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 PPV Awards: International Incident

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P.R Son

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PostSubject: PPV Awards: International Incident    Thu Feb 08, 2018 5:47 pm

>>Male Competitor of the PPV<<

Winner: Kenny Omega
Runner up : Awoken Matt, Sami Callihan, Sami Zayn

>>Female Competitor of the PPV<<

Winner : Natalya
Runner Up : Carmella

>>Promo of the PPV<<

Winner : April's Farewell
Runner Up:  Omega, Carmella, Natalya

>>Shocker of the PPV<<

Winner : Chris Jericho returns and brtually assaults AJ Styles
Runner Up: Natalya beats April, Omega's domination of Rollins, Callihan wins title 

>>Match of the PPV<<

Winner : Awoken Matt Vs Nero  -  Sakujo
Runner Up : Natalya Vs April -  60 Minute IronWoman Match

>>Feud of the PPV<<

Winner :  Awoken Matt Vs Nero
Runners Up:  Seth Rollins Vs Kenny Omega

I'm really proud of what everyone did this show, honestly one of our best in a while, I feel like Josh & Matt stepped up in a big way and I'm glad it was appreciated because they killed it. What I'm not proud of is the fact that so few of you took the time in 4 days to vote, when well over half of you said you liked PPV Awards in the survey, that you wanted them to continue, yet...when you're asked to vote you don't? There's hardly ever a comment on these post giving your own thoughts on the winners, or the show as a whole, it just feels largely unappreciated and if you don't care then how am I supposed to?

Without going into a huge rant I'm just going to say I need better participation next time or else I'll stop doing these and we won't get your insight on who you think are being the most impressive, and when come time for The Slammy Awards you won't pick a single nominee all because you couldn't take the minute or two that it takes to submit your votes for these awards. And then members like Oreo who absolutely KILLED it this show with a breakout week of an awesome promo and dominating victory in his rivalry won't know how appreciated he was by you, and while some of you may not need validation it's always nice to know that someone was affected by what you did in such a positive way. That they did something they enjoyed and others did too.

That's why I usually try to do stories so that people at least feel like one person took the time to show appreciation for what they did. Like Matt & Josh killed it this PPV and I'm so glad they got that nod for rivalry and match because it's 100% deserved they wanted to do something special and they did. And did anyone comment that they loved it on the show? No. You voted it though, those of you that voted, so these awards have purpose I believe. But if I'm not going to have more participation then I'm gonna stop caring and I really enjoy doing these because I like seeing things like Omega being your Star of the PPV when he wasn't in a title match, he didn't win some contendership, he just did some awesome promos, and had a big win.

And Josh & Matt two people who have had a unique rivalry with twists thrown around put in the work to make their finale as epic as they envisioned it, and I like seeing them acknowledged. I like seeing a genuine shocker like Jericho get the nod because I know Austin worked hard to keep it under wraps and to do something different.

And Lazy getting promo of PPV again, this time as April, in a promo I know was very special to him and the entire division itself which he both destroyed and brought the best out of during his incredible reign. He deserves recognition, everyone does once in a while, so give me a reason to do that, take the time to vote and make your voice heard if you won't do it in the form of actual feedback.

I said I wasn't gonna rant, but you all also said you liked the PPV awards and wanted them to continue yet your lack of voting says otherwise.

Anyways congrats to the winners, and everyone that busted their tail to make International Incident into the beast of a show that it was!


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PostSubject: Re: PPV Awards: International Incident    Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:26 pm

HUGE shout-out to Oreo, Matt, and Josh, who in my humble opinion absolutely killed it this show, loved the Matt/Jeff stuff and of course, Omega kicked ass. Also loved pretty much everything about Natalya/April, and loved how out of nowhere Jericho's return was. Also congrats Strum on your first successful title defense, woohoo. And even though it didn't win, Callihan/Gable was incredible. All in all, loved the show and how much everyone contributed.
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Mid Card
Mid Card

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PostSubject: Re: PPV Awards: International Incident    Fri Feb 09, 2018 1:35 pm

Thank you guys. This means a lot to me and I'm really happy people are digging Kenny! Congrats to everyone on a awesome show. Everything was super entertaining and I'm excited to see what everyone does next!

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PostSubject: Re: PPV Awards: International Incident    

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PPV Awards: International Incident
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