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 Booking here in XWL!

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PostSubject: Booking here in XWL!   Booking here in XWL! EmptySun Feb 04, 2018 3:45 pm

Hi all, it's Tyler here with just a quick update and an announcement on booking here in XWL.

With the most recent survey going out I gave you all a quick little input on how I book and what not but there are still a few things we need to cover as a unit. First off, I have listened to you all about multiman matches as well as more title matches on Anarchy which, will be covered in the upcoming weeks and I feel all of you will be very excited and pleased by it.

First and foremost, booking is a timely process that I do throughout the week, updating the card as the results go out. This takes a lot of time to make sure it doesn't have repeated matches weekly as well as just to make sure schedules can work. Though it isn't always worked out that way, I, and the rest of the team attempt to make that happen.

With that being said, the last day for booking on my behalf, is Friday. Which means any kind of match that is needed for the following week, or any debuts/returns/segments that you want featured on the card when it is posted, must go to me before Friday. If it comes in later, it makes my life a whole lot harder. This includes if you want the week off due to an angle you're working or whatever.

This is an attempt to make things move a lot smoother in XWL and to stop me from being frustrated by some late messages I get. I hope you all understand, thanks.
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Booking here in XWL!
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