers for Cena as Rhodes begins to tap out. The ref singles that the match isn't over, but Cody continues to tap. Cena finally lets go as Rhodes crawls on the floor looking for somewhere to go. For some reason, Cena picks him up, allowing him to rake the eye! While he recovers, Cody grabs a drink and a chair from a fan! He sits in the chair and takes a sip of the soda before spitting in Cena's face! Cena just looks pissed off as Rhodes falls backwards in his chair, trying to leave. Cena gets him throws back to the ringside area. There, John grabs him again and throws Cody face first into the poll! He lands with a thud as the ref begins to count.

Michael Cole: Oh wow did you hear that? What a smack!

Jim Ross: This match is like a human demolition derby!








Jim Ross: And Cody is up at the count of five.

Cena approaches the fallen superstar, but he is trapped and goes face-plants into the announcers table! Cody grabs a cable wire from ringside and wraps it around Cena's neck, choking him out! He puts his put against his back and wrenches back to cause even more pain. The referee tries to stop him, but Cody won't listen. He eventually lets go and throws Cena to the floor.

The King: This thing has gotten REALLY ugly.

Cody smirks devilishly as blood drips from Cena's mouth. He finally picks him up and plants him with the Cross Rhodes! The crowd boos, but instead of getting the victory; he picks Cena up again! He tries to throw him into the timekeeper's section, but he counters and Rhodes goes crashing through! Vice versa from Redemption, of course. Cena hurries over there and puts the beat down to Cody, as the crowd roars with approval. He throws Cody back out before grabbing a steel chair and whacking him in the head with it! The ref begins to count as Cena stands over Cody's body, but he shakes his head. John walks back over to the timekeepers area and grabs the ring bell! He picks Cody up and lets him stagger for a bit. Suddenly, he rams him in the gut before smashing it over his head! The crowd pops as Cody collapses to the floor again. Cena makes his way over to the Spanish table a rips it apart! The crowd cheers as Cena also rips apart the XWL table.

Michael Cole: This isn't going to be good! I'm getting out of here!

As Cole runs off, Cody grabs the steel chair! Cena finally turns around, only to get creamed by the chair shot! He falls backwards onto the Spanish Announce table. He is know bleeding, just like Cody who has a nose bleed at the moment. The dashing one walks over to the Spanish table and props his feet onto the table. He elbows Cena once to make sure he stays down. He then climbs up the steel steps as head up top as the crowd gets to their feet....

Jim Ross: Good god Cody do not do this!

Cody looks backwards and takes a HUGE leap, hitting a Moonsault through the table!














Michael Cole: Have no fear, I'm back!

The King: Great.

Jim Ross: It's amazing how either can stand.

Cena throws another chair into the ring as Rhodes tries to use the ropes to get up. He also picks up the top stair and slides it into the ring before going in himself. Cena quickly grabs a chair once inside and smacks Cody in the back with it! Cody cringes as Cena wedges it into the corner. The uncommon son staggers his way back up, but he is quickly thrown into the chair by his rival! The crowd pops as he falls backwards into the center of the ring. A bloodied Cena looks around the arena as everyone is one their feet. He doesn't even smile as he raises his hand high in the eye. You Can't See Me! John bounces off the ropes and drops the fist, connecting with The Five Knuckle Shuffle! The victim flops around for a second by getting up and eating a second Attitude Adjustment! The ref goes to count, but Cena shakes his finger and smirks.

Michael Cole: Hey. come on! Cody Rhodes is already down! Stop this ref!

The King: Cody did that twice tonight, Cole!

Cena grabs both chairs and sets them up in the middle of the ring, facing each other. He stalks his bitter rival, Cody Rhodes, as he struggles to get up. Suddenly, as he gets up, John spins him around and hits the Attitude Adjustment for the third time, and now on both of the steel chairs! The crowd cheers as the ref beings his count...



Jim Ross: What devastating impact from that Attitude Adjustment!










Michael Cole: YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

The crowd boos as Cena cannot believe it. Cena isn't sure what to do, but he has no time to think as Rhodes hits Cena with a chop block. The crowd boos as Rhodes keeps on a calculated assault, punching the head and then stomping on the back. He grabs his rival and places him on the top rope and the crowd isn't too sure what is going on. Rhodes grabs the kendo stick from before and whacks Cena in the back of the head with it! Cena is dazed as Rhodes climbs up to the second rope, hitting a huge top rope bulldog! The crowd boos as Rhodes gets back up on his feet, with a dashing smile on his face.

The King: Oh no! I don't think Cena will be able to get up from this.






Michael Cole: AND STAY DOWN!





Cena's up!

Jim Ross: Cena will just not quit!

The crowd roars with excitement as the bloody hero gets on his feet. Cody wastes no time though and charges, connecting with the Beautiful Disaster! Cena falls to the canvas again as we can see Cody sliding out of the ring.

The King: I think we all know Cody doesn't have good intentions.

Finally, Rhodes pulls out two handcuffs from under the ring!

Jim Ross: God knows what he is going to do with those.....

Cody finally slithers his way back into the ring as Cena doesn't have a clue to what is going on. Rhodes grabs his arm and quickly handcuffs it to top rope. He grabs the other one and does the same thing. Cena know has his back turned to Cody, as he grabs a kendo stick! The crowd boos as Rhodes smacks Cena in the back with it! And again! Again! Again! The shot from each kendo stick can be heard around the arena.

The King: Oh, come on! He's not trying to win, he's trying to end the career of John Cena!

Michael Cole: Cody is a man of his word!

Cody heads out to the apron and takes off his protective mask. The announcers are bewildered, but suddenly Rhodes charges and smack Cena square in the face! The crowd boos as Rhodes stands by the steel steps, smirking. He puts the mask back on before hitting Cena with another boot to the skull. John drops to his knees as Cody continues to drive the right and left jabs into his already bloody head. Finally, by divine intervention, Cody un-cuffs Cena.

Jim Ross: I do not think Cody is done yet.

JR turns out to be right as Rhodes grabs him by the head and smirks. He simply slaps Cena before pushing him down to the ground. Rhodes taunts to the crowd before picking him up again. Cody waits a second, but he eventually turns him around and hits the Cross Rhodes! The crowd boos as Rhodes orders the ref to count.










9.... HE'S UP!

Michael Cole: WHAT?

John Cena: John Cena will not quit! He will not bow! He will not die!

Cody is shocked and doesn't know what to do. Hesitation kills as John is back up and nail Cody with a clothesline. He hits him about two more much to the crowd's approval. He picks him up and goes for another Attitude Adjustment, but Cody slips out. He rushes out of the ring, but Cena is right on his tail. John chases Cody around for a bit until he slides back in the ring. When John comes in the dashing one charges, but Cena sends him right over the top! The crowd cheers as Cena makes his way out. He picks him up and sends him back first into the security barricade! A loud thud echos throughout the arena.

The King: Cody has cut it coming now!

As Cody crawls on the floor John points to the announcers table. The crowd cheers as Cena grabs him, but is hit by a low blow! The crowd boos as he shoves him back first into the ring post.

Michael Cole: Cena's done now!

He grabs onto Cena, setting up for the Cross Rhodes off the steel steps! Rhodes goes to flip, but in one of the most amazing counters, Cena reverses it and hoists him up to his shoulders! The crowd is on their feet as Cena leaps off, hitting the SUPER Attitude Adjustment through the announcers table!


Michael Cole: Come on Cody, get up!







6! Cena's UP!

Michael Cole: Oh no.....






















*The crowd roars with approval as the ref raises Cena's hand in glory. Cody only begins to stir on the outside as Cena throws his arms up in the air.*

The King:
I love this!

JR: Can't say I'm displeased, but Cody is one fine talent.

Michael Cole: Neutral

*Just as Cody Rhodes gets on his feet, a particular theme blasts over the PA System....*

*The crowd goes wild as The Breakdown GM makes his way out to the ringside area to help Cena. Cena nods as Mick as Cena goes to one side as Foley heads to the other. Cody looks around, looking for a gap. He tries going through the ring, but Cena and Foley grab him by the feet! They throw him to the outside with much approval from the crowd!*

*John and Mick proceed to pick Rhodes up as he tries to struggle his way out of it. They carry him all the way over to the ramp, but Cody spits in the eye of Foley! As Foley recovers, Rhodes hits Cena with a low blow and throws him into the ring post! Cody grabs the microphone from before and slides into the ring.*

[Cody Rhodes]


*Rhodes then tries to exit the ring, but a barricade of superstars show up! The crowd pops as John Morrison, Hurricane, Chris Sabin, Santino, Kofi Kingston, and AJ Styles block up Cody's path. Cody then tries to go the other way, but Mick Foley and John Cena block that path! John grabs a microphone and says....*

[John Cena]

COME ON EVERYBODY! You all know the song....












[Cody Rhodes]







*Cody freaks out as the crowd continues to sing. John and Santino finally pull Cody from the ring and they all grab on to him! Cody tries fleeing, but Mick grabs him by the arm and socks him one! The crowd cheers as everyone picks up Cody and they bring him to the back. The crowd sings as the cameras follow the chaos. Some superstars such as Zack Ryder join in along the way as Cody continues to yell at them to put him down. They finally reach an exit as Foley opens the door and the rest of the Superstars lunge Cody out! The crowd cheers as Cody tries running back in, but Cena slams the door on his face! The crowd laugh as Cena smiles and shakes hands with Mick.*

The King:
See ya later, wouldn't wanna be ya!

*Pounding can be heard coming from the door.*

[Cody Rhodes]


*John opens the door and smiles as Cody, who sighs of relief. Suddenly, Cena does his "You Can't See Me Taunt" as he punches Cody in the face! Cody falls to pavement as Cena slams the door shut and locks it. Zack Ryder can be heard saying "WOO WOO WOO" as Cena pitches in "YOU KNOW IT!" XWL Monster Bash fades to an advertisement to the new Randy Orton DVD set to release this Tuesday.*
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PostSubject: Re: In with the old   Wed Jan 18, 2012 1:32 am

*The Miz and CM Punk are shown backstage.*

The Miz- You know Punk, I thought you were the man who could do the most damage with that microphone pipebomb. But I think you've been outclassed. He was like a man possessed out there! He sure showed us.

[[Punk]]: You know, I hate to say it Miz, but for once in your life you're actually right. That man went out there tonight and did something that only you and I can only dream of, he shook the XWL foundations to it's very core.

The Miz- Juuuust like he shook the foundations of the earth when standing up after spending two hours in catering. If I wasn't facing Kevin Steen at Supremacy I'd want Mark Henry at the front of the line for a shot at my title.

[[Punk]]: How do you think I feel? I've spent all of my time gunning for Dwayne, when there are quite literally bigger fish in the pond. If I knew Mark Henry was capable of such things, I wouldn't have even wasted my time on Dwayne.

The Miz- Well quite frankly the difference between Mark Henry and Dwayne "The Dwayne" Johnson is that The Dwayne is a phony. Mark Henry deserves his respect, who would actually want to "gun" for him. I sure as hell wouldn't, or else I'd get my "A** KICKED!!!" But then again, I have no wrestling ability, I just freeload off my fame and fortune. You know?

[[Punk]]: I know exactly what you mean Miz, going after Mark henry would have serious consequences for anybody. Especially me, I mean afterall I am just a "STRAIGHT EDGE FAILURE". I would stand no chance against Mark Henry, I would most certainly end out getting my "A** KICKED!!". I don't know about you, but I don't want that. I like my ass the way it is.

The Miz- Exactly! Your ass is perfectly fine as it is.

*Miz and Punk stop talking for a few seconds with an awkward silence. A random staff member can be heard letting out a cough in the background.*

The Miz- We need to take a stand, Punk. We can't let people like Mark Henry boss us around, we're men damnit! WE DESERVE OUR F****** RESPECT AROUND HERE, WHAT HAS MARK F***** HENRY DONE TO SAY THAT BULLS*** ABOUT US? HUH?

[[Punk]]: I don't know about you but I am F****** SICK AND TIRED OF THIS S***. I AM A F****** FORMER WORLD CHAMPION AND YOU'RE THE CURRENT UNITED F****** STATES CHAMPION. WHAT DO WE HAVE TO SHOW FOR IT? SOME ***** **** *** MARK *** ******* ***** **** *** HENRY **** *** **** ***** PUSHING US AROUND? I DON'T THINK SO!



The Miz- Erm, is he that guy who goes around saying "DAMN"? Yeah, I think that's it.. He was pretty cool in the Nation of Domination I must admit... But back to MARK F****** HENRY.. ARE WE GONNA SIT AROUND AND TALK ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE OR ARE WE GONNA TAKE ACTION?!

*Both Miz and CM Punk continue to rile one another up and prepare themselves for whatever it is they have planned. They turn to walk towards the door but as they're doing so both men begin to laugh uncontrollably*

[[Punk]]: I'm sorry but I couldn't keep that charade up for much longer.

*CM Punk can be seen wiping a tear away from his eye as he & Miz continue chuckling to themselves. The duo then exit through the door, with every step further away their laughter becoming more and more quiet.*
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PostSubject: Re: In with the old   Sun Jan 22, 2012 6:26 am

The show goes enters a small commercial break which transports us back to the golden age of 1979, a simpler time of when the Happy Meal was introduced, the Sony Walkman was invented and small children were allowed to go near football players in the stadium and hand them random, possibly poisoned drinks. Ahh, what bliss....

That commercial gets me every time....Anyway, as this break comes to an abrupt and quick end, we're greeted by a face we don't see much often holding a microphone and actually talking, and that face belongs to XWL "superstar" (even though he hasn't done much of anything actually "super") Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan is seen out of his wrestling attire tonight, odd of man who prides himself more on his athletic ability than anything else, so much so, we never really truly see the real him much out of the ring.

Daniel Bryan seems to be wearing a grey long sleeved sweater on-top of a blue collared polo that sticks out by the neck and out the sleeves. Rather casual for a man who wears such a serious expression. He seems to be sitting near by the audience, all the way to the top by the doors where the crowd would exit/enter from. Rather odd place to be delivering a promo it seems, a rather odd thing for Daniel Bryan to do, and he seems to be dressed rather oddly. All this is...well, odd.

Daniel looks directly at the camera and clears his throat, he stands up and stares out to the crowd without saying a thing. The camera pans out and gives a good look out at the whole arena. The people close-by thrown an immature fit, in some dumb way of getting noticed on camera. Daniel Bryan stays quiet for a few more seconds as the camera focuses back on him; he puts his left hand in his pocket and raises the microphone near his face with his free hand. He gives off a small smile due to the fact the same immature people are still acting like fools. Finally, he begins to speak.

[Daniel Bryan]: Heh...Y'know, I wonder how many people are surprised to see me wearing what I'm wearing, standing where I'm standing and actually talking on a mic? OR..OR! Better yet, actually on TV at all?

Daniel Bryan begins to slowly take a step down each stair every now and again as he speaks.

[Daniel Bryan]: But...hey..why is that so odd? So weird to see a professional wrestler on a show about pro wrestling? Some are kinda new to all this, so to those wondering, let me fill you in. You see, my name is Daniel Bryan....or Bryan Danielson....or "The American Dragon" Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson...Already right off the bat, you might think I have some sort of severe case of identity issue. Is it one or the other? Well, to be honest, at this point, a better question to ask not only me but yourself is.....what does it matter? Right now to you all, I'm just another small man in his tight red underwear coming out of that "curtain" every week fighting other bigger man in smaller underwear. I win some, I lose some, I never talk....I never make an impact. Whether or not my name is Daniel Bryan or Bryan Danielson or Rob Van Jericho Del Rio; I'm just another mid-card nobody to you.

Finally, after some pauses in his speech, and picking up the pace towards the end, he reaches the end of the long staircase to the bottom. He stops to turn around and look outwards to the fans one more time, once again they go nuts and are happy just to be where they are. Daniel Bryan chuckles a little bit again before jumping over the security rail and walks around near outside the ring. Mic still firmly in his hand and words still burning, running around in his head, ready to be let loose.

[Daniel Bryan]: ...and you know? Rightfully so. I should be a nobody to you. What in the hell have I done as of late to earn your respect, your admiration, your loyalty? I've changed my name a couple of times, I've beaten a couple of dudes, I've mostly lost to half the roster, so what the heck do I matter? Sadly, you see I'm not walking around with this mic, burying myself because it's my time of the month. You see I'm here because the same thoughts I just put in your heads have been nesting in the minds of XWL management for quite some time now and unfortunately for me, if they think that way, that means I might manage to put myself out of the line to get my check every week and right into the much more crowded unemployment line; and as nice as time off might sound to me at's not exactly something I'm chasing.

Daniel Bryan raises himself onto the apron of the ring but instead of entering the ring, he decides to sit down on the apron and continue his promo from there.

[Daniel Bryan]: I told XWL about 1 month ago that I wanted more screen time. More time to show off what I have, but truth be told, I didn't know what to do. You have people like The Rock, people like Jericho, Del Rio, Rob Van Dam, Ted DiBiase, Wade Barrett, Trish Status, The Beautiful People, etc etc etc, the list go on, these people, they ooze charm and charisma, and aren't to be over looked in the ring either. They have the whole package...and Mister Foley loves them. I froze in horror and told them to just forget about it. I didn't want to be on TV, I didn't want to risk management seeing

Daniel Bryan grits his teeth and wipes his lips while looking down at the floor. He seems to be at a loss for words, or better put, knows exactly what words he wanted to say, and just didn't want to say them.

[Daniel Bryan]: ...How...inferior I was to them. I didn't want to lose my job, my paycheck, my livelihood just because I wanted to "spice things up". I needed to put my family before everything else. So when some friends of mine in XWL management called me up one weekend break and told me I was in line to receive a pink slip, my whole world came crashing down. I was scared, you better believe was I damned scared of what was going to happen. I asked him why, and clear and cut, he told me it was because I wasn't selling enough. I didn't have the pizzazz, or enough "IT" factor for the business, or at least, not what XWL was trying to sell. I asked hi-..not I'll be honest, I begged the guy to try to convince management otherwise, to let me keep my job.

Daniel Bryan raises one knee up on the apron and stands up. After awhile of talking, he enters the ring, mic, once again, still firmly in hand. Though he doesn't show it or sound it, it's clear that he's nervous. He wipes his forehead with a cloth of some sort from his pocket and places it back in.He continues to speak.

[Daniel Bryan]: When we hung up, I gave myself a good long look in the mirror. It's silly, but whenever I think about that day I can't help but remember....Well, you see, there is this song written and sung by a very talented man who passed away that talks about how we all have to sometimes look at that man (or woman) in the mirror and tell him (or her) that he (..or she) needs to change. Well, I did that. I looked in that mirror and for some odd reason, something hit me. I didn't see that headkicking son of a bitch people feared and respected. I saw a big fish too scared to get out of his small pond. Too scared to swim in the sea with all the other big fish. I saw a man who just begged for his job back, a job he's too scared to do?!...I saw a crying little kid who wanted to have it all his way, without having to put forth any effort....Too lazy, or was he too scared? Who knew, and who cared..

Daniel Bryan paused in the middle of his speech for a second and looks down at the ring mat. An angry expression formed on his face, clear frustration and emotion building up as he continued to speak. He kneels down at the ring and places his hand gently on the mat. His expression of anger dies away a bit and suddenly, he seems calm. Bryan sighs heavily.

[Daniel Bryan]: ...I've always loved professional wrestling. Ever since I was a kid, all I ever wanted to be was a wrestler like Hulk Hogan or Randy Savage. Be larger then life. Like a real comic book hero come to life...and the only time I ever almost hit that goal was when I was in my indie days, wrestling in backyards for barely enough money to keep the clothes on my back or the roof over my head. It wasn't because over 1 million people knew who I was and watched what I did, it was because I was happy doing what I was doing with my life, and made at least enough money to get by. Now I have a chance to really take off and I almost let it slip on by. Well...that's it. Not anymore.

Daniel Bryan stands up and stretches his back and neck. His calm expression begins to turn back into the serious tone and mood he once held in the beginning of his promo. However instead of anger being expressed, he comes off rather, well, determined, to put it best.

[Daniel Bryan]: I marched right into the office of my boss last week and I told him clearly that I didn't want to keep my job because he pitied me..I wanted to keep it because I'm one of the very damn best at what I do, and what I do entertains every one of you great fans that pay with your hard earned money every night you come here. Any other reason I have a job here just wouldn't be right to me. After that, came the process of becoming what I use to be again, a pro wrestler. I made a list, an agenda I guess you can say, that contains things I must do to start finally getting back on track. One is come here and actually get on a mic and speak to you guys for once. Something I've been neglecting for a long time now. Of course, I can't come out here and do some gimmicky thing like wear tons of yellow and red ruffles around my body and keep calling you guys my brothers, can I? Well I can, and I'm sure to some people that might be hilarious, but RIGHT NOW, I can't. So I kept wrecking my brain trying to think of a way to somehow come out here, grab a mic, and not make you all fall asleep on me. Then it hit me...just be myself. It's corny and makes me sick to hear in movies, but that's exactly what I have to do, it's what I always did, and it's what I know what I want. So I came out here, grabbed a mic, and told you my story. I didn't do it for pity, I did it because that's what felt right to say.

Daniel Bryan backs up for a bit and begins to smile. The crowd mostly silent, some small cheers and hollers from the crowd can be heard during this small break Bryan takes. The mood a bit lighter now, he continues to talk.

[Daniel Bryan]: Whew...well with all that out of the way, I guess next the thing on my list to a certain "open" challenge somebody put out for anyone to take up. With Alberto Del Rio being one of the more recent new comers in XWL to do nothing but just rise straight to the top, I have to admit, it's a bit daunting to just for me to think I have a chance to face such a guy in the ring after such a long absence in quality. Still, I owe it my loyal fans who for some reason still follow me, I owe it to Foley to prove I still mean something but really, in the end, I owe it to myself to see if I still have what to takes to run with all these main eventers in XWL. Still, with everything I've said, I know it can be easy to take all this as some sort of way for me to try sell on your pity and get myself over the easy way, but that's now what I'm trying to do.

Daniel Bryan paces back and forth, it's clear this promo is reaching it's climatic end as Bryan continues to get louder with each sentence he speaks.

[Daniel Bryan]: You see, I say that because come the PPV, you're going to have choose between me and 3 very talented other choices. Jeff Hardy, Triple H and Drew McIntyre. One of those three has a very bright future while the other two already have an extremely well documented past in this business. If you guys vote for me over those three, I want you guys to do it because you know trust in what I have to say when I say that I will try my best, and even if I don't pick up the victory, I make sure you all leave remembering what a hell of a match that was between two talented ass competitors.

Daniel Bryan takes a deep breath and stares directly at the camera.

[Daniel Bryan]: My name, as of now, is Daniel Bryan, and no, I might never be the Bryan Danielson that took the indie scene by storm. That became one of the most feared men to ever step into a backyard ring, or sell out 150 seats...but I will become something new, something exciting. I know I'm one of the best damn wrestlers to step into an XWL ring and I haven't been able to prove that yet but believe me, now with this new found determination, I damn sure as hell will, even if I have to start from the bottom of the barrel and rip and destroy everyone on my way to the top! My name is Daniel Bryan...and Alberto Del Rio, I accept your open challenge!

Daniel Bryan points at the camera and raises his fists in the air. He smiles as at least half the crowd cheers loudly for this newly inspired Daniel Bryan. In his attempt to stand out and become something different, new and exciting, he might burn and crash, put up everyone's hopes only to fail tragically...or he might just become on of XWL's newest top stars. No one knows, and the only way to find out is to stay tuned!

The camera pans farther out as Daniel Bryan is seen with a huge smile on his face, existing the ring with the microphone placed in the middle of the ring. The show goes into a small commercial break after such a long promo segment...

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*The cameras cut to the backstage interviewing area where a female interviewer is standing by.*

[Rebecca] Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Rebecca. Please welcome my guest at this very time, he is the X-Treme Champion and Mr. Money in the Bank. Rob Van Dam!

*Right as she begins to say his name Rob Van Dam appears on the screen much to the fans delight, he points to himself and smiles as he is introduced.*

[Rebecca] Rob, tonight you will compete in one of the biggest main events in the history of our Breakdown broadcast. It's going to be you defending your X-Treme Title against John Morrison, Justin Gabriel and the returning Evan Bourne. Not only that, but it's going to be contested under TLC Rules! Tables, Ladders and Chairs. This is definitely your biggest defense yet, how do you feel going into tonights main event?

[Rob Van Dam] Well, as you said Rebecca.. This is one of the biggest matches in Breakdown history! With four guys like those you know I'm in for the fight of my life. First off we have John Morrison, he's kind of a mysterious guy as a late, hasn't said or done much but I respect the fact that he wants a shot at my title. He has all of his parkour flippy stuff, but come on dude, I'm the originator of the weird flippy stuff in wrestling.

[Rebecca] John Morrison is commonly compared to you, Rob. As you sort of mentioned you both have similar styles which will sure make for an interesting bout. What are your thoughts on your other two contenders?

[Rob Van Dam] I've never had the opportunity to face Justin Gabriel, but there's a first time for everything. He has been going around with his buddy Wade Barrett thinking that he's hot stuff, but the truth is he has nothing to brag about. But I guess tonight he really has the chance to make a name for himself at my expense, which I will try my best to stop. Because I'm in for the long run, I've been undefeated in XWL since the night I won this title and I'm gonna' keep on going until Mr. PPV is the World Champion.

[Rebecca] Fighting words from a fighting champion, last but not least, what are your thoughts on Evan Bourne being in your title match tonight? The man who slapped you right across the face last week in a shocking act.

*RVD chuckles to himself then begins to talk.*

[Rob Van Dam] You know, for a tiny guy, Evan Bourne sure has a lot of courage. For him to slap me in the face and then back out of the ring like a coward just shows his true colours. Truthfully, Rebecca. I can't wait to get my hands on Evan Bourne tonight, I'll gladly give him his reciept for that slap last week.. Maybe in the form of a Van-Daminator, though. You never know. I was red hot last week after what happened, but I calmed myself down and promised myself I would do some damage to him tonight. He only just returned from injury but after what he did, it's fair to say that I'm sending him right back on the shelf where he belongs.

[Rebecca] Any final words before your match tonight?

[Rob Van Dam] Do you remember when I won Money in the Bank? It was one of the toughest matches I've ever had, that was just a ladder match with four guys but now we're adding in Tables and Chairs. I've done some gnarly stuff in my career but this has to be the most risky. But i'm looking forward to the challenge in such a dangerous enviroment, and that's exactly where I thrive. Winning the match or not, it doesn't matter as much as long as I take Evan Bourne OUT! Courtesy of the Whole F'n Show...




*The camera fades away.*

I felt my RVD Promos were simple but I enjoyed doing them.
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I loved you as RVD, you're the reason Batista cried at X-treme X-mas Crying or Very sad


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*CM Punk appears on the titantron*

[[Punk]]: I hate to, put this night on hold. I know you all want to see Wrestling matches, but I have something of better quality that I can offer you. Another wonderful edition of ranting and raving with CM Punk. There is one person in particular, that is non other than Ted Dibiase. There are so many things I could say to him, but I fear he wouldn't understand the majority of those things. Let's face it, he isn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. But I want to pick up on some things he had to say last week, because I'm apparently not in Teddy's good books. He doesn't seem to like yours truly very much. Well, I thought I would return the favour and tell Teddy what I think of him.

[[Punk]]: You say I act as though the whole World revolves around me, you obviously haven't been paying attention Teddy boy. I've been the man, trying to make a change around here. I'm the guy that's trying to see less of the same thing week in and week out, the same guys in the Title picture, so that people like you can get their shots. I've been the guy, pushing so hard to get guys like Christopher Daniels and Daniel Bryan to where they deserve to be, but hey, if the whole World revolves around me then why should I bother? If that's the case I might go Evan Bourne's route and start kissing ass to keep everybody else down to hog that spotlight.

[[Punk]]: You have this odd idea in your head that I want this company to be all about me, when in reality you couldn't be further from the truth. What I want, is for this company to be fun and entertaining again. I am sick and tired of all these pointless arguements occuring backstage, over the most trivial things and you know exactly what I mean when I say that Ted. This company has came along way since it's inception and some of it is not good. What started out as something that was supposed to be fun, is now the complete opposite. instead of entertaining these people, management want to get as much profit as they can. Now I'm not going to condemn them for that, this is afterall a business. But they have lost sight of their original purpose.

[[Punk]]: I, want to return things back to how they once were. When people looked forward to turning up to a show and putting on some great matches. Instead of sitting quietly in the back incase they step on anybodies toes. Now-adays you do the slightest thing wrong in that ring, or in a promo you will be torn a new one, over the most trivial things. But those higher up people don't see it that way, noo. They see it as "Constructive criticism", they think they are making this company better by verbally abusing their staff week in and week out. Well the reality is, that everybody is sick of it. I can't describe the amount of people backstage, who have been loyal to this company have considered leaving due to the abuse they recieve from our wonderful management and I want that to stop. I, intend to make that change!

[[Punk]]: That Teddy, is what I intend to do with my career, that is what I shall be remembered for. And sure, maybe I want a Championship match every now and then, it's not like I haven't earned it. You say I've sat around for most of the year and done nothing? Maybe you're right, maybe my two World Title reigns were an embarrassment. But guess what Teddy, despite those flaws, I still matter and that is one thing you will never do. Why is that? Because every time I find my way back to this company. Every time I return from "Sitting on my ass". I work my ass off to get back to the top. I put in more effort than anybody, especially yourself.

[[Punk]]: You look anywhere, you ask anybody. They will say "Oh CM Punk did this, CM Punk did that". Hell you get that for basically the majority of the roster, except from yourself. Why? Because nobody gives a damn about you Ted. Now you can just say I'm mad about the things you said last week and I'm just saying these things to hurt your feelings. Or you could accept what I said for what it is; the truth. And the reason why people actually care for me and not you, is one simple thing. I fought to get to where I am, you're right I disappear every now and then. But every time I come back I have to fight, scratch, kick, claw, bite and punch my way back to the top.

[[Punk]]: And I do so with a smile spread wide across my face. While you on the otherhand, line the back pockets of the higher ups, To get your advantage over everybody else. Deny this all you want Teddy, but you know full well this is the truth. See, every since day one when you stepped into this company, you've been their new boy and they weren't going to let anything stop their new "Superstar". Even if that means pushing more deserving people to the side. Your first chance, against Wade Barrett. Which you claimed to be a "5 star feud", I obviously must've been watching a different feud. As what I watched was not anywhere near 5 star calibur. But you get your first chance and what did you do? You blew it, but no worries Ted. Management gave you another few more tries before they thought "Hmm, we may have to let somebody else try". And what happened when that somebody else tried? Why he won the Championship of course.

[[Punk]]: See, that is the huge difference between you and me Teddy.I'm by no means a Management guy. You quite obviously are all for it, taking after Daddy you want to be where the money is. And that is why you're quickly becoming XWL's new Golden Boy. It's like deja vu, but with you playing the lead role. Just like what happened a year back with Evan Bourne, is happening again. Week after week, you're being shoved down the throats of these people and the people in the back. Until eventually, people will become sick of you Ted. They will despise every part of, if you don't believe me just ask Evan, he will be so happy that somebody will talk to him. Because everybody that was around to experiece his run, is sick to death of him, ask anybody in the back.

[[Punk]]: Now you are slowly gaining that very same fate. The only difference between the both of you is that Evan wasn't delusional, he knew these people didn't like him. You on the other hand, think you're the greatest thing since sliced bread to these people. I know I point it out quite a lot, but you come out here week after week and make your terrible jokes and put on your what you claim to be "5 star feuds" and yet these people still don't care. Now I'm not going to go ahead and state that I am the best thing that has happened to these people in a long time, because there is no way that I would possibly be able to know that.

[[Punk]]: But there is one thing that I am damn sure of and that is that I am the Best In The World. Not you, not management or anybody can say otherwise. Because I come out here week after week and give everything that is pyhsically possible of me and yet I still have people doubting my abilities. People like yourself, people that are in our beloved management that come out here and nit pick everything I say and do and yet I continue to push on. If you had to put up with the crap I had to Teddy, you woud've gotten out of this game years ago and went home to cry to Daddy about how the mean bullies picked on you.

[[Punk]]: Sure, people have stated it before. Hell, there are two other people in this very same company that make the same claim, one of them who I have promoted very heavily since he came to this company. But none of them put into this as what I do. They don't have passion for this industry like I do. They don't go out there night after night and give 100%. That Teddy, is what I do. That, Teddy, is why these people actually care about me. Deny it all you want, you can claim that I am just an egotist and that I'm tooting my own horn. But there is one thing that any sane person cannot deny and that is that My name is CM Punk... And I am the Best in The World!

*Punk walks away off camera as XWL cuts into a hype package for John Cena*

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Gaz you're so cruel.


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Get Ready To Fly

King: Ladies and Gentlemen here comes AJ Styles.

Joey: Oh My God, he just popped up out of nowhere. That was incredible

AJ Walks down to the ring, and grabs a microphone

AJ: Everyone here in the Breakdown Zone, I have a huge announcement. I promised the other night to my kids that I would be at Final Stand and I would win on the biggest stage of them all. But now, as Final Stand comes near, the question that lingers in the back of my mind, is whether I will even make it there. Now unfortunetly, this is probably the toughest decision of my entire career.

AJ begins to tear up and stumbles through his next words

AJ: I promised my kids I would be at Final Stand, and that they'd be there to watch their daddy perform on the biggest stage, and cement himself as an elete force in XWL. But after what I found on Sunday, I didn't have the courage to tell my wife or kids. They're back home watching this right now, and unfortunetly, I have to make the decision of my lifetime. I am young, but the injury I sustained at No Escape in the Xtreme Championship Match, is going to hinder my wretling ability for quite along time, and the doctors said I could cause severe or permanent damage to the injury if I continue to wrestle. So I am sorry to my kids, my wife, my family, and my fans. This is the hardest thing to do in a man's life, and it was no different for me. That is why, The Phenomenal AJ Styles, is going to unlace his boots, and go to the front desk and pick up his final paycheck, because as of right now, I am in retirement.

The Fans begin to chant "Please Don't Go, Please Don't Go." They also chant "You are Phenomenal" and "You'll be Remembered". AJ walks out the ring, and drops the mic. He hugs all the fans in the front row wearing AJ T-Shirts, then goes to the commentary table and hugs King and Joey. AJ walks up the ramp waving good-bye to all the fans who supported him his entire career. AJ has tears running down his face, and he disappears behind the curtain for the final time
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In with the old

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