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P.R Son
P.R Son

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PostSubject: XWL Anarchy: 5/1/2017 - 5/8/2017 (The "HEY ALL THE ADMINS WORK TODAY SO WE HAVE TO POST IT NOW BUT DON'T MAKE ANY POSTS IN IT UNTIL 5:00 PM EST" Edition )   Sun Apr 30, 2017 11:43 pm

First topic message reminder :

Apologies, but literally every admin is working, so we'll have to add the graphics/stories at a later time. As the long title says please do not make any posts in this thread until 5:00 PM EST as the current card isn't over yet, but we won't be around to post even this at 5.

MAIN-EVENT: JBL & The Big Show Vs Sami Zayn & Bad News Barrett  - Tag-Team Match
John Cena Vs Brock Lesnar
Dana Brooke Vs  Natalya
Samoa Joe vs Matt Sydal
Leo Kruger vs Seth Rollins
Abyss vs Braun Strowman
Scott Steiner vs Crazzy Steve
Sasha Banks vs Charlotte
Undertaker vs  Dean Ambrose
Brother Nero vs Luke Harper
Asuka Vs Summer Rae
Jake "The Snake" Roberts Vs Elias Samson
Kelly Kelly Vs  Alexa Bliss
Rosemary Vs  Bayley
Chris Jericho Vs Austin Aries
Edge Vs  Matt Hardy
Mark Henry Vs Bray Wyatt
Cactus Jack Vs  Sheamus


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Mid Card
Mid Card

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PostSubject: Re: XWL Anarchy: 5/1/2017 - 5/8/2017 (The "HEY ALL THE ADMINS WORK TODAY SO WE HAVE TO POST IT NOW BUT DON'T MAKE ANY POSTS IN IT UNTIL 5:00 PM EST" Edition )   Mon May 08, 2017 12:51 pm

We come back from commercial break, and find Broken Matt standing in the ring with a mic in hand as his music plays throughout the arena. He starts doing his DELETE taunt, and fans in the arena begin chanting the catchy phrase DELETE. His music comes to a stop, and he begins speaking.

.:A Broken Matt Hardy:.
Welcome members of my Broken Army to the revealing of the reconstructed BROTHER NERO by the Seven Deities! He shall serve underneath my wing, and shall aid me in way I shall choose, but without further delay allow me to introduce you the newly improved Brother Nero!!!

The music plays for approximately 15 seconds without Brother Nero emerging. Eventually Brother Nero comes stumbling out onto the stage. He looks around the arena in what appears to be a state of confusion before beginning to make his way to the ring. About half-way down the ramp he stops in front of a fan holding a homemade "DELETE" sign. He grabs it with one hand and begins poking it with his other. He appears to be mumbling the word "delete" among other things. The fan looks slightly frightened at this. Brother Nero still appears to be in a state of shock.

.:A Broken Matt Hardy:.
Brother Nero over here please. I know you are still somewhat in a state of sock, but these people should get to know the reconstructed version of yourself. The work of the Seven Deities shall shine bright as we show the world what you are truly meant to become.

This jars Brother Nero away from the fan who is now attempting to pull his sign away. Nero directs his gaze to the general area of Broken Matt's voice. He slowly makes his way up the steel stairs and onto the side of the ring where he begins to stare intently at the top turnbuckle. He reaches out to touch it and as soon as his finger makes contact he recoils as if he has been shocked. A look of fear spreads over his face. He quickly climbs through the ropes and into the ring where he places himself behind his Broken brother and away from the turnbuckle.

.:A Broken Matt Hardy:.

Broken Matt laughs to himself as the fans start to boo.

.:A Broken Matt Hardy:.
Do you guys remember when I said this OBSOLETE MULE would learn his place? Well look at him... He is behind me. Just like I said, but soon we he snaps out of this state shock, and the reborn Brother Nero shall be treated as my equal, but until then he caters to my ever need. Now let us see if we can get some words out of him...

Broken Matt turns to Brother Nero, and asks him a question

.:A Broken Matt Hardy:.
Brother Nero can you understand me?

-Brother Nero-
Y-yes. Don't you see it?!

Brother Nero is still staring at the same turnbuckle and cowers slightly.

.:A Broken Matt Hardy:.
Yes, but I do not fear what lingers there. As the Seven Deities talk with you more, and more they will help you come to understand the beast that lingers. As you look into that corner you can not help to see your own demons looking back at you. Yelling at you to cave into your addictions, but please I urge you to listen to the Seven Deities or are almost COMPLETE!

-Brother Nero-
You want me to listen to them? They whisper terrible things. Terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible...
It hasn't stopped. Everywhere I go, they're there. I can't sleep because that's when they get...angry.

Brother Nero pulls one of his sleeves up and there are what appears to be dark bruised hand prints all over his forearms. He looks at Broken Matt in a desperate manner.

.:A Broken Matt Hardy:.
Brother Nero what things do they say to you, and who did that to you?

-Brother Nero-
They do. They're always talking but I don't understand most of what they say. I think they want me to hurt...something.

.:A Broken Matt Hardy:.
Brother Nero let me assure they are not hear to harm you. They can read your thoughts maybe you were questioning their existence, and they made an example out of you, but rest assure they want something very important from you, and they will reveal what they want from you very soon. To tell you the truth I am excited to see what they have in store for you.

-Brother Nero-
No, Matt. They do not want to hurt me. They want me to hurt others.

.:A Broken Matt Hardy:.
They want you to render others who stand in our paths OBSOLETE after I DELETE THEM AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA YES!

Brother Nero looks down towards the mat and begins to talk quietly.

-Brother Nero-
Obsolete. I don't know. This whole thing feels wrong. Obsolete...

.:A Broken Matt Hardy:.
You are destined to become this. The Seven Deities have discussed plans for you. Now the OBSOLETE does it speak to you...?

-Brother Nero-
This is what you call obsolete? This...this...darkness that follows me and demands that I destroy others? This is not what I signed up for. You make this whole "Broken" thing look like you're in a superhero movie. Well, this is a horror movie for me. I haven't slept. I haven't ate. Everywhere I go I am faced with this curse. Some people might enjoy this, but this is NOT who I am. You talk about plans but you have no idea what plans they have. I hear things that would shock you brother. Things that even the most vile figures in history would abhor. Yet you still act like you know...

.:A Broken Matt Hardy:.
It is who you will become. In order to be in the WONDERFUL light of the Seven Deities you must go through the darkness in oirder to understand why they put you through this treatment. Soon my brother you shall understand.  

-Brother Nero-
Once again, you just assume that you know everything. You say the Seven Deities grant you knowledge of everything, but you know what? Maybe what I'm experiencing is not from the so-called Seven Deities. Maybe this is something much more sinister. If I were to give in, YOU would be the one that understands.

Brother Nero slowly exits the ring and starts to walk up the ramp. As he gets to the top of the ramp, he comes to a stop and slowly turns to face Broken Matt.

-Brother Nero-
All of you will understand.

The lights shut off and a familiar high pitched shriek fills the air as a symbol flashes across the screen.

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PostSubject: Re: XWL Anarchy: 5/1/2017 - 5/8/2017 (The "HEY ALL THE ADMINS WORK TODAY SO WE HAVE TO POST IT NOW BUT DON'T MAKE ANY POSTS IN IT UNTIL 5:00 PM EST" Edition )   Mon May 08, 2017 3:33 pm

As we come back from commercial break, the camera focuses on a dark room. Clouds begin to form all around making it unable to see anything. From the smoke, Finn Balor arises with an evil grin as he stares into the camera.

Finn Balor:
Taker… you think you’re finished with me? No... no… no. You think that you and brock could get rid of me before the Pay Per View? Brock Lesnar… you’re scared. You’re scared that I’ll take that title from you and that is exactly what I’m going to do. But back to the thorn in my side. You see Taker… I’ve been drawing energy. I’ve been taking energy from the demons of hell and I feel great. I feel so great that I could come back maybe… next week? Let’s finally see who deserves a shot at that Elite title… Demon vs. Demon King. It’s time for me to finally put you to rest Taker. You’ve been plaguing the XWL with your disease for far too long and now it’s time for you to Rest… In… Peace..

Balor begins laughing loudly as the room turns red and Balor’s eyes darken. The camera then goes black but Balor’s laughing could still be heard. Finn Stops laughing as demonic chants and rituals could be heard as the screen malfunctions and the stage pyro erupts, sending flames toward the sky.

Mauro Ranallo:
We’re having some technical difficulties here at XWL. We’ll be right back as soon as these problems are fixed.

The camera then cuts to a commercial.
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Mid Card
Mid Card

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PostSubject: Re: XWL Anarchy: 5/1/2017 - 5/8/2017 (The "HEY ALL THE ADMINS WORK TODAY SO WE HAVE TO POST IT NOW BUT DON'T MAKE ANY POSTS IN IT UNTIL 5:00 PM EST" Edition )   Mon May 08, 2017 3:34 pm

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Mid Card
Mid Card

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PostSubject: Re: XWL Anarchy: 5/1/2017 - 5/8/2017 (The "HEY ALL THE ADMINS WORK TODAY SO WE HAVE TO POST IT NOW BUT DON'T MAKE ANY POSTS IN IT UNTIL 5:00 PM EST" Edition )   Mon May 08, 2017 4:26 pm

Main Event
Normal Tag-Team Match

The crowd going crazy in excitement from all the amazing action packed moments that have happened tonight. They are all waving their signs around, still excited because yet to come is the much anticipated Main Event tag team match between number one contenders Sami Zayn and Bad News Barrett taking on The Cabinet. As they all cheer in anticipation the cheers suddenly turn to boos as the ringing of cowbells fill the arena.

{Corey Graves}
Here they are Mauro, JBL and Big Show. They have been on a path of destruction as of late, tearing through everthing and everyone that stands in their way.

{Mauro Ranallo}

Well Corey, I believe that all ends here tonight when they get a taste of their own medicine when the number games are no longer in their favor.

As the boos drown out the music, JBL's limousine can be seen pulling up next to the ramp before coming to its routine stop. Virgil as usual steps out of the passenger seat and makes his way to the rear door. he opens it as JBL steps out and stands up with a smile from ear to ear. he tips his hat to the crowd as he steps aside for The Big Show to step out himself. Virgil closes the door behind Big Show before turning to JBL, who then gives him a nod, almost as a signal, before Virgil gets back into the limo and it backs up and heads back into the parking lot. JBL makes his way down the ramp while Big Show follows closely behind. JBL climbs the steel steps and slides between them as Big Show grabs the top rope pulling himself onto the apron, before he steps over the top rope. JBL stretches his arm and Big show balls his fist as the await for the sound of their oppnents.

The crowd explodes in a mixed reaction of cheers and boos as the bringer of bad news walks out onto the stage. Without wasting any time at all he heads straight down the ramp towards the ring.

{Mauro Ranallo}
And here we are Corey, one of the men who i suspect will have their arm raised by the end of the night. Bad News Barrett is no push over, and teaming up with Sami Zayn, theres no way they wont walk out the winners of tonight Main Event.

{Corey Graves}
Well Mauro, normally i would agree with you, but look at who they are facing. not only the largest athlete in XWL, but the greatest Intercontinental champion in XWL history.

{Mauro Ranallo}
Oh come on Corey, JBL is no where near the champion Leo Kruger was.

{Corey Graves}

Well Mauro that's a matter of opinion, in which yours is wrong.

Wade Barrett stops as he gets to the ring. He looks up at JBL and Big Show who are both staring down at their opponent for this evening. JBL smiles as he backs up into his corner and the crowd suddenly pops as the sound of their favorite underdogs them fills their ears.

The crowd goes crazy as they await for their underdog to run out onto the stage and taunt to the crowd. Everyone getting anxious as a few moments pass with still no sign of Zayn. Barrett wondering where his partner is turns around expecting to see Zayn, but he is nowhere to be found. Barrett turns back around as Zayn's music fades and JBL is smiling trying to hold in his laughter. He then points to the titantron behind Barrett. Barrett then turns to see what JBL seems to think is so funny but his face turns pale as a ghost when he sees...

{Mauro Ranallo}
Oh my god Corey look. Its Sami! Hes beaten and laid out somewhere backstage! this has got to be the work of JBL.

{Corey Graves}
Now Mauro dont go jumping to conclusions, we dont have any idea who did this, the only person who knows for sure would be Sami Zayn.

{Mauro Ranallo}
Oh come on Corey, who else would gain from this?

The titantron shows Sami Zayn laid out unconscious in his locker room with things strew all around the room. The video finally fades away with Barrett now with a look of worry mixed with anger. angry because now he has to either have a handicap match or forfeit and worried because if they did this to Sami, What do they have planned for him? As Barrett looks back up at JBL he motions his arms welcoming Barrett into the ring. Barrett hesitates before he slowly and cautiously climbs onto the apron. JBL smiles and chuckles as he pats Big Show on the shoulder before he climbs out of the ring and onto the apron himself.

{Mauro Ranallo}
Oh my god, he cant really be thinking about going into this match alone can he? dignity isn't worth the damage and risk of a handicap match.

{Corey Graves}
What choice does he have? if he walks away he looses, at least he has a slimmer of a chance to win if he actually competes. this id Barrett's first Main Event and i dont believe hes just going to walk away from this opportunity.

Barrett steps into the ring as the referee ring the bell.

As JBL powerbombs Barrett through the second announce table the referee slides out of the ring and calls for the match to be called off due to the fact that Barrett can no longer continue. the referee leans down to check on Barrett, But JBL not seeming to be finished points at the referee motioning for Big Show to take care of him. Big Show nods, knowing what to do, he picks up the referee off the ground and tosses him into the crowd. the people that catch him all fall in a pile to the ground. JBL smiles seeing the destruction before he turns back to the lifeless body of Barrett.

{Mauro Ranallo}
No, no he cant be thinking what i think he is. Barrett has had enough, this match has been called off.

{Corey Graves}
This is JBL showing his dominance Mauro, You dont stand against him and walk away.

JBL looks from Barrett then at Big Show before saying the words "Finish It". Big Show nods as he walks towards Barrett when suddenly.......



GM of Anarchy as JBL 8/4/18 - 1/28/19
1x Elite Champion as JBL
2x Intercontinental Champion as JBL
1x Fued of the year Slammy winner as JBL

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PostSubject: Re: XWL Anarchy: 5/1/2017 - 5/8/2017 (The "HEY ALL THE ADMINS WORK TODAY SO WE HAVE TO POST IT NOW BUT DON'T MAKE ANY POSTS IN IT UNTIL 5:00 PM EST" Edition )   

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