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 PPV Awards: Downpour

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P.R Son

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PostSubject: PPV Awards: Downpour   Thu Jun 01, 2017 9:45 pm

>>Male Competitor of the PPV<<

Winner : Bad News Barrett AND Matt Sydal
Runner up :  The Undertaker

The once dominant Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett has reclaimed the championship at long last, defeating A Wrestling God and an Underdog from The Underground in a HIGHLY contested triple threat match. An impressive feat that was only matched by Matt Sydal surviving the Career VS Career Match against Leo Kruger, ending The Huntsman's career and sending a message that he's coming back for his crown. Two men made HUGE splashes at Downpour, and that is why it's impossible to decide one over the other.

>>Female Competitor of the PPV<<

Winner : Sister April
Runners Up : Sasha Banks, Rosemary

Unstoppable, the only word to describe Sister April, who crushed the hopes and dreams of every single person, including Natalya herself when she survived Hell and left STILL YOUR WOMEN'S CHAMPION. With a championship firmly in her grasp, AND a new sister in tow, is there ANYONE that can stop this woman?  

>>Promo of the PPV<<

Winner :  Natalya
Runner Ups: Peyton Royce, Undertaker, The Downour Intro, and Jericho's Highlight Reel Featuring Bray Wyatt

"When you look in the mirror, are you proud of what you see? We've never seen a segment quite like this, Natalya in a dark lit room, the only thing around her, were image of her past wicked ways, and an image of her purest state. These reflections told a story of the war Natalya's been fighting for 9 months, not only with April, but with herself.

>>Shocker of the PPV<<

Winner :  Matt Sydal ENDS Leo Kruger's Career
Runners Up:  Peyton Royce Arrives, The Club Returns, and Sister April Defeats Natalya  

When Leo Kruger targeted Matt Sydal as his next prey and challenged him to put his career up in a match against his own, we knew going into this that only one man would leave Downpour with their career, but it didn't really sink in. Kruger's career truly began last year at this very event when his alignment with The Authority proved to be a ruse to a bigger beast, his Pack and SOOL's finest left a mark that to this day still, we haven't quite recovered from. He dominated Sydal for a large portion of the match, but after a snapmare driver off of a ladder, to the outside floor, there was no surviving this hunt for Leo Kruger.  

>>Match of the PPV<<

Winner : Natalya Vs Sister April Hell in a Cell Match For The Women's Championship
Runner Up : Matt Sydal Vs Leo Kruger Career Vs Career

For only the second time in history, The Women were the last match on the show, and with all eyes on them, with every stake possible on the line, with a rivalry 9 months deep between two polar opposites, two of the best women in the division today tore the roof of the building, figuratively, and when referring to The Cell itself, literally. It was the final battle between "good" and "evil" and although the outcome left many disappointed, the match itself more than delivered everything we could have wanted and more.

>>Feud of the PPV<<

Winner :  Natalya Vs Sister April
Runners Up:  The Miz Vs John Cena Vs AJ Styles, Undertaker Vs Finn Balor Vs Brock Lesnar, Leo Kruger Vs Matt Sydal, and Matt Hardy Vs R-Truth 

What started as an admission of fear on behalf of Natalya when referring to the change in AJ Lee 9 months ago, soon blossomed as Sister April became obsessed with Natalya, seeing her as her only equal in the division, seeking her to join her, and be her sister, but Natalya refused to, disagreeing with April's methods although successful, she tried to defeat her, but every time they clashed, even if she came closer each time, Natalya failed. This rivalry saw kidnappings, mind games, a mental warfare as well as physical, and at Downpour their rivalry ended. Natalya fought with all of her heart, but in the end, as every other time they clashed, April barely escaped with the victory, and now Natalya after fighting the idea of joining The Sisterhood for so long, now has no choice but to do just that. We've never seen a rivalry quite like theirs, and we're not sure if we ever will again.  

We thank you all for your participation, and your hard work to make the entire show into what it was, even if you didn't win an award we all won the "Have a kickass show" award. Congratulations once again to the new champions crowned, and the winners of The Downpour PPV Awards, as chosen by YOU!

Also side note: On behalf of myself and Lazy we appreciate all the love our rivalry got <3


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Upper Mid Card
Upper Mid Card

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PostSubject: Re: PPV Awards: Downpour   Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:43 pm

Congrats to everyone, my only complaint is that Sasha didn't win female competitor of the night. Damn the titles, that shit stole the show.

But really congrats to all (being mostly david and lazy, ew) even if I said I was gonna riot if Sasha lost.


2x World Champion as Dean Ambrose (2016)
1x Intercontinental Champion as Chad Gable (2017)

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PPV Awards: Downpour

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