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 Thoughts On The Hell In A Cell PPV

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Mid Card
Mid Card

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PostSubject: Thoughts On The Hell In A Cell PPV   Sun Oct 26, 2014 11:02 pm

I was just wondering how everyone thought about tonight's PPV. Praises and Complaints. Please comment I'm interested to know your thoughts!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Thoughts On The Hell In A Cell PPV   Sun Oct 26, 2014 11:24 pm

My take on it was, The moments were there..We almost had a solid 8 PPV. Cesaro vs Ziggler lacked in creativity other than the Double Underhooked Tiger Powerbomb. I was more concerned towards the tag matches being played out along with Sheamus and Miz. They held up for what it was well knowing that Mizdow is the highlight of that match bar none. Orton and Cena could of done a lot more, I found myself rewriting the script in my imagination as they went along. Can't forget the triumphant "hard fought victory" SPOILER ALERT Cena wins..Big surprise. Rusev vs Big Show kind of drags on within the story.. No real resolution comes to mind, They gave us months of the predictability between Henry and Rusev only to go back to Show who lost previously to him not once but multiple times. The same thing happened to him tonight and that went no where real fast. Ambrose vs Rollins wasn't bad either, The potential was there to not only solidify the feuds end but also make them both look strong on the up & out. I enjoyed the match, Kane interrupting was imminent..As well was Wyatt appearing out of no where to only strike Ambrose scrambling, scratching & clawing to his feet. The chant, Was an awakening for Bray to arise from the ashes of his former self..The Hologram was only a ploy of distraction. Sister Abigail calling out and beckoning to Dean Ambrose possibly? Regardless of the lack the PPV had. My favorite spots were 1. Cesaro's Tiger Powerbomb to Ziggler 2. Randy Orton countering the Cena shoulder block of death into an RKOwned. 3. Ambrose headbutting himself and Rollins straight through each table simultaneously. 4. Overall I'd give the PPV a 7.6 Not bad but not great.
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Thoughts On The Hell In A Cell PPV

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