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 Cyberslam: Chris Jericho Vs Johnny Gargano Vs Dean Ambrose - XWL World Heavyweight Championship Match

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P.R Son
P.R Son

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PostSubject: Cyberslam: Chris Jericho Vs Johnny Gargano Vs Dean Ambrose - XWL World Heavyweight Championship Match   Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:57 pm

At The 10th Anniversary Spectacle Final Stand Johnny Gargano was well on his way to having the single greatest night of his career. Defeating The Miz to once again be an XWL Superstar, and unbeknownst to us he had drawn the coveted 20th spot in The Final Stand-Off where The Winner would earn a World Title shot at Cyberslam. But that night quickly was spoiled by an ever so opportunistic Chris Jericho who would brutally assault Johnny Wrestling and STEAL his spot. With highway robbery committed, he seized that opportunity and WON. And he would've gotten away with it too, if not for a persistent Gargano who refused to let another pompous man take control of his career again. He fought Jericho at Warzone where if he won, he would be added to Jericho's match with World Champion Dean, and thanks to The Champion's help in fending off The Alpha Club, that's exactly what Johnny Gargano did. But that is where this story took an unexpected turn, Johnny after being helped by The Champion, would lay him out and send a message that is loud and clear, he wants that title, and he isn't going to play nice, because it's gotten him nothing but screwed around by other Superstars and at Cyberslam he's determined to realize his dream. But Johnny's actions seem to have shown our World Champion that he's perhaps gone soft, that he's allowed himself to become someone that ANYONE thinks they can attack and there won't be hell to pay. So he returned that attack and has stated that at Cyberslam both Jericho & Gargano will find out exactly why they call him a lunatic. With the rich story of personal emotions spread between each man, it's only appropriate that they have provided you The XWL Universe with the type of match they want this to be.

Chris Jericho wants a TLC Match because that is where Dean lost The World Television Championship and he's certain it'll be the end of his World Heavyweight Title reign. Johnny Gargano wants a 2/3 Falls Match where you must pin BOTH of your opponents to find out who the true "alpha" between the three of them is. While The Champion himself wants to go back to his roots and and compete in a match in his words that turns humans into beasts, a Deathmatch. The question is, which Superstar will get their wish? That power is in your hands, and it could very well decide who leaves The Main-Event as World Heavyweight Champion.

What TYPE of match will it be?

A.  Jericho's Choice: A TLC Match

B.   Gargano's Choice: A 2/3 Falls Match where BOTH opponents have to be pinned

C.  Ambrose's Choice: A Deathmatch

All votes must be PM'd to me (P.R Son) or Austin on the site or over discord. You will have from now until Monday September 24th at 4:30PM EST to cast your votes. But keep in mind that I am very annoying, and I am unapologetic about it. So if I don't have your vote within a week before that date? I'm going to message you over and over until I do because this is an AWESOME event. This is the one event a year where you the community, and all of the members in it get to impact the rivalries you follow. It's always amazing to have as much participation as possible and every vote matters. So please message one of us and state what your vote is for this particular match either stating the letter belonging to your desire choice or the actual type of match you've chosen.


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Cyberslam: Chris Jericho Vs Johnny Gargano Vs Dean Ambrose - XWL World Heavyweight Championship Match
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