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 Jerry Review Thing Take 10

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PostSubject: Jerry Review Thing Take 10   Sat Jun 21, 2014 4:28 pm

So I know that the other one of these didn't go well. But hey, try, try, again, right?


Team 1: ???
Don West
2. Stone Cold
3: Cody Rhodes
4: The Miz
5. Edge
6. Nikki Bella

Team 2: ???
2: Sami Zayn
3: Jack Swagger
4: Alicia Fox
5. Trent Baretta
6. Curtis Axel

Team 3: ???:
Dean Ambrose
2: Cesaro
3: John Cena
4: Matt Hardy
5. Undertaker
6. The Rock

Team 4: ???
2. CM Punk
3. Bray Wyatt
4. AJ Styles
5. AJ Lee
6. Chuck Taylor

How the grading works: So everyone is ranked amongst their teams from 1-6. If you beat someone worth 2 points you get 5 Points, if you beat someone worth 3 points you get 4, 4 you get three, 5 you get two, and six you get one. If you beat the leader you get seven points because anything involving one of the four leaders is automatically worth one extra point, so it would have been six, but it is seven.

If you beat someone of a higher level than you then you get the amount of points for beating them, plus the number of ranks that they are higher than you. So if a number four beats a number two, he gets 5 points for beating the number two plus 2 points since he's 2 ranks away from the number 2 ranked person. It goes the other way around too, if a four beats a number two, he gets one point: 3 points for beating the number four, minus two because he is two ranks higher. The min. you can get is 1 though.

In tag matches the numbers are added then divided by two. So a rank 2 and a rank 4 would be a rank 3. And .5's are rounded up. so 3.5 would be a rank 4, not 3.

You get +1 Point for every opponent over 2 that you have. Three person matches plus 1, four plus two, ect.

You might be paired with people on different teams, you both bring the points back to your own teams.

Your points go to your teams total points for your leader to spend on different perks, and you keep half the number of points you earn per week for yourself (so if you got 10 points one week your team gets 10 and you keep 5.. .5's are rounded down.) The perks will be added later. Your leader can also ask to use your personal points for team perks if they are running low.

Your leader can choose which ranking on the team they want you each week, because the higher the ranking the more points you can bring home to the team!! Free Agents (people not on yet) will be listed next week for the leaders to spend points on to get!!

Good luck, if you have questions, feel free to ask em! If you don't want to be in this let me know. If you're not on it, you will be if you promo this week. That's how I got the names, anyone who promoed last week is on it. Remember this is just for fun and opinion based. Has nothing to do with actual XWL Rankings or anything.

Also I need team names from the team leaders at your earliest connivence!!


Don West and 6. Nikki Bella
Fandango and 6. Curtis Axel
-Winner gets 4 Points for Team.

Dean Ambrose and 6. The Rock
HBK and 6. Big E
-Winner gets 4 Points for Team

2. Stone Cold vs. 2: Sami Zayn vs. 2: Cesaro vs. 2. CM Punk
-Winner gets 7 Points for Team

3: Cody Rhodes and 2. Bray Wyatt
3: Jack Swagger and 3: John Cena
-Winner gets 4 Points for Team

4: The Miz vs. 5. Trent Baretta
-Winner gets Miz (1) Trent (4) Points

4. AJ Lee vs. 5. Undertaker
-Winner gets AJ (1) Undertaker (4) Points

4: Alicia Fox vs. 5. Chuck Taylor
-Winner gets Alicia (1) Taylor (4) Points

4: Matt Hardy vs. 5. Edge
-Winner gets Hardy (1) Edge (4) Points
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Jerry Review Thing Take 10

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