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 XWL Final Stand VIII 4/18/2016 - 5/2/2016

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P.R Son

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PostSubject: XWL Final Stand VIII 4/18/2016 - 5/2/2016   Mon Apr 18, 2016 9:02 pm

First topic message reminder :

LIVE FROM: Mercedes-Benz Superdome,  New Orleans, Louisiana    
DEADLINE: 4:30 P.M. EST / 9:30 P.M. GMT


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Upper Mid Card
Upper Mid Card

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PostSubject: Re: XWL Final Stand VIII 4/18/2016 - 5/2/2016   Mon May 02, 2016 4:30 pm

We return to the announcer’s table where the trio are beyond ecstatic, Michael Cole taking control of the situation per usual.

Ladies and gentlemen, the main event of the evening is almost upon us. Dean Ambrose will clash with CM Punk inside of Hell in a Cell.

Hell is the best word to describe what Dean Ambrose has been through as well, having ticked off The Authority, now, he has one final obstacle to overcome.

Let’s take you back, to how this match got set in stone.

Quote :
The image is taken over by a moment that kicked off the month. A song begins to play, setting the mood.

[Triple H]
Which is a compliment Dean! We love your ambition. We just think it could be used better in the Authority, is all.

[Dean Ambrose]
I know somewhere you and your Authority can go.

Triple H and Stephanie smile cockily, enjoying Dean's rambunctious attempts at riling them up.

[Dean Ambrose]
Let's get something straight, right here, right now. The only way I'd ever join the Authority is if my heart stopped beating and I couldn't decide for myself anymore. But then again, you’re used to having someone decide for you, right Hunter? I mean, I'm sure we know who wears the pants in that relationship. But let's calm down with the petty bickering, shall we? Cause I got my fists taped up, got my Asylum shirt on and I'm ready to kick whoever's ass decides to try and remove me from this ring. Let's go!

Dean begins to pace, amped up, just like the crowd. Hunter simply smiles in response, bringing the mic back up to his lips.

[Triple H]
You know what Dean? No one is coming to force you out of that ring. No, instead, I decided to give you a match. In the main event, nonetheless. And just to prove, how nice of a guy I am, it's going to be exactly what you want: a world title match!

The crowd practically explodes, but Dean doesn't share any emotions yet.

[Triple H]
You and Finn, in that ring, for the World Heavyweight Championship. All you have to do is beat Finn Balor. Goodluck.

Triple H turns to leave, shocking almost everyone, until Dean speaks up.

[Dean Ambrose]
Yeah, yeah, yeah. What's the catch you balding idiot?

Triple H stops dead, turning around, smiling once more.

[Triple H]
The catch, is that if you lose, in any way shape or form, you're banned from competing for that belt, ever again.

Dean nods and tosses the mic over his shoulder, shrugging as Triple H and Stephanie head into the back. Without further ado, the lights go out. The image then shoots forward to the ending moments of that match, showcasing Dean’s win.

The match has moved to the outside, Dean with the advantage. Ambrose slams Finn’s face down onto the announcer’s table, slumping him to the ground. J&J rounds the ring, coming to the aid of Finn, causing Dean to dart inside of the ring. J&J start to tend to Finn, not watching Dean as he climbs to the top. He slaps his elbow, catching the attention of the duo. Dean leaps, colliding with all three of the men on the outside. Dean jumps up, yelling with fury and determination. He then heads back into the ring, darting to the ropes and back. He leaps through the middle rope, connecting with Noble who had just gotten up. He runs back again, diving through the middle rope once more, hitting Mercury. He then points to Finn, rolling into the ring and taking off, doing it again. He leaps through the middle rope and Finn sidesteps him, causing Dean to crash into the announcer’s table. Finn pauses, regaining his breath before grabbing Dean and tossing him onto the uncovered announcer’s table that Dean cleared earlier in the match. Balor climbs onto the table, lifting up Dean and planting him with a  brain buster, demolishing the table.


[Jerry Lawler]
We just saw Dean get destroyed! I don’t see him making it back in this!

Sure enough, the ref begins to count. Noble and Mercury help Finn up, rolling him into the ring as the ref watches Dean who hasn’t moved. Around the six count, Dean begins to get up, J&J yelling at him to stay down but Dean is refusing, determined to crawl back to the ring. At the count of 9.9, he rolls under the bottom ropes, but just barely. Finn begins to unload on him with stomps. Balor, obviously upset Dean is still in this, is trying to simply hurt the challenger at this point. He backs up into the turnbuckle, practically begging Ambrose to stand up in the opposing one.

[Michael Cole]
Finn going for one of his signature moves here.

[Jerry Lawler]
Stay down Dean! You have nothing left to prove!

Dean slowly drags himself up in the corner, turning around to meet Finn who takes off running at him. Finn plants Dean into the turnbuckle with a dropkick. Balor looks around at the crowd chanting “this is awesome” and then looks to the turnbuckle. He lays Dean out in front of him, slowly climbing the top rope. He then taunts, pointing to Dean and leaping. Ambrose rolls out of the way, causing Finn to land awkwardly on his ankles. Balor rolls, turning to Dean who kicks him in the gut, hooks the arms and plants him with the butterfly DDT. The crowd practically explodes as Dean falls on top of Finn, J&J yelling for him to kick out. After a dreaded three count, Dean's music hits, J&J screaming and freaking out that their Authority member just lost. Ambrose can barely stand, using the ropes to drag himself up as the ref hands him the World Title. He holds it above his head, looking to the stage as Triple H and Stephanie appears. He points his hand at them, making a gun of it, then shooting them before dropping out of the ring. J&J had attempted to rush him but Dean hops over the barricade, into the sea of cheering fans who are chanting his name as the show comes to a close.

The image slowly dies out into another one, leading into the next week.

[Stephanie McMahon]
For months he's been a thorn in our side, but no longer...because we...are going to FINALLY eliminate him and his insubordination. How? How do we ever do what we do? By doing what is BEST for business of course. You see, with Finn unable to get his rematch clause, we're left in a bit of a bind, we need a World Heavyweight Championship Match at Final Stand, and unfortunately the pool of contenders is so stacked that we can't simply just pick someone. So that's why tonight, begins a tournament we like to call...The DEMISE...Of Dean Ambrose!

The boos turn more vicious upon the reveal of that name, it's obvious this isn't the only thing they're out here to say...this isn't simply about finding a contender...this is about ending Dean Ambrose.

[Triple H]
It has a ring to it, doesn't it? But, the fun doesn't stop there. You see, while we're trying to crown a suitable contender for our valiant new champion, we've got to find something to keep Dean busy, don't we? Can't just have a lunatic running around The Asylum with no direction, that's just asking for trouble...and the only person that's in for Dean Ambrose. For this month will be the LAST month you EVER see of your lovable loon. His Final Stand, will be at Final Stand, but let's not get ahead of ourselves, there's still three weeks to go, and so I say...why wait? Why wait for his last stand, when we could make a WHOLE month of it!

Images begin to flash across the screen. Sheamus, Raven and then Rollins with J&J behind him.

Then it cuts into the matches themselves. Showcasing not only Dean’s, but also the tournament matches. Sheamus putting Dean down with the High Cross, then Punk beating Stone Cold. The next clip comes from the Raven/Dean match where Raven puts Dean down with a DDT, then Punk beating Roman Reigns. Then Punk and Sydal face off.

Matt then goes for the ultimate ending...He starts to stalk Punk until he rises...he lifts him up onto his shoulders....HE'S GOING FOR THE GO TO SLEEP! With a smug look on his face, Sydal shouts "HERE IT IS!" then attempts the move...but Punk, being the one that does this move every night...knows the perfect way to slip out of it, landing behind Sydal pulling him down into a quick roll up....AND HE'S GOT THE TIGHTS....1....2....3! CM PUNK has ironically, and technically beaten Sydal with his own move!

The video package then dies out, showing Punk’s hand raised and Dean holding the belt high, side by side.

The moment pauses like all great nights do, and then a drum roll begins. Lights begin to flash as the Cell that has been dangling high above the ring begins to lower towards the ground below. The crowd grows with anticipation as the match is soon to begin. Before long, it reaches the ground, surrounding the ring.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

The familiar static plays throughout the Mercedes Benz arena and it brings the crowd up to their feet, a loud pop being given for the number one contender who looks to dethrone the current champion. A couple seconds pass before The Best in the World walks out from behind the curtain, his arms spread out wide as his eyes glance around the arena of fans that supported the XWL Veteran and former World Heavyweight Champion.

We found out last week that it would be this man doing The Authority's dirt work here tonight. It would be this man beating Matt Sydal in the finals of the tournament to earn himself a championship match against the World Champion, Dean Ambrose.

But if you ask this man, he's doing anything but their dirty work. To him, he is simply looking to win the championship. He could care less about what The Authority has to say or their issues with Dean Ambrose.

And Punk has dropped down to a knee and began to drag his fingers across the floor. The same fingers then began to tap against his wrist before he leaned back, letting out his signature battle call as Punk shouted "It's Clobberin' Time!" for the whole arena to hear.

As he rose back to his feet, his arm was cocked back before he shot it forward in signature fashion. His back faced the ring as his arms were once again spread out wide and he began to make his way down the long ramp of Final Stand.

I think we are in for one hell of a match regardless of the reasoning behind it all! This is a Hell in a Cell! And we've got a man who has everything to lose and a man who wants to prove that he still has what it takes to hang with the rest.

Neither man is going to go down easily and you can guarantee that, especially Dean Ambrose.

But this is CM Punk we are talking about, Michael. This man isn't just another obstacle thrown at Dean by The Authority. This man is one of the Best this company has ever had to offer.

Well, we'll have to see him back that up here tonight. He may be one of the best ever, but Dean Ambrose, this kid is one of the best we have to offer right now. While he's not exactly my kind of guy, it's no doubt that he's something special.

Punk looks out to the crowd, gazing across the mixture of fan's who supported him and others who supported his opponent here tonight. It was almost crystal clear though that maybe the Punk fans were a little outnumbered. Maybe Punk was technically the bad guy going into this match. He was the 'last obstacle' so to say being thrown at Dean by The Authority. Then the man took focus back to the ring as he walked across to the apron and brought himself onto the turnbuckle where he shouted his next signature phrase, the four words which summed him up better than any other. BEST IN THE WORLD! Punk shouted that with his arms raised up into the air before they were lowered back to his side afterwards.

The grey jacket is removed and he tosses it out to ringside area. Punk then takes a step off the turnbuckle and begins to circle the inside of the ring with a gallop, his eyes following wherever his body moved. After about one and a half circles, he stops himself to where his eyes are only fixed on the stage where he would await the entrance of the champion himself The camera stays focused on Punk inside of the ring when suddenly a siren sounds. Not sounding like any theme, it catches the crowd off guard. The camera moves to the entry way where three vehicles have appeared. They appear to be old school ambulances, painted black with writing on the side. The crowd pops as the camera zooms in on the side of them, as the backs of them face the ring.

EST. 1985

The words are etched across in red paint, the sirens dying out. Suddenly from either side of the titantron falls banners. One baring the face of Stephanie McMahon, and another bearing that of Triple H. He crowd is still cheering, excited for this entrance as the backs of the two outside ambulances bursting open. Men and women burst out onto the scene, dressed in black shirts and jeans. On the back of all the shirts read "PATIENT" followed with a number. On their faces are masks, familiar with the hit movie "The Purge." They rant and rave, majority heading down the ramp, taking up either side of it. Some men bring with them weapons, others, empty handed. Two slowly creep towards the middle ambulance, still standing closed. It pops open and smoke begins to bellow out as a song begins to play.

From the back emerges two more men, carrying another. The one in the middle, is none other than Dean Ambrose. He is dressed in a straight jacket and a mask, looking like that of Hannibal Lector's. He is lowered to the ground and his jacket is unlatched. One of the men reach up and unhook the mask covering his face. All the men cower away, backing up as Dean cracks his neck, reaching out a hand. The beat of the song kicks in and the images of both Stephanie and Triple H erupt in flames. Dean grins, looking to one of the men who freed him. He takes off down the ramp, equppied with a gas can. He begins to pour it on the ramp, then pulls out a lighter. He flicks a flame to life, then tosses it into the gas.


Dean begins to walk, stomping to the beat of the music. He rolls his shoulders, and shakes his hands, eyes locked on the cell in front of him. The flames flicker off his eyes as he walks towards them, the crowd freaking out. The Purge members are ranting and raving, watching Dean the whole way. The camera moves behind him, finding "PATIENT 0001" etched into the back of his shirt. He stops at the flames pausing for only a moment before walking through them. They lick at him, but none strike him as Michael Cole begins to rant.

Symbolizing his trip to hell and back for this entire month, Dean has walked through the flames right into Final Stand!

Earlier when Dean said he was unleashing the lunatic, I didn't understand what he meant until now. Coming out like Hannibal Lector? That's insane!

If you listen to the lyrics of this song as well, they are saying "some of those that run forces, are the same that burn crosses" which is a direct jab at the Authority. Dean is asking for hell tonight.

Dean Ambrose has officially decided that if he’s going to go out, then he’s going out with a bang! This is going to be a match to remember.

Ambrose walks down the rest of the ramp, the crowd cheering his name. His belt is wrapped tightly around his waist as he begins to round the cell. He seems to be taking his time as the song carries on. He looks around it, slapping the cell as he does so. After he rounds it, he makes it back to the front of the cell, stopping and looking into it to find CM Punk. Dean nods his head at Punk and suddenly the other patients rush forward, slamming into the cell, some climbing it while others smack it with their hands and weapons. The crowd is excited, ranting and raving just like the Purge members. Dean then walks forward, entering the cage. He reaches back much like Taker, slamming it shut before hoping onto the apron. He then climbs the turnbuckle from the outside, unclipping the title from his waist and raising it high above his head. He hops over, heading into the ring. He walks straight to the center of it, holding the belt up, taunting Punk as he stands tall, champion for at least this match. He then back up into his corner, allowing the announcer to announce the participants. With this, the lights dim all around the arena, dropping in on the ring surrounded by the cell.

Introducing first, the challenger! From Chicago, Illinois weighing in at approximately 218 pounds, CM PUNK!

The crowd erupts as Punk steps forward, throwing his arms across his chest in an X, smirking at Dean. Ambrose nods in response and Punk steps back, taking his place in his corner.

And from Cincinatti, Ohio weighing in at approximately 225 pounds, he is the XWL World Heavyweight Championnnn, DEAN AMBROSE!

The crowd pops again, this time Dean taking a step forward. He raises his belt slowly, the crowd riling in anticipation for this match. The ref steps forward, reaching out to Ambrose, taking the belt away.  The referee moves to the center of the ring as the two men stare each other down, the crowd trading chants.

Would you just listen to this crowd!?





It sounds like the roof is going to be blown off this place!

The referee slowly holds the belt up in front of the world, signifying what this match is for. He then lowers it, handing the belt off to another referee as it is taken outside of the cell. The cell is then locked from the outside, the duo now locked inside of hell with only each other, and the official. The referee in the ring looks to each man, then signals for the bell to be rung.



Dean comes off the diving elbow drop which plants Punk, standing tall, beating his chest. He then covers Punk, attempting for a pinfall after all the hell they’ve been through.


Not quite as Punk throws his arm up right before the third hand could hit the mat. Half of the crowd cheers while the other sighs, their hopes being dashed for the moment. Dean begins to nod, getting angry in response to how much he’s been put through and what Punk’s been put through. He reaches down, dragging Punk up by his ears.

Dean is using the ears to drag Punk up! Punk can barely stand! How did he kick out!?

The next question is how did Punk do this: Punk lashes out as he reaches his feet, clocking Dean with a huge kick to the skull. Ambrose falls back, bouncing off the middle rope. He goes clothesline Punk yet again in this match but Punk is prepared, dropping his shoulder and lifting Dean up for the GTS. Dean struggles off, locking up the arms as he goes. Dean hits his feet, screaming out as he does.


Dean snaps down, dropping Punk instantly with Dirty Deeds. The duo lay in a heap for a moment, and then Dean pushes Punk over, tossing an arm over him as the ref drops to count. After three hands strike the mat, the crowd erupts, the arena beyond pleased with the amazing match they just saw.  Dean crawls to the ropes, grabbing them to help himself up. He eventually find his footing as the cell begins to rise, allowing the ref to fetch Dean his belt. The ref climbs back in the ring, holding the belt to Dean and as Ambrose takes it, his theme begins to play.

With one last stab at The Authority, Dean Ambrose plants Punk yet again with another finisher!

Ambrose just signed his ass right out of this company!

Dean appears to almost be broken up about this. Whether it’s tears or pain, who can tell, but either way Dean is proud to be holding the title above his head.

Dean’s theme dies out very soon as Punk has reached his feet, staring at Ambrose. Ambrose catches his gaze, turning to him, awaiting whatever is to come. Punk slowly extends his hand and the crowd pops yet again. Dean takes a moment, looking to the hand, then to Punk, nodding at him. Dean then takes the hand, shaking it as the duo share a moment of respect.

So much respect between these two young men. I am so proud to see this.

Punk points to Dean, then leaves, allowing Ambrose his moment as Dean’s theme hits again.

The crowd erupts for Ambrose as he holds the belt high above his head, the Authority not having any claim here tonight. dean then drops out of the ring, running to the barricade, leaping over it right into the crowd. They lift him up as Dean turns to the camera, holding the title above his head, people reaching to touch him and the belt. Dean stands tall, surrounded by his fans, bringing Final Stand to a close.



2x World Champion as Dean Ambrose (2016)
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XWL Final Stand VIII 4/18/2016 - 5/2/2016

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