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 The Official Policies Of XWL

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P.R Son

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PostSubject: The Official Policies Of XWL   Tue Apr 26, 2016 4:02 pm

The following is our OFFICIAL layout of policies.


- NEW Members -

New Members are those that have only been apart of XWL for less than TWO weeks.

A NEW member MUST post AT LEAST ONE promo within their first TWO weeks.


- REGULAR Members -

Regular members are those that have been apart of XWL for over TWO weeks.

A REGULAR member MUST post AT LEAST ONE promo every FOUR weeks.

Failure to do so will result an ACTIVITY WARNING, the warned party will have one week to either post a promo, or contact the admins with a legitimate excuse as to why they've not contributed.

If a member DOES NOT reply to their warning, or post a promo within that week they will have their character FREED UP.

Should you LOSE a character in the above manner you will NOT be able to pick up another for THREE weeks.

*There is ONE exception. If you were only ONE character and you lost that character you WILL be able to pick up another character, but NOT the one you lost.*

If a member accumulates THREE warnings within a THREE month period they will LOSE that character.

In order to switch from one character to another you MUST have been that character for AT LEAST  TWO weeks.

You are FREE to drop a character within that first two weeks, but you'll be UNABLE to pick up another character for SEVEN days.

*One exception counteracts this. You MAY express interest in a NEWLY available character but ONLY AFTER someone else has.*

Within the last month before a WWE Game is released, we WILL allow our members complete freedom to switch, and TRADE characters. Interest periods won't apply, nor will any of our usual policies listed above.

To be eligible for a break you MUST have been an ACTIVE member for AT LEAST THREE months.  

You CAN'T go on a break as ONE superstar and be active as ANOTHER. If you take a break it is as ALL or NONE.

*If your Superstar needs to be inactive for story purpose contact an admin for approval.*

A break may last UP TO, but NOT EXCEED THREE months.

Every Champion HAS a REMATCH CLAUSE.

A champion will have FOUR weeks to enact their Rematch Clause.

If a champion REGAINS their title, they MUST successfully defend that title AT LEAST once to obtain ANOTHER Rematch Clause.

If a CHAMPION or CONTENDER receives an ACTIVITY WARNING, they will be STRIPPED of their title/status EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.

Matches MUST be subsequently REPLAYED if a player/s are found to be in violation of any of our rules providing ALL participants agree to it.

If someone refuses to redo a match then it will be thrown out completely.

*UNLESS it was a CHAMPIONSHIP or CONTENDER match, in which case a REDO MUST take place. If someone still refuses, then they will lose the match by default.*

In the event that a player is DISCONNECTED from a match, the match is to be REDONE with the FINISHER SCORE from the PREVIOUS match CARRYING OVER into the REDO.

If an admin receives a COMPLAINT about a member breaking the rules, the matter will be discussed, and a WARNING will potentially be issued to the at fault member.

If a member accumulates a total of THREE warnings, they will NOT be booked until they've proven they're capable of following the rules.

Further violation upon their return will result in their membership being suspended for one month.

Once a match is completed it is the WINNERS responsibility to ensure that the match is POSTED.

The WINNER has first "dibs" on doing anything after the match.

*This does not give the winner permission to attack the loser, you must get approval from your opponent to do that.*

*Following the COMPLETION of a match the winner MUST check with their opponent before posting.*

If a RESULT is NOT posted within the deadline, it will NOT count.


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The Official Policies Of XWL

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