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PostSubject: Exclusive: Livin’ Large Exclusive: Livin’ Large EmptyMon Aug 05, 2019 5:02 pm

Backstage, our cameraman is getting a shot of a door labeled: “Queen of the Ring, LIV MORGAN.” He raises his fist and gives the door a few good knocks. As we’re waiting to be invited in, we here scrambling from the other side of the door. By the sound of it, perhaps it could be items being thrown across the room or anxiously tucked away presumably.


The shrill tone of the Delinquent passes through the doorframe with ease as she scrambles to make everything semi presentable. As the stumbling and fumbling becomes louder and closer to the door, the handle finally clicks and the door swings open at last to reveal the grinning face of the Delinquent. With her prized tiara at a quirkily appropriate slant atop her head, Liv takes a deep breath and composes herself.

[[LIV Morgan!]]
What's good, Welcome to my crib! Come inside, I’ve got lotsa candy.

At that moment, a bouncy ball gradually rolls into Liv’s ankle from inside of the threshold. Morgan glances down with one narrowed eye, as if she were mentally communicating to her toys: “Don’t ruin this for me!” Liv smoothly kicks it back in the direction from whence it came, and immediately plasters her best cookie-cutter smile back onto her face. She swings the door open wider, allowing the cameraman to hesitantly follow her inside.

[[LIV Morgan!]]
So, this is the premium locker room that I finally got upgraded to. They told me it’s because I’m the Queen of the Ring now, and also a slight danger to society or somethin’ like that... ANYWAY! I mean I think I deserve it, right? I gave a lot to this company. My own marbles for one, HA!

Liv tosses her baby pink hair back over her shoulder and laughs with a mild pig snort at the end.

[[LIV Morgan!]]
But lots of other things too, like...

The Delinquent holds up her hand and curls her index finger to encourage the camera to come closer as she whispers:

[[LIV Morgan!]]
My very first KISS! Betcha didn’t know that, huh? Did’ja? I looked like a pro, didn't I?

Liv presses her index finger in front of her lips with an adolescent grin, indicating to keep her “secret” as she leads us further into the locker room. We finally come to a halt by a vanity mirror attached to a desk with white and black nail polish, hair spray bottles, and jolly rancher wrappers strewn across the surface.

[[LIV Morgan!]]
This is where I get ready and think about how great it was that time that I flipped the script on Sasha and left her heartbroken in the ring! An instant classic.

Liv frolics beyond the vanity and down a small hallway with a vacant shelf in it.

[[LIV Morgan!]]
This is where I’m gonna keep my Women’s Championship once I trade my beautiful crown in for a title match...

Morgan plucks the crooked tiara off of her scalp and admires it momentarily before kissing it slowly. As she pulls her lips away, she smiles like a proud mom and instantly places it right back on top of her head in the same slanted manner that it was before. As we make it through the hallway, we enter a small kitchen that’s connected to a small but luxurious living area. Liv gets some pep in her step as she locks eyes with the fridge, and skips over to its double doors eagerly. She grabs hold of both and quickly twitches her head over her shoulder towards the camera.

[[LIV Morgan!]]
And THIS is where I keep all of my favorite meals and snacks, that I like to eat when I'm thinkin' about how all the important stuff in life, y'know? Like how good I got Sasha Banks back for all everything she did to me... Wanna see??

The Problem Child whips both doors wide open, and as the illuminated glow of the fridge hits her bright eyes, her face expression slowly fades into one of deep shock.

[[LIV Morgan!]]

Her big, blue, Bratz doll eyes somehow get even wider as her shriek echoes throughout the room. As the cameraman steps a little closer, we notice that Liv’s fridge is completely void of anything besides a few party size jolly rancher bags, all notably empty as well. After another moment of suspense, not knowing how Liv is going to react, an invisible lightbulb goes off in her head and she smiles and breathes a large, extended sigh of relief.

[[LIV Morgan!]]
That’s right...! I put ‘em all out on the table since I was expectin’ company today. Silly me! Haha!

Morgan prances towards the dining room table that is placed between the kitchen and the living room. Once she arrives, our calming nerves are struck down with yet another distressed shriek coming from Liv Morgan. This one was so high-pitched and shrill that all of our ears are left ringing from the aftershock.

[[LIV Morgan!]]

Liv leans over to look inside of a massive bowl that is acting as a centerpiece to her dining table, and once again, the only things occupying the vacant space are a bunch of empty blue raspberry jolly rancher wrappers. As Liv begins to leap right off of the deep end, clutching both sides of her head in extreme distress, her frantic eyes pick up on something. A bread crumb trail of sorts, only not. Instead of pieces of bread, there were more opened wrappers leading into the living room. Like a bloodhound hot on the scent, Morgan keeps her eyes glued to the ground as she tracks down the culprit. The cameraman follows suit, sticking close behind as Liv suddenly bumps her head against a firm wooden door. With an alarming *CLUNK* Liv takes a single step back and rubs the developing welt on her forehead.

[[LIV Morgan!]]

In front of her are a series of tall wooden doors that together create a large “locker” space for the Delinquent to store all of her ring gear. Morgan swiftly silences herself, and much like the scene we witnessed with the refrigerator, Liv grabs the handle of the double wooden door in question. She glances back over her shoulder, holding her index finger up to her lips once again to instruct the camera to keep quiet, she’s going in. After a silent count of three inside the Delinquent’s head, Liv RIPS THE DOOR WIDE OPEN AND SCREAMS!

Once again, her scream was so alarming that it causes the mystery assailant to also scream. Although the culprit’s scream was also rather high in tone, we are able to decipher that it is being produced by a male.

[[LIV Morgan!]]
Stranger danger! STRANGER DANGER!

Liv's voice, that could easily shatter glass if she concentrated hard enough, is undoubtedly carrying through the halls of the backstage area at this point. Her scream finally comes to a halt though when she notices what appears to be in the hand of the stranger. Without hesitation, she plunges her hand inside of the locker and jerks out another party size bag of jolly ranchers. The crinkling of the bag fills the room as Liv turns it upside down and shakes it furiously in search of any survivors. After finding no success with that method, she pulls the opening wide and sticks her head in, but still comes up empty handed. Her lip quickly becomes pursed as she crumples up the bag and slams it onto the floor by her Jordan’s.

[[LIV Morgan!]]

She barks, snarling at the mysterious man in her locker. The cameraman jumps on this, exposing the man to be... JOEY JANELA??

Joey Janela
Liv... sweetheart, you have to help me out! They're looking for me, Liv. Keith... Dean... After what I did at Coronation, they're gonna kill me! From a Bad Boy to a Bad Girl, please help me! You have to help me!

Once he begins to speak, Liv’s fine-tuned ear picks up the sound of a lingering jolly rancher clacking off of the teeth of Janela. Morgan narrows her eyes, glaring up at the Bad Boy with a look that could kill an entire village. She holds her hand out, palm up, with her upper lip quivering in anger.

[[LIV Morgan!]]
... GIVE IT!!!

Joey Janela
GIVE WHAT?! I don't have shit!

And with that uncooperative response, the Blue-Tongued Brat does what only she would ever be willing to do for her trademarked candy. In a quick blink, Morgan thrusts her hand upwards and punches Janela straight in the throat! As an immediate response, Joey coughs and his noticeably blue tongue juts right out of his mouth. With her opposite hand, Liv grabs hold of the tongue as if she were scolding a considerably bad child by grabbing his ear. Her eyes search frantically around his mouth as Janela whimpers with his hands up in surrender.

[[LIV Morgan!]]
WHERE IS IT?! I know it's in there, I can smell it!

Joey mumbles and murmurs, seeming to insist that there was no jolly rancher as he had originally indicated, but Liv knew better than that. After a couple of seconds, Morgan lifts Janela’s tongue up into the air while she gasps. Her eyes lighting up like a pirate locating their treasure, Liv reaches inside of Joey’s mouth and retrieves the last jolly rancher! The Bad Boy winces and flinches throughout the process, but is finally released once Liv got what she came for. Liv holds the half-suckled piece of bright blue candy up between her fingertips with an accomplished smile before she opens her gob and CHUCKS IT RIGHT IN!... I guess we really shouldn’t be all that surprised, considering the lengths she was willing to go to in order to re-obtain her stolen property in the first place. Her eyes fall shut in satisfaction as a smile warms up across her lips like a diabetic who finally received their much needed insulin. All of a sudden the locker right next door to the one that Joey Janela was hiding in slams open. The sudden noise scares Liv so much that she accidently spits out her jolly rancher on the floor when she screamed

Can you two please keep it down??!?! I’m trying to read here!!

All of a sudden R-Truth’s head pops out of the locker, in his hands is a book that reads “Getting Over The Fear Of Heights For Dummy’s”. However he is holding the book upside down. Liv looks down at her Jolly Rancher that is now sitting on the dirty floor, her lip begins to quiver once again. She slowly raises her head to look up at R-Truth with a crazed glare.

I.. Uh… I should go..

Joey finds humor in Truth's antics as he can't help but to let out a hoarse laugh as Truth scurries out of the room. This is only briefly as he begins clutching at his throat, still in pain from Liv Morgan's punch. Joey slowly steps out of the locker. He doesn't make eye contact with Liv now, intimidated by the small pink haired woman, but Joey finds the guts to say the next statement with his now raspy voice.

Joey Janela
You god damn bitch!

Joey slams his foot down on the Jolly Rancher, crushing it into pieces. He has to stop for a moment to let out a cough.

Joey Janela
You're so small but hit so fucking hard... Usually I like that, bu-

Then you’re going to love me..

Janela turns around towards where the voice came from only to be struck right in the bridge of the nose by an elbow, but not just any elbow, this elbow belongs to none other than Dean Ambrose!! “The Lunatic Fringe” follows the elbow with a combination of wild punches, knees, and frankly whatever other body part Ambrose can use to hurt the man who attacked him during his Pay Per View Match against Keith Lee. Dean tosses Janela back into the locker and slams the door shut.

[[Dean Ambrose]]
You stay in there while I find something to smash your teeth in with. I have a match later against Chris Jericho which I’m really looking forward to, and don’t want to break my punching hand on your face.

Ambrose turns around to find a steel chair, but walks right into Liv Morgan, who is still pouting about the Jolly Rancher that Joey Janela stomped on.

[[Dean Ambrose]]
What’s wrong with you?

[[LIV Morgan!]]
HE IS!... First he eats my breakfast candy, then he eats right through my lunchtime candy, and he DEFINITELY didn’t save any my dinner candy. He even ate my special occasion candy...! THOSE WERE FOR BIRTHDAYS, WEDDINGS, AND PAY-PER-VIEWS! And to top it all off, he STOMPED on the very last one with his big, stupid boot! ON PURPOSE!

The Problem Child of XWL, certainly living up to her reputation, drives her foot onto the floor as she balls up her fists so hard that her knuckles turn white. Her voice reaches an unfortunately high new octave as she pours her heart out to the Lunatic Fringe, overcome with rage among several other emotions.

[[Dean Ambrose]]
I’ll tell you what..  I was going to knock his teeth out, but instead, just for you, I’ll rip his tongue out instead. That way he’ll never have a reason to steal your Jolly Ranchers ever again. How does that sound??

Liv looks up at Dean, wipes a single tear from her cheek, and smiles from ear to ear with a sudden twinkling in her childlike, blue eyes.

[[LIV Morgan!]]
My hero~!

Liv clasps her hands together by her bright-eyed face and pops her left foot up dramatically. Dean turns back towards the locker that Janela is stuffed inside, but before he can do anything…

The entire wall besides them caves in, particles of dust and the bricks of the infrastructure are all toppling over one another as if a bomb went off, but no out of that rubble comes Keith Lee like the Kool-Aid Man. Instead he doesn’t say “OH YEAAAAH” he goes straight into talking unphased.

[Keith Lee]

You know damn WELL that you aren’t the only two looking for that snot nosed punk, Joey Janela. He tried to bury me inside the ring at Coronation under chairs, under chairs people. If you two don’t stop flirting then someone will have to do something and I guess that someone has to be me.

[[Dean Ambrose]]
Are we just going to ignore the fact that you ju- just.. OK. Do you need an ice pack, maybe some ibuprofen or?

[Keith Lee]

Stop, there is no time for such things when we have him hiding under our noses. Get it, because i’m tall and you’re..NEVERMIND.

Keith steps up to Dean and widens his eyes almost about to grab him by the collar when he’s not taking him seriously but raises his eyebrow instead after noticing a lady is present, or whatever you would like to call this wild child, Liv Morgan.

[Keith Lee]

Oh, excuse me.. I didn’t see you there. By any chance, since.. You kinda know your way around this plac-

Lee covers his mouth but not with his own hand, with Dean’s hand after almost calling LIV a floozy susie straight out. Dean looks at this in disgust and yanks his hand back to his side.

[Keith Lee]


[Keith Lee]

This isn’t the movies.

[Keith Lee]

THIS ISN’T THE MOVIES!!  The chances that Joey Janela is hiding somewhere close is pretty high if I did my calculations correct. You would be foolish, absolutely foolish to ever consider that he could be hiding in a small space, he’s no spring chicken if you ask me and I eat, a lot. That’s actually how I met Joey, he ruined my meal and I ruined his face. He couldn’t handle that I got the last of the catering and blew smoke in my face so I cremepied him in front of his little girlfriend then after threw him all around the ring by his hair until I was finished with him.

Liv and Dean look at Keith not understanding the context silently judging him with their facial expressions reacting.

[Keith Lee]

You had to be there, don’t look at me like that.. It’s not what you think.. HEY LOOK IT WAS UNCALLED FOR, do you understand? Anyways, if I was a cigarette smoking blow hard Kurt Cobain wannabe who ruins five star studded matches, where would I be hiding in this very moment?

All three of them ponder with their thoughts and look up at the ceiling of the locker room, Keith Lee stuck in his imagination.

Dean and Liv wondering if they should tell Lee that they found Joey Janela earlier but Dean shoved him back into a locker. They shrug at each other and Keith hasn't moved, he's like a statue at this point. I wouldn't be surprised if he has "BASK IN MY GLORY" on loop inside his head. The room remains silent for a moment until, with the sharp thud of a sneaker to the floor, Liv banshee screams out:

[[LIV Morgan!]]

The surrounding men are forced to cover their ears with both hands in desperate search for relief from the ear-piercing screech. Liv’s voice leaves the camera’s audio ringing seconds after her windpipes finally give way. Keith Lee casually backs up through the hole that he just created in Liv’s wall, whose chest is currently heaving up and down in rage still. Dean waits for Keith to disappear before glancing down at Liv, instantly noticing that this was anything but a hollow threat. As a result, he quickly sees himself out of the door, leaving Liv to sigh out of frustration as she storms out of the view of our cameras. As she does, the camera pans back towards the wooden locker, which slowly pops open. Four fingers wrap around the edge of the door and lift it up, allowing the eyes of the Bad Boy to take a quick look around the room and ensure that the coast is clear. As his eyes are surveying the room, they stop once they locate the figure of— Penelope Ford!

Joey! What are you doing in there?

[[LIV Morgan!]]
Oh, I’ll tell ya EXACTLY what he’s doin’ in there, lady...

The camera quickly pans back over to the right, where Liv Morgan is seated on her kitchen counter, sucking her teeth intently, with her eyes narrowed towards the two. Penelope rolls her eyes, as if non-verbally conveying the message of: “Not you again...” Liv hops off of the counter and slowly walks towards the pair while she breaks down the situation for Penelope.

[[LIV Morgan!]]
What appears to be the case here is:... You aren’t doin’ a good enough job keepin’ your “man” on a leash and satisfied at home, so I caught him sniffin’ up MY tree, in MY new locker room suite, eating up all of MY, CANDY!

What’s that supposed to mean, you little Pinkie Pie bit—

Before the profane word could even leave Penelope’s mouth, Liv sent a flying smack her way that connected so hard that Ford stumbled back and had to be caught by Janela who had pulled himself out of the locker behind her!

[[LIV Morgan!]]
Y’see this crown?! I had to beat much scarier people than YOU to get it... I am the 2019 Queen of the Ring, and I said: EVERYBODY, OUT!

While Penelope is not the type to take that kind of attitude sitting down, she and the Bad Boy both quickly realize that XWL’s Delinquent is truly not one to be messed with. Especially not at this particular time, when she’s been deprived of her favorite jolly blues. With her emphatic shriek, Liv’s finger is aimed straight towards the door. Joey and Penelope gingerly see themselves out as well, making sure not to make any sudden moves that would further agitate the already volatile Liv Morgan, but also not to draw any attention to their presence, as Janela in particular is still very much on the run. After the exit through the doorway, Liv turns and looks up at the cameraman with an eerily serious expression.

[[LIV Morgan!]]
That includes you too, camera boy!... BYE!

After being aggressively shoved out of the threshold, Morgan slams the door shut like a raging teenager deep in a fight with their suburban parents who just don’t understand that it’s so much more than just a faze. The final shot shows the nameplate on the door, as identified at the beginning of this segment, now hanging on my a single nail that allows it to swing back and forth from the sudden slam while the camera fades to black on this Exclusive.
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