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 XWL Elite Championship History

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Upper Mid Card
Upper Mid Card

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PostSubject: XWL Elite Championship History   Wed Apr 19, 2017 11:59 pm


Most Reigns: N/A
Longest Reign: 217 Days (CM Punk)
Most Defenses: A lot (CM Punk)

1.) Sami Zayn [1]

Won: 7-25-2016
Defenses: 0
Lost: 8-15-2016
Days Held: 21

Presented as a best of three series stipulation belt, the ELITE title emerged out onto the scene to be pitted between Sami Zayn and Adam Cole. In what was quite the clash, all happening in one night Sami Zayn barely escaped with the title. Zayn held the title tight until the Straight Edge Savior came along to stake his claim at the belt.

2.) CM Punk [1]

Won: 8-15-2016
Defenses: N/A
Lost: 03-20-2017
Days Held: 217

CM Punk took the title out of the hands of Sami Zayn, and with it, changed the face of the belt forever. Under CM Punk's reign, several people would step up to clash with Punk only to fall victime to a GTS. Along with it, the title changed. It moved to the spinning of the wheel system as well as gained a lot of prestige. Punk made the Elite Title one of the most sought after belts in the company, and did they come for it.

3.) Brock Lesnar [1]

Won: 03-20-2017
Defenses: 0
Lost: N/A
Days Held: N/A

CM Punk took the belt to new heights. It appeared as though he could never be stopped. Then, the Beast threw his name into the fray. Brock Lesnar staked a claim to the belt, challenging CM Punk on the grandest stage of them all. In a match that lasted 23 seconds, CM Punk was dethroned and a new evil stood at the helm of the Elite Title. Now, time will only tell if the Devil we once knew, is better than the Devil we'll get to know.


2x World Champion as Dean Ambrose (2016)
1x Intercontinental Champion as Chad Gable (2017)

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XWL Elite Championship History

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