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 PPV Awards: Emergence

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P.R Son

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PostSubject: PPV Awards: Emergence    Sat Sep 23, 2017 2:37 pm

>>Male Competitor of the PPV<<

Winner: Sami Zayn
Runner up : Finn Balor

The underdog from the underground is an underdog no more, winning The Money In The Bank Ladder Match to secure himself a World Heavyweight Championship Match at any time of his choosing until next year's Emergence. Canada's own Sami Zayn has won the biggest match of his career thus far, establishing himself as the future of this company. It's no longer a question of if he'll become World Heavyweight Champion, it's a matter of when.

>>Female Competitor of the PPV<<

Winner : Ruby Riot
Runner Up : April

Arrving on the scene just months ago, Ruby Riot has been on a mission, to prove that she would be a success story, that she will do whatever she has to be proof to everyone like her, that you can do whatever you set your mind on. And she's now got all the power to be exactly that, winning The Miss Money In The Bank Ladder Match, and securing herself a Women's Championship Match at her discretion. With such a meteoric rise so soon into her XWL career, we're no doubt looking at a future Women's Champion. 

>>Promo of the PPV<<

Winner :  The Undertaker,  Natalya & Sasha Banks,
and Tetsuya Naito & Shinsuke Nakamura

Runner Up: Cody & Seth Rollins  

Emergence began with without a doubt the most impactful opening to an event of its kind, The Undertaker told a story of the world, citing the many different types of people that have emerged in life, and are on the path to. Different walks of life, men, and women, but among them...a GOD has emerged. And in his hand, he holds all 7.4 billion souls, ready to claim anyone at any given moment. This chilling realization really haunted us throughout the show.

Canada's own Natalya was interviewed before her potentially life-changing opportunity in Money In The Bank, thanking everyone that's stuck by her, and that she's done disappointing them. One of her biggest supporters and best friend Sasha Banks return to our screen, voicing herself that she guarantees Natalya is leaving tonight with that case because nobody deserves it more. This touching friendship between them and the respect each has for one another really showed that this business doesn't have to be so cutthroat, not when you have a friendship like theirs to look to.

Newcomer Tetsuya Naito was interviewed giving us more a look into who he is, and when called out on his loss to Eli Drake in his debut, and his many excuses for that loss, he cited that that's the problem with Americans, they dwell on the past, but he doesn't. Looking to the future which came sooner than expected when he saw fellow Japanese star Shinsuke Nakamura walking by after his victory over Chad Gable. Quickly things got heated,
Naito taking exception to his interview being interrupted, Nakamura for his attitude towards him, the one that put Japanese wrestling on the map, to which Naito said he held it back, and HE is the reason it's now so popular today. With a disrespectful display of spitting at Nakamura, things turned physical as they were held back. A new rivalry in XWL has emerged, coming from halfway across the globe to captivate us.

>>Shocker of the PPV<<

Winner :  Alexander Wolfe arrives as Wyatt's New Voice and lays out The Denounced Sister April & Edge becomes World Heavyweight Champion and Hardy "deletes" him.
Runner Up:  Zayn wins MITB  

The newly reformed April had retained her Women's Championship, but her celebration never came to be because of the strange interruption of  Alexander Wolfe. He told her that when she denounced the gospel of Abigail, he heard a voice, a voice that changed everything...and lead him to the TRUE voice, Bray Wyatt. April frightened by the sight of the being that corrupted her last year looked on in horror as Bray Wyatt appeared...and before she could do anything, run, or plea...Wolfe dropped her to the mat with Sister Abigail, and Wolfe's final statement stating that he has become the voice of Wyatt was drowned out by boos. Just when April thought she was finally free, she learned that her freedom came at a cost, which appears to be the new arrival of Alexander Wolfe.

It's been a spiral of a journey for Canadian Edge to reclaim his spot at the top, never lacking in desire, always motivated to be World Champion again, he refused to accept otherwise. Which led him to defeat Seth Rollins to earn his championship match against Hardy, a one on one encounter, he said he would win he just needed The Broken King one on one, and with bizarro world in effect Edge the usually hated man was quite beloved by his fellow Canadian's and that love...lead him to end the reign of The Broken King. He had done it, but what he did wasn't just becoming champion, it was awakening something in Hardy, something that possessed him in that moment to do the unthinkable. Viciously assaulting him, blood profusely escaping the new champion as Canada watched their hero in horror. Bashing his bloody face into the ring post screaming "DELETE!" with every hard to watch blow, ending it with a "Broken Fate" while Edge's head had a chair wrapped around it...and with one final "Delete" the lights went off, and Edge was gone. With The New World Heavyweight Champion "deleted" we were left utterly floored, as we saw his new prize The World Heavyweight Championship lying on a blood stained mat.


>>Match of the PPV<<

Winner : Bad News Barrett Vs  JBL:  Falls Count Anywhere
Runner Up : Hardy Vs Edge,  Braun Vs Joe, &  The Women's MITB

The rivalry between Bad News Barrett & JBL has been kicked into high gear recently, so much so that a normal match wouldn't solve anything tonight, Barrett asked for a Falls Count Anywhere Match and it's what he got. But as he made his entrance JBL ever the opportunist attacked him from behind starting this match off in his favor. It was chaotic from the get-go, and it got even crazier when they took the action backstage, pushing the rules of "falls count anywhere" to its very definition. From the locker room to the parking lot, to interference from Virgil & Flair, to a Wasteland through The sunroof of JBL's limousine! Blood, glass everywhere, you knew these two hated one another, but this is the match that put that front and center, not pulling any punches, and getting as creative as breaking as Barrett stuffing the head of a broken sledgehammer in his elbow pad, to spell the end of this match for The Wrestling God. Without a doubt the match that had everyone talking as it happened, and will continue to have us talking all the way until Slammy night.  

>>Feud of the PPV<<

Winner :  Bad News Barrett Vs JBL
Runners Up:  Peyton Royce Vs April 

At first things were simple, Barrett ended JBL's reign, JBL ended his right back the next PPV, but with the inclusion of The Cabinet's antics, and bitter exchanges both verbally and physically, things were magnified when The Intercontinental Championship has ripped away from the both of them. Too deadset on harming one another, they tried for 3 weeks to have a normal championship match, but no matter how much they were warned, their bloodlust ignored everything but how badly they wanted to hurt each other. So JBL was stripped of The Intercontinental Championship, and things just escalated even further from there, leading us to tonight when they did everything they could to basically kill one another all over the entire arena. With such a physical match, normally this might spell the end...however something tells us this isn't the last we've seen of these two, or maybe that's just us hoping more than anything.

A crazy show from everyone involved, congratulations to Lazy on now reigning as champion for 8 months as April, Edge for winning The World Title, even if it came at a cost of being deleted, Balor on bringing The Elite Championship home to The Bullet Club, and Samoa Joe on winning The Intercontinental Championship in the finale of The Shawn Michaels Classic! Even if some of you didn't win an award you still kicked ass and helped make Emergence what it was. Thanks to everyone for bringing the exciting matches and surprises, as well as the awesome promos. And a personal thank you for the love for the Sasha/Nat promo <3


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PPV Awards: Emergence
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