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 Official 2018 Admin Survey Response

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P.R Son
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Official 2018 Admin Survey Response Empty
PostSubject: Official 2018 Admin Survey Response   Official 2018 Admin Survey Response EmptyMon Mar 05, 2018 3:14 pm

In the middle of January we posted a Survey, this one.

Here is our collective response to things you the members expressed.


1.   The Elimination Chamber was brought up a couple of times in the survey and we can assure you that there will be at least one this year. Obviously this isn’t the biggest concern that came from the survey but it was something that we still wanted to address so that people aren’t constantly asking about when it will be, if there will be one, and so on. The current estimated date for the Elimination Chamber will be the Downpour event. Plans can change if something was to go wrong, of course, but as of right now, there will at least be one for the World Heavyweight Championship at the show. Holding one for the Intercontinental Championship and the Women’s Championship is currently up in the air and cannot be confirmed.

2.   As a quick added note all booking notes have been taken into regard by Tyler and the rest of the team. In case you’ve missed it on the recent cards there have been far more multi-man matches, bigger and more important matches and just all around changes in the booking system as they were requested. These will remain until they seem to fail and upon doing so Tyler will fix it as he sees fit at the discretion of the admin team. We hope that this has been a positive for you and if you have anything else you’re interested in seeing booking wise please remember to just message Tyler, preferably on Skype (though the site is perfectly fine, I’m just on skype more -Tyler) so he can see to it being fixed.

3.   Two members brought up the rule regarding wrestlers who have passed away and the fact that we do not allow people to play as them. I’m sorry to those who might be interested in playing as someone like Eddie Guerrero, Roddy Piper or Randy Savage but the rule will not be changing. Deceased wrestlers are still banned from being picked up. The admins felt that the rule did not need to be changed out of respect for those who have passed and there are plenty of wrestlers alive for people to pick up. Though this is seen as frustrating by some of the members we truly believe this is the best way to go and one of the few rules we feel very strongly about keeping.

4.   Tag Team Championships! We’re about to let you guys down because we will not be adding tag team championships until you prove that this league is deserving of them. It’s been said before and it will be said again; we are open to the idea of having a tag team division but it is something that the members have to work for. DX has done good as a tag team but they aren’t enough. On the subject of tag teams, we are also going to address the general idea of tag team matches and why we do not book a lot of them. A lot of times can a tag team match turn into a mess. They usually take a long time and people sometimes forget the rule about breaking up pins. They aren’t the most fun matches most of the time and most would agree. However, as you may have seen recently we have booked more multiman matches, tag matches and have also discussed the tag division in depth. It is an ongoing discussion and we hope to see interest take initiative here. Until it does, sadly, we cannot provide tag titles without a division to work with.We do have plans to do a Tag-Team Classic with chosen and random pairings at some point this year though, so it’s not like we’re not going to give y’all every opportunity to make one before/potentially after it.

5.   DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE APPEAL SYSTEM, GUYS! The system is there for a reason and that reason is to give you guys a voice. If you have a problem, no matter what it is, you can use this system to make us hear you out. It’s that simple. We decided to implement this system for you. Not for us admins who run the league, but for the members of the league. One of the main examples was Stunner who has come forward to discuss rules and other issues with us. Due to that, he was able to be heard out a lot more effectively than just not enjoying something. It made our lives easier and seemed to ease his nerves a bit as well. Communication is key and we hope to see more people using this system in the future rather than just being angry because they aren’t being heard. In all honesty, we want to hear everyone out but it’s not an easy job being an admin and an active participant. We hope you understand that we do try out best and this system is the next step in that motion.

6.   Hardcore Championship! While it may work for other leagues, and could be something we do in the future. At this time given that we just introduced The World Television Championship and it will be defended biweekly (this beginning period is not an example of how often it’ll be defended it will be more than once every month but there’s no defined “it has to be this certain week” because we don’t want it to be restrictive in any way, like The Elite Title was. Also on top of that we’re making waves to get the title history completely updated and if there was a title that changed hands potentially every week it ’d just make those matters even worse. If there’s genuine interest from a lot of you in this, feel free to use the appeal system to fight for what you want in a respectful way in a way where you will be 100% heard and given the floor to make your case.

7.   Hi, it’s David here. I appreciate that I’ve had such an impact on situations, and resolved them so well that the survey overwhelmingly is like “DAVID CAN SOLVE ANYTHING” but there’s a group of admins, six of them to be exact, we’re always open to more so y’know hint hint wink wink nudge nudge. But they’re competent, they’re capable, and they’re willing to help with any situation that might arise. So don’t be afraid to send Josh a message like hey this match was bad, what do I do? Or ask Austin for advice on a growing personal issue between you and a member. They all wanna help, and they all will help. Plus, I couldn’t even resolve my own issues when XWL started, that took time, so y’know...allow them that time to become that themselves. Because man could you imagine if we had an entire group of admins that were on the pedestal you put me on? Solutions for days.

8.   WHAT’S THIS? MORE THINGS TO SPEND MY POINTS ON? That’s right, the last and perhaps hopefully most exciting thing is that we’re adding several new things to the points shop. Let me first let those of you who wanted to buy a contendership down just, doesn’t work You’re welcome to appeal that idea, but I think we’ve been very inclusive when it comes to opportunities the last couple of months and those of you earning the points to buy that would already have it honestly. But what are we adding? Well…


Unlock the ability to use leverage pin to end 1 non-title match  - 60 Points

We slashed it in half and then slashed it some more, now it’s only 60 points. As of course as intended before, when you buy this you need to let your opponent know that you’ll be using it before the match happens.


Book Yourself:  With the admin’s approval you will be allowed to book your match for that week including the type of match, and who it is with  - 100  Points

Like with anything it needs to make sense, so while we’re going to be lenient, we will have the final say as to whether or not something can happen that week, or as you request it to.

BE The Booker:  With the admin’s approval you will be allowed to book an entire show -  200 Points

Like with booking your own match, it will be subject to admin approval we will change nothing without legitimate reasoning, and it will be still with your input as to what it changes to.


Thrice The Fun: Unlock The Lifetime Perk Of Being Up To 3 Superstars Of The Same Gender  -  300 Points

Another thing people have wanted, but we haven’t allowed was being 3 Superstars of the same gender. It’s simple, once you buy this, even if you drop your third Superstar or leave or whatever, you as the member will have the ability going forward to be 3 males or 3 females if you so choose.

Break Up:  Unlock the one time use of a break of up to 6 months as ONE Superstar.   - 355 Points

In the past it’s been all or none, but recently we’ve come to a decision that people who are their characters as long as it’d take to reach this point, deserve the right to take an absence as them and still be able to be active as their other characters instead of having to go on break as all of their characters at once.

Resiliency LVL 3:  Unlock the ability to upgrade your resiliency from LVL 1 to LVL 3, this will allow you every match to be able to kick out without the loss of a finisher.   -  400 Points

Since it’s like Res LVL 1 but it doesn’t cost you a finisher, we think this is a nice addition for what people can earn the right to have because like LVL 1, it’s a one time use per match. The only difference is you don’t have to give up a finisher to use it.

Now in the midst of our own busy lives and catching up on updates, and producing our own content for the league...we tried to scour the survey so we could address everyone's issues or things they wanted to be changed. If we missed your question, or issue please feel free to state so below and we'll address it. We hope you like the changes thus far, we've really especially on the booking end tried to take what you guys said and apply it. We thank those of you that were in the 2 recent Fatal 4 Ways for getting those done and giving us more confidence that they can be done. I hope that we've added more rewards for the points system that appeals to you, of course, if you have any additional ideas please don't hold back.

Apologies for the long read, we tried to keep it concise, but we also wanted you to know the details of things and I (David) especially have a habit of typing a lot.

Anyways thanks for reading, and participating in the survey, I know we made a response mandatory, but it was because we wanted to hear from everyone so we knew where everyone truly stood on matters. As a personal thing I wanna kinda feel around about to end this on, what did you guys think of how we handled Money in The Bank this year? Did you like the twist on the qualifiers? If you'll notice we tried to make those all multi-person matches and reward those we feel have been killing it with a second chance built into those matches.  But if you didn't like it or think next year it could be done better please let us know. Thanks!


Your Friendly Neighborhood Admins


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Official 2018 Admin Survey Response
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