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 PPV Awards: Roulette

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P.R Son

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PostSubject: PPV Awards: Roulette   Wed Nov 01, 2017 10:51 pm

>>Male Competitor of the PPV<<

Winner: The Miz
Runner up : JBL, AJ Styles

Tonight we witnessed the reemergence of The Miz when the wheel landed on his name, and he was announced as the man that not only would challenge The Awoken King for The World Heavyweight Championship? He would pick the very type of match their battle would be waged in. After a crushing loss already that night, he put all his chips in his ability to get the job done, by not picking something wild and crazy, no...he knew his strength, and that was making their encounter, an unpopular choice, a Normal Match. A match he would win to become The NEW World Heavyweight Champion. With his match between Cena & Styles over and done with, it's fair to say that what started as a bad night, quickly became pretty "awesome."

>>Female Competitor of the PPV<<

Winner : Natalya
Runner Up : April

It's been a rough year for Natalya, and you'd think the betrayal of her once best friend Sasha Banks would prove almost debilitating. But in an unexpected twist, it's instead served as a newfound strength within The Anvilette. She had no interest in feeding into the drama Sasha Banks so desperately needs to feel important, as Natalya bluntly put it when approached by the cameras earlier in the evening. No, she had one goal tonight, it wasn't revenge, it was simply to outwrestle her opponent. Which is exactly what she did. Hard to argue with results like that.  

>>Promo of the PPV<<

Winner : The Golden Ticket To Your Nightmares
Runner Up:  Matt Sydal's "ultimatum" from The Wrestling God 

On this Hallow's Eve, XWL learned that The Boogeyman not only was "real" but he was made of gold. When an unknown hunter gathered around a campfire with a rambunctious group ready to satisfy their cravings for a "scary" story. But instead of believing in this terrifying tale, in taking his warning in stride, they laughed...they mocked it, they challenged his "fear" asking what was so frightening about a man of gold? After their continuous mocking, their fears would soon be realized when the storyteller himself would wither way into one of the many ominous figures that he warned the campers about, leaving nothing behind but a gold handprint. Go read it for yourself, if you dare...

>>Shocker of the PPV<<

Winner : The Miz Goes From Worst, To Best In Show
Runner Up:  Brother Nero Betrays His Brother 

A night like Roulette is designed to make ANYTHING possible,
and that all culminated in The Main-Event where one lucky Superstar chosen by the spin of the wheel would get the chance of a lifetime. For The Miz, that chance brought an opportunity for redemption. When the match between he, Cena, and Styles was revealed to be an Elimination Match, the pressure was on, pressure that unfortunately proved to be too much for him to handle when he was eliminated first. It became easily the worst night he's had since making his return back in April, but when the wheel landed on his name...and he was chosen as the other man that could fight for The World Heavyweight Championship?It quickly became his best, as he defeated the former "King" made a decree that almost would make you forget how his night started out...he is The Miz, he is awesome, and he is YOUR NEW XWL WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

>>Match of the PPV<<

Winner : Sasha Banks Vs Natalya
Runner Up : Cody Vs Seth Rollins

In a night where any match could happen, when the wheel landed on "Normal Match" for Natalya and Sasha Banks? To say people were a little disappointed is an understatement. The heat between these two needed to be blown off in a match where rules don't come into play, where they can rip each other apart just like their friendship was by Sasha Banks...but when the bell rang, and things truly began, suddenly what we thought we wanted, what we thought we needed from this match, was completely flipped around. Sasha and Natalya endured each other's best offense, they traded submissions, they refused to stay down from signature maneuvers that had put each other away in the past. They put on a wrestling clinic, but Sasha knowing Natalya so well, looked to be on her way to victory, proclaiming The Anvilette needed to give up because she knew what Nattie was going to do before she herself even knew. And that's when it happened, when every jaw hit the floor when Sasha's piercing screams of confusion filled the arena, Sasha was thrown into the air, her arms caught in a double underhook as she fell back down....and suddenly the "predictable" Natalya had brought a new move to the table, one that shut The Bullet Boss up as she was driven down chest first into the knees of Natalya, and scored The 3rd Generation Superstar the first 3 count she's gotten on PPV all year.  

>>Feud of the PPV<<

Winner :  Sasha Banks Vs Natalya
Runners Up:  Matt Sydal Vs The Bullet Club 

At our last event Emergence, we gushed over their friendship, we celebrated their segment of empowerment as Sasha returned to support Nattie. But the next night, we felt like did Nattie herself when Sasha had lured Natalya into a false sense of security, orchestrating an elaborate betrayal that involved her "brothers" of The Bullet Club brutalizing Natalya's Uncle Bret well as getting the General Manager to agree to put them in a match together for "friendly competition." No, it was all a lie, and she was ready to end Natalya. To end the never-ending failures, the many nights where she left fans disappointed in her shortcomings...enough was enough, and it was time for a change. Natalya condemned her choices, refusing to give her the satisfaction of mourning their friendship, she had made a grave mistake...and at Roulette, Sasha will find out that hell hath no fury like a Hart...that's been broken. With an unbelievable match between them, it has us wanting more...but Natalya said she was through with Sasha after tonight, that she was officially out of her life after everything was said and done...however Sasha, seems to have other plans, as she was pelted by "SHE JUST BEAT YOU" chants from The XWL Universe, she simply said in frustration "This isn't over." So is it really over? Only time will tell.

Awesome show from everyone, I wanna say a personal thanks to everyone for all the love this show on a bunch of my stuff, had fun working with Austin, AJ, Gohard and I'm especially proud of that Sydal campfire story I really loved how that turned out so I'm, glad others feel the same. Congrats to Legal for making The Miz a standout this show glad to see it. Also a big shoutout to everyone else for putting in their best on the last show before The Season Premiere of Anarchy. April continues to dominate, Balor got a big first defense, and I thank everyone for taking the time to vote. The Slammy Nominees will be sent in the coming days so keep that voting spirit in high gear!


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Mid Card
Mid Card

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PostSubject: Re: PPV Awards: Roulette   Wed Nov 01, 2017 11:55 pm

First the poster and now this? There’s got to be a JBL/Cabinet conspiracy going on here.....

Nah but fr congratulations to all the winners, great PPV guys. Had a good time working on it and reading everyone else’s hard work. Lets take this break and come back better than ever


GM of Anarchy as JBL 8/4/18 - Present
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2x Intercontinental Champion as JBL
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Mid Card
Mid Card

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PostSubject: Re: PPV Awards: Roulette   Fri Nov 03, 2017 3:43 am

Congratulations to all the winners of the awards. This was a high-quality show the lead us into the break.
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PostSubject: Re: PPV Awards: Roulette   

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PPV Awards: Roulette
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