An Xbox One online league for the WWE 2K19 video game.
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 The Official Rules Of XWL

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PostSubject: The Official Rules Of XWL   The Official Rules Of XWL EmptyTue Apr 26, 2016 4:01 pm

The following is an outline of rules designed to ensure that your experience in XWL is an enjoyable one.

The Official Rules Of XWL NqVmyDs

You are allowed to be up to THREE superstars, ONE female, and TWO male, or vice versa, but not three of the same gender.

Deceased Wrestlers are NOT allowed, leave their legacy be.

Anyone caught plagiarizing promos, advertising, or stealing from other leagues will result in a permanent ban.

Excessive trolling, aggressive arguing, or derogatory comments made against ANYONE will result in a permanent ban. Do NOT insult someone's race, sexuality, gender, or anything of that nature.

Treat people with respect, you give it? You will get it back, it's that simple.

The Official Rules Of XWL 6rtB2jA

Regular matches can ONLY be won off of finishers.

In order to win a match you must have done AT LEAST TWO Finishers.
*Title Matches however require AT LEAST  THREE Finishers.*

Finishers done in SUCCESSION ONLY count as ONE Finisher.

Submissions are only allowed to win if ALL parties agree upon it.

The Official Rules Of XWL C8opF5P

Taunt at the start of ALL matches to ensure every player is present.

Pick up finishers are NOT allowed.


IF the game's collision bugs and it causes you and your opponent to awkwardly BUMP into one another, you are NOT allowed to hit FINISHER immediately after this scenario!

Catch finishers will NOT count toward your finisher score, nor can you win off them.

*Catapult finishers WILL and you CAN but ONLY when your opponent is willingly running at you. In case that's not clear enough that means you can't Irish Whip your opponent to do them.*

Carry Finishers can ONLY be done ONCE a match, and ONLY after that Superstar has done FIVE FINISHERS.

Waiting finishers or ANY move is NOT allowed.


****The following definition is brought to you by The WWE Games Dictionary in order to educate you****


1. Having someone in the position to do a move, and then not doing it immediately.

2. Standing there like a jackass that's oblivious to the fact that him stalling this move is going to ruin the match and majorly piss off his opponent.

3.  Being a dick

If you do NOT have the STAMINA to do your desired move, you do NOT stand there until it builds up to do it because as you learned above...that is essentially waiting, and waiting is NOT allowed.

Add VARIETY to your matches by NOT excessively repeating the same things.

Allow CLEAN in ring entry to your opponent. Back away to the farthest side of the ring from them, and commence fighting once they have successfully reentered.

Either Back Off AFTER Finishers not eligible to end the match, or perform a pin and break at two. DO NOT continue to attack your opponent after the pin either.

The Official Rules Of XWL ZmH42EK

** Tag-Team Matches **

A team must have done AT LEAST TWO finishers in total before winning.

Illegal partners must wait until a pin begins before attempting to stop it.

Each team is ONLY allowed ONE pin break attempt

Otherwise illegal partners MUST stay on the apron.

** Triple Threat/Fatal 4 Way**

You must have done AT LEAST TWO Finishers in total to win.

You are NOT allowed to steal someone else's pin.

*UNLESS a vote is held beforehand where EVERY member of that match agrees unanimously to allow it. *

The Official Rules Of XWL Gam8L9Y

Cage, Ladder, & Table Matches may be won ANYTIME after you have done TWO finishers.

You may go for the pin after ANY finisher in an Iron Man Match.

The Official Rules Of XWL IDpyFtG

Original CAWS are NOT allowed.

CAWS of wrestlers outside of WWE ARE allowed.

Movesets/Abilities MUST be realistic.


The Official Rules Of XWL Tumblr_p2oop1qXUa1wyspnlo5_500
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The Official Rules Of XWL
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