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 XWL Anarchy Backstage Exclusive: AJ and Finn respond to Taker

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PostSubject: XWL Anarchy Backstage Exclusive: AJ and Finn respond to Taker    Sun Jul 23, 2017 8:36 am

We are taken to the backstage area where Renee Young is attempting to get some thoughts from the Bullet Club following The Undertaker's call out earlier in the night on the live Anarchy broadcast. Renee approaches a door that has a sign on it indicating this door in fact leads to the Bullet Club's exclusive locker room. Renee proceeds to knock on the door.

(Renee Young)
Hello, anyone in there? It's Renee Young looking to get some comments from Bullet Club on what the Undertaker had to say earlier in the night.

Sounds of footsteps on the other side of the door are picked up by the camera's microphone, the footsteps get closer and closer before the sound of metal moving around can be heard indicating that the door is being unlocked, suddenly the door peaks open slightly before being forcefully kicked open by the man on the other side of the door which startles Renee and her crew, that man is none other then Finn Balor who appears to have a look of pure anger and rage on his face, almost resembling the look of a demon in human form. More footsteps are picked up and now that the door is wide open, we can see that the other man exiting the locker room is The Phenomenal One, the leader of the Bullet Club, AJ Styles. Styles approaches Balor and pats him on the back before taking position to the left side of him. Renee and her crew slowly approach the men and begin to interview them.

(Renee Young)
I appreciate your time gentleman, I......

Styles holds his hand up and immediately cuts Renee off.

(AJ Styles)
No Renee, I don't actually believe that you do appreciate our time, I don't think you understand just how valuable our time is. it's difficult being the top guys around here, but more importantly? it's time consuming. The Bullet Club is not only an XWL entity Renee, the Bullet Club is WORLDWIDE. Our merchandise is selling out in stores around the globe, we fly all around this freakin planet making appearances in various countries every single week, and why do we do it? because the Bullet Club rules the wrestling world, our goal is to expand and get bigger and badder every single freakin day. We're not shortsighted nor are we single minded, XWL may be the biggest game in town, but it isn't the only game, taking over this company is our #1 objective, it's our mission to rule this company, but at the end of the day? it's not about 1 company, it's not about the little picture, it's about the big picture, and the big picture is the Bullet Club ruling the wrestling world with an iron fist, and that means every company, in every country, do you understand Renee?

(Renee Young)
Yes I think I get the point AJ.

AJ laughs off Renee's response...

(AJ Styles)
Oh so now you wanna get snarky with me? I'm not surprised considering how you at one point were banging the most arrogant, egomaniac, golden jackass that this company has ever seen, I see more then the white stuff rubbed off on ya...

Renee cannot believe what she's just heard but being the professional she is, she attempts to handle it in the best way possible.

(Renee Young)

That's one of the most distasteful, and disrespectful things I've ever heard around here, but coming from you AJ, I can't say I'm surprised. But I'm gonna do my job and ask the question I came here to ask, what is the Bullet Club's thoughts on the Undertaker?

Balor sits there for a moment with disgust in his face and hatred in his heart. He knows how close he was to winning the Elite title and he is about to make his frustrations known.

Finn Balor:
This close… I came this close to beating you last night Taker. You thought you were done with me but The Bullet Club is a plague. We will find you and we will end you. I’m not going to be finished with you until you are done for Taker. The Bullet Club does not take lightly to your empty threats. If you want us. You got us. Tell me a place and time and I will be there. I don’t need anyone else to beat you Taker. I have your number, but my friends aren’t afraid to give you another beating. The Bullet Club has given me new life and a new purpose and I’m so much better now with my good brothers by my side. We will end your façade as a “god” and show you the even gods can fall to the Bullet Club. We will hunt you down like a pack of wild dogs. You can’t escape us Taker… You wanna know why?

Balor looks over at AJ as Balor puts a finger to his head and AJ points at the camera.

Finn Balor:
You can’t outrun a bullet!

AJ pats Finn on the shoulder and a smile comes across his face.

(AJ Styles)
Well said good brother, very well said. I gotta say Taker, I'm disappointed in you, you are a legend in this business, an icon, if there's a guy who's larger then the business itself just due to the respect you've earned and the reputation you've garnered over the years, then it's you, but all those miles seem to be catching up with you oldman, never, never would an Undertaker in his prime CRIMINALLY under-estimate his opposition. Do you even realize what you're dealing with Undertaker? do you even realize what you've just done? After Hell In A Cell my right hand of the Bullet Club right here was dying to get another chance to put you 6 feet under, but the common perception is that Cyberslam was his last chance to get the job done against you, but now? now that's all about to change because we're the Bullet Club AND WE CALL THE SHOTS AROUND HERE!!!

AJ paces around Balor and continues speaking.

(AJ Styles)
See what you've done now Taker, is you've fired the first shots in what's going to be an all out war to put you in the ground once and for all. We'll hunt you down, we'll cut you up, we'll fill ya full of led, and then we'll toss you in a nice shallow grave dug by Mr. Balor himself and when all is said and done, we'll leave you in that hole in "your" yard, we'll set that son of a bitch ablaze, and we'll send you on a first class all expenses paid trip to hell courtesy of the Bullet Club. You will burn in a fiery grave for your sins, sins that include attempting to bring down the Bullet Club, and that is a sin you will pay for with your death, by the time we're done with you Taker, you're no longer going to be a god, you're no longer going to be the Dead-Man, you're just going to be DEAD!!!

(AJ Styles)

I'd do most of the work myself, but ya see, I'm gonna be too busy winning a spot in the Money In The Bank ladder match next week, so I'm going to leave the leg work of this job to this good brother right beside me. Taker right now? he's not on my level, I'd run circles around him in this ring, but to Finn, this is personal and I want him to be the one to put that son of a bitch in the ground for good. Taker's committed the biggest crime that the brotherhood of Bullet Club recognizes, he declared war on us, which is a crime that is punishable by the death penalty in the land of the Bullet Club, and unlike some states in this country, we will execute those on death row. So Taker, consider this your first and last warning, you're an enemy of Bullet Club now, we will hunt you as a pack regardless of our battles with other people because you just jumped to the top of the hit list, we will find you, and we will execute you, and the man carrying out the execution? will be the "executioner" Finn Balor. Goodbye, and goodnight, now get the hell outta here.

Styles orders Renee and her crew to leave as he and Finn re enter their locker room and slam the door shut causing this exclusive backstage segment to come to a close.

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XWL Anarchy Backstage Exclusive: AJ and Finn respond to Taker
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