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 Brock Lesnars Warning

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Brock Lesnars Warning  Empty
PostSubject: Brock Lesnars Warning    Brock Lesnars Warning  EmptyMon Aug 12, 2019 1:03 pm

Paul Heyman who is sitting down stares up at the camera as he looks over while the camera has Brock Lesnar in plain view with both men sitting down on a couch

Brock Lesnars Warning  CloudyWhimsicalHydra-size_restricted

:Paul Heyman:
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen my name is Paul Heyman  and I'm sitting next to my Advacate BROCK! LESNAR! and we happen to have a warning for the likes of xwl my client Brock Lesnar has decided to sign with xwl,  he signed this morning as a matter of fact he is supposed to show up real soon because my client Brocc..

Brock Lesnar grabs paul heyman and pushes him back a little not enough to hurt him  but enough to get his message across as he looks very serious and motivated

Brock Lesnars Warning  DimwittedHollowHypsilophodon-size_restricted

:Brock Lesnar:
I was put on this planet to hurt people and I plan on doing that when i come to xwl, I plan on taking people to suplex city and doing awful and evil things to people. when you see Lesnar I will be in a xwl ring coming off my big win in ufc I will be coming to destroy everyone put in front of me. Paul take over..

Paul Heyman smiles and leans forward on the couch

Brock Lesnars Warning  UnacceptableComposedAmethystsunbird-size_restricted

:Paul Heyman:
see you heard it first hand from my client Brock Lesnar, let me just tell you a story from being ecw owner to bringing in Brcok Lesnar to me bringing in my slogan "Become a Paul Heyman Guy" to now this is the beast incarnent my advocate my Client everything all wrapped up into one.

Brock decides to push heyman back yet again to speak his mind

Brock Lesnars Warning  FWsWLj

:Brock Lesnar:
from ecw to wwe to ufc to now xwl should be fun but not a debut but more of a return to cause pain and suffering for those who get in my way I dont care if your a legend a active wrestler management when I come to xwl soon someone will be victimized.

Heyman leans forward from the couch once again only to say those words

Brock Lesnars Warning  EntireQuarterlyGrizzlybear-size_restricted

:Paul Heyman:
eat sleep conquer repeat, Suplex city bitch!

heyman and brock stand up as Heyman smiles at the camera and brock not paying no mind leaving the area brock grabs the camera man and tosses him over the couch and destroying the camera

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Brock Lesnars Warning
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